Girl VS bee

I hope you’re not getting tired of seeing a million pics of the beach, because this post is filled with even more.  If it helps, Bam makes an appearance in quite a few of them.

Before we headed to the dog beach, I got a pedicure.  My paws were starting to resemble gargoyle or something gnarly like that.  Plus the warm weather calls for neon pink polish.

2014-01-17 12.15.18

And what do ya know, there just happened to be a Starbucks where I was running errands and of course I stopped in for a Double Shot.

2014-01-17 12.51.12

I could tell Bam needed an energy extraction, so we spent the afternoon at the off leash dog beach in Carmel.  If you’re ever in the area with your pup, this is the place to be.  Carmel is known to be one of the most dog friendly cities around.  Some restaurants even have a dog menu.  File that under #stufficantmakeup

Bam & I are so much alike –energy level, love to explore, love being outdoors,  I could go on.    

Just in case you’re curious, here’s a little about the Jack Russell breed:

  • Exercise.  Of course every dog needs exercise, but JR’s need even more.  They need a lot of space to run & play.   
  • They are a very smart breed and will find ways to outsmart you.  Bam is so cleaver sometimes he shocks the heck out of me.
  • Don’t expect them to stop.  With age, they will slow down a bit, but they will most likely be like Tigger forever.  Boing boing boing.
  • Stubborn. 
  • They thrive off of companionship.  He follows us around the house. If I’m chilling on the couch, buzzing around cleaning, or getting ready for the day, Bam is right next to me.  And I love it!

If this picture doesn’t make you smile, there’s probably something wrong. 

2014-01-17 13.51.29

We explored the beach, Bam explored some rocks + made lots of friends along the way.  Well, except the owner of an unattended backpack.  In Bam’s defense, if it’s outside and he can’t eat it or screw it, he’s going to pee on it. 

2014-01-17 14.11.46

It was all fun & games until someone stepped on a bee. On the bright side, I pulled the stinger out and walked in the ocean which took the sting right away. So the moral of the story is, if you ever get stung, make sure there’s a ocean near by.

You’re welcome.

2014-01-17 14.04.17

I finally got him to slow down long enough to snap a pic with me.  This is his hurry up mom, there’s a bird I want to-ohh a butterfly…look.

2014-01-17 14.25.03

So I let him run around like a crazy man and worked on my suntan.

2014-01-17 14.20.04

We explored some more on the way back.  I’m pretty sure he has no fear.

2014-01-17 14.10.18

2014-01-17 14.37.49

2014-01-17 14.40.52

I’ve been taking advantage of the incredible weather & my time off.  Pretty soon I’ll be back on the course and a crazy busy schedule.  Of course I love everything I do, but it’s really nice to have zero plans and no place to be.  I just go wherever the day takes me.

Gosh now I sound like I’m turning into a carefree hippie chick.  Someone give me a dirt road STAT. 

2014-01-17 14.16.47

So much for that pedi.

2014-01-17 14.57.01

Dog owners, what breed is your pup?  Tell me all about them! 

Have you ever been stung by a bee? 

Yep, when I was a kid.  I did a cartwheel in the grass and got stung in the palm of my hand.

Are you allergic to anything?

Not that I know of, but I guess there’s only one way to find out.  Mike on the other hand is highly allergic to bee stings.  He has to carry an epi pen.  He’s also allergic to penicillin, mold, cats and a bunch of other things I can’t remember.


18 Comments on “Girl VS bee

  1. I’m also allergic to stupid! It make me break out in a rash on my left buttcheek. Just the left one, not the right.

  2. I have an imo-inu and she is very catlike! It’s so funny. I still need to get her trained….
    I’ve never gotten stung by a bee but I’m afraid of anything sharp/pointy, like needles or stingers.

  3. I have a sheltie – her name is Zoe. She is pretty awesome. She too needs a lot of exercise and right now we live in a townhouse with no back yard – when we move later this year that is the #1 thing on my list is to find a house to rent with a back yard so she can run around.

    I never get tired of seeing the beach 🙂

  4. I have a golden retriever/border collie mix. She’s the size of a border collie but has the golden hair. Or fur. Whatever! We’ve had her for 8 years and got her from a rescue group.
    I’ve been stung by a bee and several times it was because of my dog! Each time it happened she was running ahead of me and I guess she roused them. By the time I walked by they must have been mad and stung me! It happened that exact way 3 times! Darn dog 😉

  5. First…..LOVE the color pink on your toes!!!

    Okay….Indy is a cross between a cocker spaniel and springer spaniel. He is about 40lbs and thinks he is a lap dog and cuddle bunny. He sleeps beside me on the pillow and I love that I can roll over and cuddle him during the night.

    I was stung when I was younger while riding my bike home from swimming lessons…right between the eyes. I got to my nanny’s place and we put butter on it to pull out the sting…you laugh…but it works!!!

  6. I had a Jack Russell growing up named Spot (his full name was Spoticus), and he was always SO hyper. He slowed down with age, but he always had quite the personality. My family loved him dearly!

  7. I am pretty sure our sarcasm was separated at birth! I so enjoy seeing your west coast beachy scenes because the cold white junk falling from the sky here on the east coast is getting pretty old! So keep um coming!
    So, your questions. I have an almost 15 year old German short haired pointer named Hannah that is content to cook herself under the wood stove or play with our 1 year old Belgian Malinois Kevlar. Hubby is a state trooper so that is where his awesome name came from. He is my baby and would love to play with the Bam! He too is a fan of the beach but our’s is cold very cold!
    I got stung by a bee when I was 4 or 5 on my lip while eating a pb&j sandwich at a rest area. That is the most memorable time.
    Allergic to cats, dust, white birch trees, shell fish, almonds and fresh cut grass

    Thanks for your blog!

  8. I love seeing Bam in all your photos! I have a mutt, Rosie. My sister rescued her and her brother (Pancho) from the beach in Puerto Rico. We think she’s some sort of long-haired chihuahua mix, and she definitely has the energy of one, along with some terrier spirit! She keeps me active, but at the end of the day you’ll find her nestled under the covers sleeping with me. And my boyfriend has a husky/German Shepard mix who is my “second child”
    Ive been stung by bees hundreds of times (once about 30 times at once..), but somewhere along the road I had a “reaction”, once, and have been deemed allergic. I’m an EMT, and know what anaphylaxis is, but I don’t carry my epipenn, or even fill the script….

  9. Bam sounds a lot like one of my puppies, Finn. He’s a miniature pinscher-dachshund mix and both of those breeds are really smart and really stubborn! If he wants something he will GET it – he has opened cabinets before to get treats inside. Crazy dog!

  10. Lmao @your hubby’s comments :D.
    OK my dogs hehe: Mutt #1: Her name is Robacha ( my son came up with the name) and her mom was a Pitbull but we don’t know who the dad was so we don’t know what other breed she is, she is a crazy dog, obedient but in her mind she’s a cat dog who likes to sit on boxes, climb trees even though I had to rescue her quite a few times ( very embarrassing) loves to cuddle with any human, she’s stubborn, doesn’t like dogs but yet a Weiner mutt can control her and squirrels are her nemesis so you can’t say the word in the house or she freaks out looking for one, she used to be a good runner but lately the couch is her best friend lol.
    Mutt #2- Jelly Bean a.k.a.: Weiner, she’s a Jack Russell Terrier/ Dachshund mix, the story behind her when we met her was that she was a street dog from L.A., some rescue took her puppies and so they were trying to rehome her here in Washington through a friend of mine, but they never called her and she didn’t want the dog SO we took her in…boy oh boy, she likes to poop in the house so she must be watched at all times, she loves garbage or any food for that matter I guess Weiners love food? She loves coffee so cup cannot be left on the ground or it’s gone lol BUT she is a great dog, she has tons of energy, stubborn, she likes to boss around the Pitbull mutt, great with kids, she likes to play with our cats, and she’s a great running partner.
    Yes I got stung by a bee on the head while running so I had to run as fast as I could all the way home, it was the most horrible experience ever and I was glad hubby was home to get it off me and nope so far I’m not allergic to anything :p

  11. I have a border collie/ Aussie mix that I couldn’t live without! He has crazy amounts of energy, like your pup, and is too smart for his own good. He has been prohibited from running because he split his nail the other day and had to get it removed. So he would be super jealous of bam’s playtime at the beach!

  12. Never one to pass up an opportunity to brag on my fur babies, I have two miniature longhaired dachshunds (Paisley and Kinley) and two german shepherds (Bentley and Scotty) and they are totally awesome. Scotty really likes to chase bees (the big bumblebees) and will run around and jump all over the place to get them. He will bite them to kill them, then spit them out and chase after another one once they are dead. Sometimes they sting him and his lip will swell up, but he doesn’t seem to mind 🙂

  13. Cute toes!

    We have a pup, Stella the Boxer. She’s a rescue and kind of awesome.

    I have a new allergy. Doctor says it’s a food allergy, but to what we don’t know yet. It’s been fun trying to figure it out, including the shot to my rear a couple weeks ago to help with hives. Sorry you asked? 😉

  14. What a fun day! I have a puppers, named Leo. He is a Lab and the best dog-child ever. Him and Bam would make great friends 🙂 I am also allergic to bees – thankfully I haven’t had to use my EpiPen in a very long time!

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