Strength training check in + a little Monday motivation

Good morning!  I’m so happy y’all enjoyed Mike’s guest post.  I didn’t even know he was writing it until I got up to make a cup of coffee and saw him sitting on the couch blogging away.  I think I’ll keep him.  There would have been no SCB yesterday without him. Don’t you feel lucky?  Or not.

It feels so good not having a schedule to keep, to be able to snuggle on the couch with my boys, leisurely sip coffee and do everything a trophy wife should do.  Someone’s feeling sarcastic this morning.

Anyway my to do list is OOC but I’m really excited to do what I want this week.  I’ll get to it when I feel like it.  But first blogging, running + coffee.  Lot’s ‘O coffee.

Strength training check in:


For those who are doing the challenge yourself, change yourself challenge with me, how did your first week go?  What are your goals for this week? 

PS It’s not too late to join us!! 

I am pretty happy to report I mostly stuck with strength training during a crazy busy week.  I say mostly because I did 3 exercises 2 days and all I was able to pump out last night was a plank before bed.  Hey at that point, I’ll take it!

2014-02-03 16.27.53

I am stoked to throw down some miles and make those legs shake this week.  My goal for this week is to run 3 days + strength train 4.  Overachiever, that’s me.

A little inspiration to get you started this week… 

2014-01-27 20.14.01

2014-02-10 08.40.54

Now if you’ll excuse me, Mizuno + I have a hawt date.

If you rocked your BIC Band during a workout or race this weekend, post a pic of it on their Facebook page for a chance to win a $50 gift card. 

What are your fitness goals this week? 

If you had a whole week off, what would you do with yourself?

What is your current favorite quote?


6 Comments on “Strength training check in + a little Monday motivation

  1. I’ve been off work for a little over a week now and I’ve concentrated on me. I’ve run each day and tried to get back to eating in a healthy manner. It has been a refreshing change to just take care of me for a while!

    In this time, I’ve also looked each day at inspirational/motivating quotes. There are so many out there…one of my favorites is “When you feel like quitting, think of why you started!”

    Have a snuggly day with Bam!!!

  2. I would love to have a whole week off just to do things when I want and not be on such a tight time schedule. My absolute favorite quote is “In a world where you can be anything, be yourself.”

  3. Goals for the week are 3 sessions of strength training and 4 runs 🙂

    a whole week off? Ughhh I struggle with non structure. I might go crazy if I had a whole week off 🙂 But I do know there would be coffee and running!!!!

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