I have no shame

Dear God, why do I like another Miley song?  <- that was a serious question.

If you’re looking for love, know that love don’t live here anymore…

Send help…and coffee…

Yesterday I took advantage of the beautiful weather, oh wait that’s pretty much every day here, okay well anyway I ran to the beach.  Then I played the how long can I stay in sweaty workout clothes.  Turns out the answer is 5:57 pm.  This stuff takes talent.


2014-02-03 10.29.10-2

Sunday’s rain caused sandslides along the trail.  I probably just made up another word.  It was fun running through the sand obstacle course.

2014-02-03 10.40.41

After the run & 2nd breakfast all I wanted to do was get a pedicure and drink coffee instead of tackle my mile long to do list.  #trophywifeproblems             

I decided to act like a grown up and start checking items off the list.  I even prepped 2 crock pot meals for Mike to start before work.  Gosh now I have to go do something way immature to make up for all of the adult stuff I did.  Oh wait, I did mention I like another Mile song.  Okay I feel better about myself now.

I ran some errands, did laundry, washed the sheets <– one of the best things ever, amiright!?  Then played with Bam + his a new toy. 

I kicked off the first day of the strength training challenge with 3 X 25 hip hikes, 3 side steps across the living room, each side with the band and one sorry butt plank.  All workouts found here

Looks like I have my work cut out for me this month.  I’ll consider this my starting point.  I’m looking forward to ninja kicking those numbers by the end of the month.

2014-02-03 16.27.53

Totally random question…does anyone else break the egg yolk on purpose?

2014-02-03 11.11.31

Do you consider yourself immature?

Yes, totally and I don’t care.  Prolly should though.

4 words that describe you.  Go!

Any celeb you like but can’t stand that fact that you like them?

Add Britney Spears to my list.  No her as a person, but I do like her music.


23 Comments on “I have no shame

  1. I am way immature and I like it that way.

    I am way too into pop culture and my celeb hate to love list is way too long. The most embarrassing one is probably Paris Hilton. She is so ridiculous that I love her. I have a couple of songs from her album that came out yearrrrrrrrrs ago on my running playlist including one where she repeats “that’s hot” over and over. What can I say, they make me oddly happy.

  2. My egg yolk has to be broken. Plus the edges have to get crispy. Restaurants don’t really understand this, so i always have to order scrambled. Runny yokes = no go!

    Also, I hate Miley with such a passion but I was forced to listen to her entire cd on new years eve and it’s like this nagging thing in my head like, “you like her songs but you can’t stand her”

  3. i prefer the term child-at -heart as opposed to immature =)
    4 words to describe me: learning to let go
    I’m slightly embarressed to admit that i still love all the boy bands-bsb, nsync, nkotb……

    I break the yolk over my girts.

  4. Hahaha I felt the same way when I heard Wrecking Ball on the radio. It started playing and thought, “ooo I like this song” and then I realized who sang it. Then I started to hate myself a little bit, and then I told myself to stop being a hipster and just like it (but secretly 😉 )

  5. Am I immature? That was confirmed when my 12 year old told me to not stick my tongue out to other drivers coz that’s rude! But what does he know, right? And I also have been known to be cranky if I don’t get a nap.
    Four words that describe me: nurturing, crazy, a neat freak, hungry (like all the time).
    One celebrity I cannot stand…Kim Kardasian! Why is she even considered a celebrity? I avoid looking at her, I don’t read about her and generally do not want to know anything about her.
    As for the eggs, I only break the yolks when I am eating it with certain foods. Does that make sense?

  6. Immature at times but I have kids so I have to act somewhat like an adult ! 4 words- outgoing-extreme-one of a kind- loyal !

    Ok I love to hate Beyoncé! She’s so self centered but I love the girls music!

  7. My maturity depends on the topic………..parenting=mature………my bedtime =immature 🙂

    4 words…….Type A(yes I’m counting that as 1 word), hungry, loyal and dedicated.

    I adore Selena Gomez. But I loathe that I adore here. HA!!!

  8. Eggs “over hard” are “broken yoke”
    Eggs “over-easy” are yolks not broken also known as runny
    Consider this your culinary lesson of the day!

  9. I usually stay in my sweaty workout clothes until about 9pm when I finally shower. The other option is showering at naptime, but I feel I’m more productive other ways at that time. I’ve learned to love my dry sweat. 🙂

  10. outspoken, determined, friendly & hypochondriac
    Pretty sure I’m more immature than my 16 & 14 year old and I’m totally cool with that:)
    I’m with you on the Miley thing, totally embarrassing!

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