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I get tons of guest post offers all the time.  I am kind of selfish with my content so I don’t normally accept.  But when Jamie offered, I jumped at the chance.  Jamie is the founder of Fit Approach.  I know y’all have seen #sweatpink all over social media, right?  If not, you might be living under a rock.  Just sayin’

As the world of fitness classes evolves, today Jamie talks about new trends + classes for 2014.


It’s February, so fitness-focused New Year’s Resolutions are probably a faint memory for most people at this point. It’s difficult to get revved up about doing the same old thing, year after year. Luckily, the world of fitness is constantly churning out new trends for us to try, which can really help in the motivation department. Through my work at my new company, SweatGuru, I work day in and day out with all kinds of fitness innovators, particularly through studios and classes. Here are some of the themes I see emerging for fitness in 2014:

Hybrid workouts: Workouts that blend the best of dance, yoga, barre, cardio and even cycling are taking the fitness world by storm. Performing a variety of different exercises in short bursts during one workout causes muscle confusion helping the body build muscle and lose fat.

Suspension Training: Ever seen circus acts that feature dancers moving through the air suspended by cables? Imagine doing that in an exercise class! In Informed Technique® suspension training classes, you’ll improve body awareness and alignment, tone and strengthen without bulking, and improve balance and flexibility.

Outdoor Bootcamps: Outdoor bootcamps and workouts are all the rage! Outdoor bootcamps and workouts are not only typically much less expensive than a traditional gym but are also focused around making new friends and building community. What’s better than a workout that’s actually fun?

Power Yoga: Yoga continues to be a popular workout year after year. The new trend in yoga is power yoga – classes that blend cardio, core toning and heat – for a whole body workout.

High Tech: Whether it’s polar vortex weather keeping you from the gym or a simple lack of time, there are plenty of ways to break a sweat from the comfort of your own home. One example? Wello, an Internet-based, interactive training program that you can use anywhere with WiFi.

About the Author:

Jamie Walker is the CEO and co-founder of SweatGuru (, helping consumers book and manage fitness classes online. She is a yoga instructor and personal trainer.


Questions from SCB:

Do you participate in fitness classes?

If so, which ones?

If not, which class{es} would you like to try?

Currently, I don’t take fitness classes, though I have in the past I used to go to yoga at a local gym regularly.  I would love to take a Barre, spin and body pump.  I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback on all of them.

8 Comments on “Guest Post: 2014 Fitness class trends

  1. I used to do yoga, kick boxing, and a cardio core class, but as I became more serious with my running, and started dealing with time constraints, I found myself having to choose…so I chose running, of course!

  2. At first I wanted to say that no I don’t do classes but I do crossfit and that’s a class, so yes. It’s a new experience for me as I’ve never done any group workout until a few months ago when I joined my local crossfit gym. But I only do that 2 nights a week. I run 3 and take two rest days and by rest I mean I walk my dogs for miles and miles on my rest days. I’m planning on ramping up the running but since I’m coming back from an injury I don’t want to kill/reinjure myself.

  3. Well, last summer (into the fall) I taught a boot camp at our swim beach – I just thought it would be fun – who knew I was in on the latest trend?!

  4. I go through phases with classes. Sometimes I take a lot and sometimes I don’t take any. I’m a solo runner for the most part, so most of my workouts tend to be my ‘me time’ which is why I do classes a little less. I love spinning though, my gym also has a class called MXT (Midtown Extreme Training) it’s kind of like a Crossfit but not really. It’s basically an hour of high energy loud music and 3 guys yelling at you to work harder. I also take yoga classes sometimes but that, like running is something that I tend to like doing more on my own.

  5. I just started Bar Method classes and I really really am loving it! So right now I’m doing that along with my half marathon training 🙂

  6. It took me FOREVER to find a strength training routine that I actually enjoyed to support – not interfere with – my crazy running schedule. Last November I bought a Groupon to try out a local bootcamp studio, and I’ve been hooked ever since! I ended up signing up for a two-workouts-per-week membership, and I never miss a class! I love that every time I go, the workout is completely different and challenging in new ways, and I am totally seeing and feeling results. I’ve learned that it’s important to keep trying new/different things until you find what gets you excited about working out. It’s all about who is training/teaching the class too! The right instructor makes a huge difference.

  7. Suspension training!? Yep that would NOT be a good class for me to take. I am notorious for being very clumsy and I have a feeling something would end up broken by the end of that class!

  8. I am taking Gym classes in my Tbilisi city. I like to try yoga classes and some latest fitness trends also for stay fit.

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