Cookies + a Pro Compression coupon code

Yesterday I went to a foot spa for the first time.  Not a nail salon, an actual, real foot spa.  They had a special $25 for a 60 minute foot, neck + back massage.  Sign me up!

It was seriously the best thing ever.  I left feeling like a noodle with a goofy smile on my face.  Then I went to Peet’s Coffee to soak in the post massage relaxing with intentions to crack open my new book, Trail Running by Jeff Galloway but it was crazy busy and a nice Epsom salt soak sounded much better.

2014-02-14 13.56.06

So I moved the post massage party to the tub.

2014-02-18 15.40.30

In other news I am really excited St. Patrick’s Day is close enough to start rocking my lucky clover compression socks.  I’m a little attachment to them because they helped carry me through my first post injury race, The Pinkest Run last year.  Any locals want to run it with me?  

2014-02-18 13.23.01

If you’re interested, Pro Compression is offering 40% off and free shipping on any marathon or sleeve with coupon code FEB14 valid until 2/21. 

In other news, it’s Girl Scout cookie season!!  I’m more of a salty over sweet kinda girl.  Gimme a bag of chips and no one get’s hurt.  That is until it’s Girl Scout cookie season, then I’m like hand over all the Samoas and I will let you live.

2014-02-17 17.06.35

I’m not a fan of the Thin Mint’s.  Told y’all I’m an imposter blogger.

Only on SCB will you find talk about a juice cleanse one day and Girl Scout cookies the next.  You should all feel sorry for Mike because I am like this in real life. I know.

And I’ll leave you with a little something to think about…

2014-02-14 19.18.39

What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

What is you favorite race?  Tell me all about it and link to a post your wrote about it!


21 thoughts on “Cookies + a Pro Compression coupon code

  1. Lauren @Will Run for Boston

    I’m not really a fan of Thin Mints either! I’ve never liked chocolate and mint together but I always feel like people think I’m crazy when I say I don’t like Thin Mints… its always nice to find someone else who feels the say haha

  2. Gabriela

    LOL!! I used to not be a fan of thin mints until hubby put them in the freezer and then we’d eat them with coffee :p, I was a huge fan of the Dulce de Leche cookies but they discontinued them so now i just do Samoans and Thin Mints hehe.
    I don’t have a favorite race YET :p, i just don’t think i like running surrounded by people but we’ll see i’m still gonna try to do the Seattle Torch light again this year which i’ll do the 8k, it’s a nice race and you get to see the ocean, but the end is horrible !!! you have to go up a hill that’s really high up and last year i felt like the 5 year old in front of me and his mom had more energy than i did lol

  3. Kristen

    Man that last picture with that quote hits a person hard! Really makes me think about prioritizing. It’s the main reason why my husband and I moved back to our hometown instead of Milwaukee, where he spent 2+ hours a day in traffic instead and we lived in a concrete jungle rather than our love for the woods and hunting. So thats a start.

    PS I’m also not a fan of thin mints. Samoas and Trefoils forevaaaaa

    1. Jacqueline Post author

      Mike + I had the same reaction when we saw that pic too. It’s crazy, but there’s so much truth to it. Another reason why we moved to a more affordable area as well. Congrats on the move, it sounds amazing!

  4. onedroppedstitch

    Dude. Thin Mints all the way. I love them frozen in the summer time but saddly they never last that long.

    My favorite race so far was the Octobrewfest in Davis Ca two years ago. I didn’t PR but my non-runner hubby ran it with me and I beat him (by 30 seconds but a win is a win). I really enjoyed running it together. Now if only I can convience him to run with me again.

  5. Katrina

    That pinkest race looks awesome!! My favorite race ever was Las Vegas rock n roll. The strip at night with all the lights was rad!!
    I’ve been eyeing that coupon code for pro compression- I’m just worried about sizing. By the chart I’m an XS – jut worried they will be too small. Any suggestions?

  6. Michelle @ 3cheaprunners

    I’m a thin mint gal myself…ok let’s be serious I like anything that involves mint and chocolate together
    you know Mike and I were just talking the other day about the truly important things in life, and why we put up with taking part in the rat race


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