Retail therapy aka the only time I agree with math

The sun is shining, my running shoes are calling my name, so after this I am headed out to enjoy the day with my cowboy.  Who is still snoozing at the moment.

First things first, here is actual proof I have the ability to do my fur.  98.759876% of the time I choose not to.

2014-01-31 12.10.10

It’s been a long, somewhat boring week and I was itching to get out of the house for a bit.  So I did a little retail therapy at the mall.  I have a gift card to Victoria’s Secret, but didn’t really find anything I loved.  I don’t even know how that’s possible.

I did score big time at my favorite real people clothing store Hollister.  Bam paws not included. 

2014-01-31 15.18.23

They are having a winter sale.  All clearance items are an additional 60% off.  I scored everything here for $45 buckaroos.  And yes honey, that hoodie was most definitely a “need.”  I have a serious collection of Hollister hoodies that has to be updated on the reg.

Maybe I’m getting old or something because it seems like all of the pants are going back to the old skool high waist.  I even roll the “low cut” ones down.  Not cool.

What is cool is our collection of coffee.  I did a lot of high tech math and found out Costco really does have the best deals on K-Cups.  PS I only agree with math when there’s a sale involved.

2014-01-29 13.16.30.

Then I parked it on the couch to snuggle with this guy.  He had to get his shots updated and has been a little sleepy since.  So we spent the evening watching the First 48.  Oh my gosh, I do not recommend watching that show before bed.

2014-01-31 13.18.38

I’m working on a strength training challenge for runners for the month of February and I know a lot of folks take the weekend off from the blog world, so I’ll do a post about it on Monday.  Get ready to kick give the injury punks the beat down and become a stronger runner.  Boom!

What’s your favorite real people clothing store?

Top 3 favorite shows to watch?

Duck Dynasty, The Big Bang Theory & South Park.

How did you spend your Friday night?


10 Comments on “Retail therapy aka the only time I agree with math

  1. I love the random clothing finds at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Love a good bargain!

    You know how I love my Duck Dynasty! The Big Bang Theory and Scandal would be up there, too.

    Last night was spent snuggling with my youngest watching a movie. We had an all day sleet event that kept us in.

  2. I LOVE a good sale! Hhmmm my favorite has got to be Ross lol I love the hunt & kill of a good deal! I need knee excercises since I ran my half my left knee has not been “normal” when I hit mile 3 I can feel it 🙁 anyway fav shows are walking dead, sons of anarchy & anything food network (even though I don’t cook much) lol happy Saturday!

    • P.S I found a $45 brooks sports tank at Marshall’s for $7.99 !! Score !!

  3. I haven’t been shopping for so long (with the exception of running clothes!), that I don’t even know what my favorite real people clothing store is! Probably Gap or Ann Taylor Loft, because they’re pants actually fit me. I have a hard time finding good fitting jeans.
    I love the Big Bang Theory, too! Also love Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother. I’m so sad that it’s the last season. Oh yeah, and Walking Dead. That may be my absolute favorite!

  4. 1) American Eagle
    2) Currently watching Person of Interest, Burn Notice & Breaking Bad (yes, I know only one of them is still on the air…)
    3) Friday night at the cottage with the wood stove and some beers

  5. Super excited about this strength training challenge you are whipping up. I’m back to the gym now that my race is over and I have LOTS of work to do. Funny how training for a marathon makes you so out of shape LOL!
    Favorite real people clothing store (I’m not a big shopper BTW) TJ Maxx, Marshalls and ANY sporting goods store 🙂

    I don’t watch TV at all so I have no TV shows.

    We spent our Friday night at the pet store looking at Chinchillas. My son is currently obsessed with them.

  6. I love Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and other discount stores. I haven’t been in Hollister since college because it always makes me feel so old when I go in there!

    We hung at the house and relaxed on Friday night which was actually pretty perfect 🙂 Enjoy your date day!

  7. Favorite big people store? I like Hollister but it’s so expensive here in Canada….I’m a Ricki’s or Smart Set fan I guess.

    Favorite TV shows? Big Bang Theory, Greys Anatomy, and the Biggest Loser

    Friday night? It was my birthday….so I had a group 5k planned. They ended up surprising me with a group gathering with presents and cupcakes before the run. So much fun!

    Love Bam!

  8. I love The Big Bang Theory. You should probably take the quiz to see which character you are (it is necessary as a fan). I was oddly happy that I got Rajesh, but a little disappointed that I wasn’t Sheldon. I don’t really know what that says about me, or why I am so invested in which fictional character I most resemble.

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