Coffee & guns

I don’t know why but I woke up with a headache & was feeling anxious all day yesterday.  Every now and then that punk just comes out of nowhere and screws with me.  Punk.

I went to bed early to try and relax, which was just what I needed.  Then a few hours later I woke up to Bam barking, Mike shusshing him and opening the front door quickly.  I came out to see both boys with the blinds up, staring out the window with the porch light on.

Bam was doing his low growl like hey dad, there’s something out there for awhile.  Mike got up to check things out and found 4 raccoons in our front yard.  They were climbing our oak tree, eating acorns.  Bam did not like them in his yard.

Can you spy him on the right?


After a lot of whining and barking, Mike let him out back to get some of his energy out.  So what does Bam do?  He finds 3 more raccoons on the fence and darn near caught one of them.  I swear he’s a Tigger dog, he jumps really high + pounces off things.  My boys have no fear.  None.

As you can imagine, there was no sleep in our house for awhile after that.

Anyways back to the afternoon, that anxiety punk didn’t stop my excitement about picking up my new toy!  Throwing some lead down range definitely changed my focus.

We were a little bummed to find out the front sight on my .38 Special was off.  It was firing high left.  Good thing the guys at the gun shop offered to send it back to Smith and Wesson to fix it.  I was hoping to take it home since I already waited the 10 days Cali requires, but I want it to be perfect before I start training with it.

2014-01-20 12.47.54-1

Mike is prior Navy, he was on the EOD team {bomb squad}, and has put thousands of rounds down range. He has competed in both handgun and rifle contests.  In a nutshell he is highly trained.  That boy is quite impressive, he can take his Beretta 9mm completely apart and put it back together blindfolded. 

He rented a Beretta 9mm PX4 and liked the rotating barrel.  I fired it and loved that it didn’t have much recoil.  It was easy to handle, but a little big for my hands.

2014-01-20 13.00.31-2

He will be training me, but I will also be taking a handgun safety class and I’m sure a bunch of others.  When the time comes, I eventually would like to obtain my CCW {concealed & carry weapon} permit.  But that’s not for a long time as I really want to get comfortable with the gun and take the classes.  My primary focus on becoming a gun owner is personal safety.  I refuse to be a victim.

I realize that the subject of guns and the right to own them will not sit well with some of you.  I expect some disagreement in the comments.  Remember when I told you that I wasn’t going to dilute my blog. This is and always will be a blog about me.

I may have told Mike I love him because he buys me coffee and guns.  Maybe.


Do you suffer from anxiety?

Do you shoot?

Coffee, Guns or both?


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  1. Girl, it’s your blog and you should write about whatever you want, so GO YOU!
    I’m a coffee and guns kind of girl, but I wasn’t always that way. I got my first hand gun (a Ruger LCR 38) last year for Christmas. I’ve only gone shooting a few times, and honestly I’m not that comfortable around guns still, but I figure I need to get more comfortable, so we try to make it a point to go shooting a few times a year.

    • You & I are exactly alike, I didn’t grow up around guns. It was just never a subject, good or bad. Mike grew up around guns and introduced me to them. Unlike running, it’s something we both enjoy. Ha!
      I rented the same Ruger last time and was convinced the .38 Special was for me.

      • I’m not sure I would have bought the Ruger for myself. It was a gift from my dad. haha. For home defense. I like it, but I’m not in love with it. I hope to eventually get a semi-automatic. I’ve heard getting your concealed weapon permit is almost impossible in CA. I’d be interested to read more about the process when you get there.

  2. BOTH coffee and guns….. we own a couple rifles… and this year will be purchasing a couple hand guns…… and coffee is a MUST! no doubt!

  3. Even as a Lefty, I totally believe in protecting yourself & your family. We have talked about going to the shooting range and eventually getting a gun for the house. I am NOT a violent person, but I swear that I will protect myself in my own house!

  4. That is so bada$$ of you!!!! The gun topic is so iffy in our society. Growing up and living in Wisconsin I’ve been around guns my entire life for hunting, I don’t personally hunt but my entire family does and my husband and friends do. It’s just what you do around here! I’ve shot a shotgun once, and it was terrifying and awesome at the same time. I really want to go to an indoor shooting range sometime too! You go girl!

    • Oh girl, I totally agree with you!! Those shotguns do have a lot of kick and I’ve had my fair share of bruises but that rush of firing one is so cool.
      Thanks for reading!

  5. Love that you aren’t afraid to speak your thoughts! I agree with you 100% and it’s refreshing to read a blog where a writer isn’t afraid to ruffle some feathers. Kudos to you for staying true to yourself.

  6. Coffee and guns now that is an interest combination!

    I have never shot a gun (I KNOW!) but I do love coffee and it is probably one of my favorite things! I don’t know how I would go on without it – that could be a little dramatic, or not.

    My in-laws have a raccoon in their back yard that they actually feed and she comes by the same time every single night. It’s hilarious they named her Sally. I have no idea how they determined it was a female.

  7. I DO suffer from anxiety, and I’ve kept it at bay with some exercise, therapy, and good-ol’-fashioned drugs. All of these things have been insanely helpful, and I’ve felt the best I’ve felt in a LONG time. I wake up happy, and ready to conquer the world almost every day. I don’t shoot, but my husband-to-be wishes I would. To be honest, I’m terrified of guns. Austin has pulled ours out, tried to show me, tried to take me with him to shoot, but I’m really fearful, and I’m not sure if I won’t be fearful for some time. Coffee for sure!

    • For me anxiety is manifests when I am afraid of something and don’t know why. Having a Mike in my life to realize that I don’t have to be anxious and afraid of everything has really gotten me out of my shell. Now, while it does pop up from time to time, it’s also happens a lot less.
      If you’re with someone you trust, there’s no reason to be afraid of an in-adamant object.

  8. Nice! I hope you find a gun that fits you better. I haven’t yet. I have small hands and weak wrists. (Working on that.) Oh, and shot guns and me do not get along! I’m surprised I don’t have a permanent bruise!! LOL

    It’s always interesting to me that the person that screams ‘guns are bad!’ is the idiot that is surrounded by gun-totting guys that protect him/her. Stupidity at it’s finest.

  9. Love this post! Every once in a while my dog barks and I can’t figure out why. She’s not a barker so that gives me anxiety!
    I was so scared to shoot my first gun…I thought I was going to pee my pants!
    Then I got a job in law enforcement. Now I’ve shot thousands of rounds…there’s nothing like getting over a fear by DOING. Having your job depend on timed drills and shot accuracy will do that to ya 😉 I miss getting paid to go to the range and shoot!

    • Laura,

      This is Mike, and Jacqueline just read me your comment. She told me I have to respond!

      First I want to say I love your name. (It’s my Moms’ name) Second, Bam never just lays on the couch and does his low growl, so I knew something was up. And finally, nothing is better than someone else paying for your ammo while DOING something you love!

      You rock, and thank you for your service.

  10. My husband is a police officer and so he’s shot thousands of rounds and is very comfortable with guns. He took me shooting once and even though I didn’t enjoy it I feel way more comfortable about guns having shot one. I don’t think I will ever own one myself; but I feel so safe in my home knowing my husband always has his. Way to go for standing up for what you believe in!!!

  11. Personally, I am not a fan of guns. Only gun I’ve ever grew up around was my dads hunting rifle and he stopped hunting years ago. I am curious of the shooting range, but can never see myself owning one. But I respect those that respect the weapon and take the proper classes etc to be able to handle one safely. 😉

    Lando freaks me out whenever he sights something in our yard and starts barking, especially at night. Usually he’s pretty chill about things and just stares or whines that he wants to go play with it, but if he finds it to be a threat he growls and barks. Deer freak him out the most. The coyote he wanted to play with -_-;;

  12. My husband is in the Air Force and took me down to the range once. It was an embarrassing disaster (it ended with band aids and me shrieking “I TOLD you I needed a smaller gun!”) but I’m keen to become more proficient. I get very anxious at times and am slowly figuring out ways to alleviate it.

    • Ha I can just picture that scene! The first time Mike took me shooting ended up with a band aid wrapped around my thumb because I couldn’t keep it out of the way. Yah, I always learn the hard way.
      I dig your determination.

  13. I like coffee…guns, not so much. We just don’t have the need for them here in Canada unless they are for hunting.

    That is a great pic with the muzzle-flash though!

  14. I have a .44. But it’s really only for the trail, for bears and possibly strange people. I usually forget to even take it. Bear spray is my first line of defense.

  15. My husband and I have seriously talked about getting a gun and taking lessons. The way things are going in this world, I think it’s a pretty good idea to have one. Oh, and definitely coffee!

    Be sure to tell Mike thank you for his service in the Navy!

  16. My boys and husband are into guns – my youngest got his first at 10 I think. I don’t mind them but we do have a nice big gun safe to store them in so that friends (the boy’s friends) who don’t know gun safety can’t mess with them.

  17. Go get em girl. I love it. Guns don’t kill people….people kill people. You are doing it 100% correct. You are being trained and learning how to use the equipment properly. Good job!!!!!

  18. I’ve only gone shooting once. I didn’t grow up around guns, so they intimidate me. But I believe that everyone should know how to handle a gun. My boyfriend is a country boy, through and through, though. He LOVES to shoot. We will more than likely own a few when we get married.

    • I admire you for keeping an open mind. I was intimidated at first as well, but just like anything else, once I got comfortable with it, confidence comes.

  19. Coffee and guns!!! The hubby and I both have our CWP’s and carry when we feel it’s prudent, which isn’t often. It’s primarily for home protection. We go shooting at the range when we can and almost every time we camp with our friends on their property…in the woods outside the city limit.

  20. Hello – just started reading your blog a few weeks ago – love how you are just being yourself! I love coffee and totally agree that us girls need to know how to protect ourselves and our family if we ever had to 😉 my husband just got me a ruger 9mm for Christmas 😉 I’ve been practicing with it and will be taking classes also. Hopefully this year sometime I will get my CC permit. Waiting to be 100% comfortable with it first! Looking forward to your post!

    • Welcome + thank you!
      Ruger is an awesome brand. Some friends of ours have the same weapon you have and I’ve actually shot it. Though it’s a little big for my tiny paws, I really liked it. Not as much kickback as my .38. Congrats on becoming a gun owner.

  21. I love to shoot! I would do it more, but the husband is not thrilled about it. My best girl friends are the ones who teach me.
    I do have anxiety and I realize that it doesn’t matter how much I run to relax it will still rear it’s ugly head once in awhile. Oh well….

  22. I’m a coffee and guns kinda gal. My dad is a major deer hunter and owned a hunting club when I was growing up, so guns and shooting were just a part of life (I didn’t understand any controversy with it until I went to college… talk about sheltered!). I like to brag that I taught my husband how to shoot (which drives him crazy), because the first time he shot a gun was with me and my dad at the hunting camp.

    • Ha I can only imagine those college convos!
      You are a total bada$$ for teaching your husband how to shoot. Usually it’s the other way around.

  23. Mike is too cool for school! Honestly, I’ve always wanted to shoot a gun (after proper training), but they scare me. But anything that could take a human life scares me. I mean, I refused to drive a car until I was around 17 and then my mom made me get my license cause she was tired of driving my sorry butt around. My boyfriend who has been going hunting since he was a kid is going to take me skeet shooting one of these days!!

    • You absolute should go skeet shooting! You will most likely feel more comfortable shooting and not so fearful. Plus that feeling when you overcome your fears is pretty freaking awesome.

  24. Have loved reading all of these comments on this thread. Even those who aren’t too sure about the subject or don’t agree with the subject are listening and responding with respect. That’s great! Debate is a good thing. I only have one thing to add for my 2 cents worth…..

    If you trust your husband, significant other or partner with everything else about your personal life, then why not trust he/she with the most important thing of all…….your safety? Mike & Jacqueline have it right, so don’t listen to the naysayers. None of them care as much about your safety as you and your family do. That’s the bottom line.

    Hey, I’m loving that you are branching out into more areas that also interest you, Jacqueline. It’s great!

    • I love everything about this! Thank you for chiming in with a prospective I never thought of, but couldn’t agree more.
      Love you guys!

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