Wandering the streets of Carmel By The Sea + a couple thoughts

2014-02-11 10.31.57

Yesterday morning was a slow, sip your coffee, make a second cup, be a lap dog kinda morning.  It was perfection.

When we did finally peel ourselves off the couch, we had lunch and roamed the streets of Carmel By The Sea. 

2014-02-11 12.42.23

If you’re ever traveling though, I highly recommend stopping in.  It’s a quaint, charming, magical forest as they like to refer it.  Funny fact, to keep CBTS a magical forest, they do not allow grass.  Also they don’t have addresses.  They name their homes fun stuff like Ocean Heaven, Sea Glass or something cool.  I just made those up, but you get it.  Their address goes something like this: 4 southwest corner of 2nd + San Carlos, red door.  No joke.

Anyway this town reminds me of the cute Swedish town – Solvang, CA down by Santa Barbara.  It’s very eclectic. 

2014-02-11 12.40.44

2014-02-11 12.41.04

Just in case you have a clothing emergency, and a lot of scrilla, there is help.  #firstworldproblems

2014-02-11 12.26.22

We popped into a cute little café for a cup of coffee.  I could have went all Templeton status on their window display.  It was incredible.

2014-02-11 12.24.48

I’m in love with this card.  Only problem is I’m so sweet, I wouldn’t know who to give it to.  Right Mike…Winking smile

2014-02-11 12.48.39

And my personal favorite.  Because squirrels totally need chonies. 

2014-02-11 12.50.14

It was a nice day to kick back, not have anywhere to be and hang out.


A couple random blog things I’ve seen around here as well as others lately. I’m giving you my 2 cents fo free. See now you have 2 cents.

Those who “promote” brands, blogs, social media accounts or whatever expecting the same thing or something in return.  I do think it’s polite to reciprocate, but I don’t believe they owe you anything.  If you find yourself feeling that way, it may be time to reevaluate your intentions.

I’ve told y’all before that I really appreciate every one of you guys + your support, and I do.  Thank you so much!  But I don’t measure the blogs success by traffic or numbers. I don’t get all butt hurt if people unfollow me, in fact I don’t even keep track.  It’s just a blog.  It’s just a number.  It’s virtual.  I don’t understand why people take it so personal. 

A genuine readership + social media connections are far more important to me than numbers. 

I feel that connecting with you on the blog, through social media & reading your emails is far more gratifying than a bunch of numbers.  I don’t even agree with math anyway.  And yes, that is totally possible for someone to not agree with math.  I am that person. 

Any random thoughts on the blogging + social media?


18 Comments on “Wandering the streets of Carmel By The Sea + a couple thoughts

  1. Math and i are worst enemies so i totally understand 🙂 .
    That squirrel card made me think of one of my kids cartoons ( Phenias and Ferb) and there’s a song called ” There’s squirrels in my pants” S.I.M.P. squirrels in my pants !!! …great now the song is stuck in my head lol. love love love the pictures.

  2. OMG LOVE the squirrel card. How funny is that??????? Oh CBTS is SOOOO beautiful. Could live on a patio there and drink coffee until I die.

  3. So jealous that you live in Monterey! Monterey/Carmel is one of my favorite places. Can I come stay with you and in exchange I’ll buy you Starbucks, hoodies, and cook you food 😉

  4. I’m so jealous. I lived in Monterey for a year while the husband attended DLI and I worked at a little shop in Carmel. I used to walk down the hill to the beach every day on my lunch break. The scenery and weather is unlike anything else– it’s such an amazing area. We went back there 3 years ago to visit because we missed it so much and now every time I read your blog and see the photos I want to go back again! And BTW, if you’re looking for a great sandwich, try Compagno’s Deli…. amazing!!

  5. How cute is that little town? Love it!

    I agree on the blog and social media thing. I would rather follow a few blogs and have a personal connection with them then have a bunch of numbers and not be able to keep track of everyone’s journeys.

    PS….thinking of a good design for your very own bib holder!!!

  6. Haha. I totally got that squirrel underwear for my bf because he HATES squirrels. What you do with it once you have it, I have no idea!

  7. Ok, I’m in tears over here because of how much I miss Carmel-by-the-sea, but that is neither here nor there. I loved your take on social media/numbers/traffic. It’s all virtual, you’re so right. 🙂

  8. I love that you always say you went all Templeton on the food. Fun fact: I played Templeton in a community theater production of Charlotte’s Web. It was glorious. And Mike’s comment made me spit out my coffee. My type of humor.

  9. Carmel really is like a little fairy tale town. The squirrels in our neck of the woods just go commando. 🙂

    When I “promote” someone else’s blog, I don’t go into it expecting something in return. If they reciprocate, then I do appreciate it. If they don’t, it certainly doesn’t bother me.

  10. Carmel looks like it’s from another world — adorable! I would certainly LOVE to visit it some day! And love your stance on the blogging numbers — sometimes it’s tough for people to get past the “numbers”. But I agree – nothing is required to be reciprocated — I love the blogs I love and follow/comment on them because I enjoy them. 🙂

  11. Hey Jacqueline, love your blog 🙂
    Just wanted to remark that Solvang is Danish, not Swedish – just for the sake of it 😉
    Love and good running thoughts from Denmark

  12. that is the cutest little town ever. I want to visit asap. or just move in.

    As for blogs/social media…i’m with you. You shouldn’t be blogging “to get stuff” and I’d much rather have just 100 quality followers than thousands of randoms.

    I love your honesty. You’re real and it shows.

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