Simple things Sunday: Beyond what I deserve

While walking along the beach with Bam the other day, the song Lucky Man by Montgomery Gentry was stuck in my head.  It is one of my very favorite songs, along with this one.  It’s very fitting, I think.

As I was singing it, I thought, no wait, God’s given me a more than fair hand.  I really don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I am thankful for it every single day.

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Be thankful for what you have.  Stop focusing on things you want or think you need.

If you money can buy it, it’s probably not worth treasuring.

You don’t take it with you when you go anyway, so be thankful for your health, family, time here and every little thing you can’t buy.

I encourage you to slow down, have extra cup of coffee or tea with your family, go for a walk and enjoy your surroundings, snuggle on the couch by the fire, but whatever you do,  don’t fart on your significant other.  They usually don’t like that.

What are you going to do to make today count?


4 Comments on “Simple things Sunday: Beyond what I deserve

  1. Love this! It is so easy for us to get caught up in what we don’t have that we don’t see the blessings. Even though we have been struggling financially during this last year of my husbands schooling – we are so blessed to be able to spend more time together and grow closer in a lot of ways. There are so many blessings – I too am a very blessed girl!

  2. Some of the events over the past couple of days here have caused me to really step back and do exactly this – remember and appreciate the many blessings I have!!!
    Love that song, BTW!!!

  3. This post is my favorite thing ever. Thought-provoking, makes me count my blessings…and then, “don’t fart.” Ha. Even funnier because the husband and I were just talking about farting in bed. 🙂

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