Doing the happy dance + a Fitmark review

It’s Friday, it’s Friiiday!!  I am extra excited because not only does Mike have the entire weekend off so I can snuggle + harass him – and yes, he is stoked about it!  My BFF Ronda is coming to visit!!  I can’t wait to show her around my new playground, go for long mind blowing drives and show her how to be a beach bum.  It’s foggy right now, so crossing my fingers the sun makes an appearance this afternoon.

I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend filled with friends, family, running + coffee!!


Fitmark recently contacted me about doing a review for their #nicebag line.  The organization nerd in me was stoked to check it out.  It was a tough decision as this one is super cute, but I ended up going with the Sport Tote because I was digging the pockets and I like the simplistic, yet classy style.

Meet my new race bag.  {beautiful Pacific not included}

2014-01-14 11.31.58

First things first, I am highly impressed with the quality and detail.  Y’all know how much I love the tiniest details.  It is seriously a runner/duathlon/triathlon participants dream bag.  Whether you are doing a destination or local race, this is the way to go.

I haven’t used it for a race yet, but I packed everything I would need for a duathlon just to see if if would all fit.  Running + cycling shoes and gear, sports bottle, extra change of clothes, a hoodie, sunscreen, Garmin, and a bunch of other little stuff I would normally pack.  The verdict: everything fit with extra room.  Score!

Other cool features:

  • Soft lined pocket with categorized sections for your phone, keys, ID, etc.
  • Fit-Hydrate pocket with insulated liner for your sports bottle.  Major bonus points as the liner to keep condensation contained.  Who wants to pull out a nice wet hoodie?  Yah, that’s what I thought.
  • Separate kicks + laundry bag with anti-microbial protection.  This is awesome to toss sweaty race gear to keep it away from your clean, dry clothes.  {bottom right}
  • It’s fashionable and can be used for both everyday + travel.
  • Fitmark specializes in only fitness bags.  Nothing else.  Gotta love a company that focuses on perfecting one product.


And just when I thought I found all of the pockets, I find another one.  Since when are pockets my new obsession??

2014-01-14 11.37.43

Fitmark definitely get’s the SCB seal of approval.  The only downfall I can think of is they are on the pricey side, but the quality & functionality is worth every single red cent.

2014-01-14 11.40.42

If you’re interested in winning a bag, you may enter here.  Is it bad that I just entered?  Don’t answer that.

Also feel free to check them out on Facebook + Pinterest.

Fitmark provided the bag for my review.  Per usual you get my honest thoughts + opinions fo free.

Ever had a race packing disaster?  I haven’t yet, but please share so I can laugh with you! 

When is your next race?


12 Comments on “Doing the happy dance + a Fitmark review

  1. Wou that is a really nice bag, i like it 🙂 .
    I for once don’t have a packing bag, so far i have been using a back pack from REI and so far it has worked ok or at least i haven’t lost anything yet hehe.
    My next race is in June and it’s the Rock and Roll Half Marathon BUT i have been dealing with a horrible cold since Christmas day :(, i have tried to get back to running and it just hasn’t worked my way so Monday i’m going to the Doctors and see if he can fix me because if i’m not better by February i’m not only gonna go crazy but i won’t do the race 🙁 because i kind of would like to run this one faster or at least get my time down to 9 minutes per mile rather than the puny 10:40 almost 11 i got right now lol……heck last week i tried doing 5 and i was going 13 lol so we’ll see.

  2. I love all the pockets, I feel like I am always on the hunt for a new bag for all of my things. I feel like I need to lug a suitcase behind me sometimes with everything that I need.

  3. the only race packing disaster I had was when I forgot to pack my running bra for a race. I had a yoga bra (minimal support). Luckily, the shirt I had helped hold the girls down and provided some extra support.

    I was thinking of doing coyote hills again this year… but it’s this sunday and i am so not ready for it. More than likely hellyer 10k in February.

  4. #nicebag

    Question…while packing your Duathlon/triathlon essentials did you happen to include a helmet as well? That’s the bulky item that hogs a bunch of bag space…

  5. I never put any thought into packing and then when I forget stuff I think, put that on the list for next time! Now that Im doing some multisport goodness I might need to step it up.

  6. Every year in college our track team went on a spring break trip to Florida. At the end of our week we would run a race at USF. One year I totally forgot to pack my racing flats and was going to have to run in my trainers. While I was warming up my coach found a pair of flats in the middle of the warm up area that seemed to be abandoned and were my size so I ACTUALLY WORE THEM! I won the race and put the shoes back where we found them, hahahaha my coach loved telling people that I ran that race in borrowed shoes!

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