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I had a fantastic start to Pro-Am this week.  The pro’s are out doing practice rounds and yesterday the 49ers faced off with the SF Giants in a shootout for charity.  I’d like to say I was cool and saw a bunch of big name players, but I was so busy mixing up cocktails I hardly looked up.  When I did have a second to come up for air, I saw this.

2014-02-04 14.47.14

Okay so Kenny G walked in front of my golf cart and waved at me.  That has to count for something, right? It was pretty cool.

Another highlight was walking the peaceful course watching the lawn maintenance crew do their thing before all of the craziness, which I hear is going to be 10 times busier this weekend.  I’m ready!

2014-02-04 08.20.12

My day got even better when I came home to a surprise bottle of Fifty Shades of Grey wine from my BFF R!  I’m not going to crack it open until she comes to visit again.  Blackmailing my BFF with a bottle of wine, now y’all know what kind of friend I am.  Winking smile

2014-02-04 17.21.26-2

The lovely Carson  {<- totally check out her blog} informed me that taking The Big Bang Theory quiz to see which character I am is necessary as a fan.  Well, I am a true fan so I had to take the quiz.  Turns out I’m Bernadette.  I was actually shocked since I thought for sure I’d be Sheldon {hello neurotic} or Penny because let’s face it she’s hot and can deal with the nerdy boys like NBD.  I even took the quiz again and still got the same thing.  Oh well.

2014-02-03 20.40.05

TBBT fans, take the quiz and report back.

Ever met a celeb?  Please tell me all about it!

Tell me 4 things you are looking forward to this week.

After the craziness, I can’t wait to go for a long run, get a pedi, relax with my morning cup of coffee and possibly book a massage or get my fur did.  We’ll see how this all pans out though.  Told you I don’t agree with math.


19 Comments on “You have to take this quiz

  1. I was Leonard….I thought I’d be Bernadette…LOL

    I have never met a celeb…and I’d hope I’d be all cool about it…but heck knows!

  2. Sorry, not a Big Bang fan…unfriendly me if you must.

    I think my closest brush with celebrity was taking a pee in a urinal beside wrestler Kevin Nash (Diesel) at the old Tiger Stadium in Detroit. I nodded my head and said hey.

    Oh wait, even closer encounter than that…at a Tigers playoff game and they just hit a walk off home run to go to the World Series. Some guy was walking up the aisle to leave during the ensuing pandemonium, so I grabbed him by the shoulders and started shaking him…then recognition set in and I said “You’re Steve Yzerman”, and he said “Yup”

  3. I was Bernadette too. I don’t think I’ve met a celeb….but I also don’t care much about them, so I might not remember. Real celebs are the people I work side by side with in police, fire, and ems. 4 things in looking forward to:
    1. My massage and reflexology session Friday!! …even if you’re skeptical of the “science” behind reflexology, it’s the best foot massage of all time!
    2. Hiking in the snow with an old friend tomorrow and catching up.
    3. Kickboxing class tonight!! The music is so loud and it’s so high intensity. Love it!!
    4. Lunch!!

  4. Ok I’ve never seen this show but I took the quiz anyway! I have no idea why. But I got Bernadette too!
    When I was 16 my brother and I went up to Park City, Utah because we heard some celebrities were up there. We saw Dennis Rodman hanging out with Eddie Vedder. I LOVE Eddie Vedder (even still..I grew up in the 90’s, what can I say). Then I literally ran into Billy Corigan and he asked me to go party with him. Um, I was 16 and said something like, ‘no I can’t my mom wants me home soon!’

  5. Haha I got Bernadette too! I’ll take it cause I’m a scientist and I’m only 5’1″. Totally missed the massive boob department though. #imokaywiththat cause it makes running easier. Completely jealous that your at a super fabulous event!

  6. I live in LA so I try not to geek out unless I see someone that Im really, really crazy excited about (I like Kendra and when I saw her and Hank I was a bit of a weirdo. Oops.) and if Jim Harbaugh was there with the team I might have had a heart attack. Love that guy.

  7. I’ve never watched the show but I took it for fun I got Bernadette as well. 🙂

    At Super Bowl one year I met Shaquille O’neal. He didn’t say much but shook my hand and I’m pretty sure he lifted me off the ground when he did it. HE IS HUGE!!!!!!!
    4 things I am looking forward to…..My husband getting back home from a week long business trip, My Friday Night glass of wine, Running Saturday morning followed by coffee with friends 🙂

  8. Well while you are out working, I took the quiz. You will be happy to know, your husband is Penny. Yes, you’re married to a hot chick! I just saw myself in the mirror getting out of the shower…….very disappointing. You must really love me or you’re just blind. The only celebrity I really know is the Skinny Chick, I sleep with her almost every night……almost.

  9. I’m horrified to discover I’m Howard!

    Celebrities, yes, many – I grew up in Santa Monica and went to high school with some of the Brat Pack and then worked at a film studio. Most of the time, they’re just like the rest of us. Most of the time.

    4things: surviving today’s root canal (hello Vicodin!), running a fun 5k this Sat in the SNOW, a mug of mulled wine (or 5) afterward to warm up, going to the movies with my guy.

    Your husbands comment cracks me up!

  10. I’m looking forward to having the whole Saturday open to do whatever I want, doing easy runs for my marathon training, studying (kinesiology is the best major), and doing some yoga!

  11. I got Leonard. Which surprises me since I don’t do too well in social situations and don’t consider myself a leader. I just go with the flow. Hmmm…

    I have “met” several Star Trek celebs 🙂 I waited in line at several Star Trek conventions to get their autographs. I giggled like a school girl when I got Nichelle Nichols. ah, my, she’s just amazing. *nerd alert*

  12. First of all, I would like to say how excited I am that you got my name sake! I on the other got Penny. Ha! I’ve always known I was a blonde in a past life.
    I have met and kissed Hugh Jackman! Yes, sister you read that right! I watched him on stage in New York and then on stage in SF (stalker much?) then got the chance to shake hands with him after the show. I had to ask for a kiss and he provided. He loves me….
    I have also met SF Giant Matt Cain, and SF 49’er Vernon Davis. And James Bond himself Daniel Craig. So I just shook Mr. Craig’s hand, but hey…

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