Pay it forward

Since we don’t really celebrate Valentines Day, it was a typical day around here.  We went to lunch and hung out around the house because we are exciting lame like that.

I went to the nail salon for a much needed pedicure.  My paws were starting to resemble gargoyle feet.  Sexy.

Fun fact, I had acrylic nails for over 10 years back in the day.  I loved them, but wasn’t a fan of the upkeep so I ripped them off and never went back.  Maybe one day I will, but I really like just going in for a pedi.  It’s much more relaxing especially post long run.

2014-02-14 15.53.46

While I was getting a pedi a lady wheeled a little elderly lady who was dressed in red for the occasion in to get a her nails done.  She had a big smile and I could tell she was so happy to be there so I struck up a conversation with them.

Seeing her made my day and also miss volunteering.  I have a big soft spot for elderly folks.  I just love them so much.

Turns out she is 95 and the woman with her was her live in care taker.  What a sweetheart!  She just got her hair done at another salon and was on her way out to Valentines supper.  I joked she had a hot date which made her smile.  Smile

I sent Mike a text asking if we could adopt her.  You think I’m joking, but I am not.  He said no, but to pick up her tab & said Happy Valentines Day.

I LOVE that man!


A happy Valentines Day it was!  I left the salon feeling like a million bucks and it wasn’t because of the awesome pedi.  It’s the simple things in life folks.

I encourage you to go do something unexpectedly nice for someone today!!


13 thoughts on “Pay it forward

  1. cheriarmour

    That’s so nice! I have kind of a rough time with elderly folks because I just lost my grandmother, and it makes me really sad to be around them. Hopefully, I can get past them soon and start spending more time with them :)

  2. Kim

    I want to adopt a grandma (not kidding at all) – I lost mine a few years ago and sadly my boys have never had the true “grandma experience”. Love that you picked up the tab for that sweet little lady – you probably made her day!

  3. logan mathis @ Flatstomach101

    It’s always great making someone’s day and lifting a burden off their shoulders. That is a great life to live. Everyone wins! I try to do something for everyone as much as I can. If everyone were to do one selfless deed a day this world would be the most amazing place and everyone would get along wonderfully! Thank you for this.


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