JayBird Freedom Sprint Bluetooth headphones review

Awhile back JayBird sent me a pair of their Freedom Sprint wireless headphones to try out.  I like to take my time when doing reviews and see how the product really performs over time.  I know how getting a new gadget is so fun and we sometimes overlook little flaws we don’t care for, but decide to just live with because it’s so new.

I have always fought with headphone wires while running.  They won.  I felt like I spent my run constantly pushing them back in, pulling the cord up blah blah blah.  Well these babies fixed all of that.

2014-01-07 15.34.19

At first sight I was worried they were a little bulky and that would cause them to fall out, which they did until Mike pointed out I needed to change the rubber caps to the larger set.  Boom, crisis averted.


The sound is bumpin’ which makes running even more fun when my favorite song comes on.  ‘Cause we can have so much fun now…

Okay I’ll stop now. 


  • They are wireless!!  Okay not totally as they have one small wire connecting the ear buds in the back, but I don’t have to fight wires that fly down the front of me. 
  • They come with a lifetime warranty against sweat so you are free to torture yourself even more.
  • The sound quality is freaking awesome!!  They best I’ve ever had on a set of ear buds. 
  • Clear voice calls.  My mom called while I was running and since I only use them for music, I thought it would be cool to test it out.  She couldn’t even tell I was on Bluetooth headphones.  We had a normal conversation and we could both hear without going uh? What was that?  What did you say?  10 million times.  And yes, I was that runner chick talking on her phone.  Or to herself.  Whatev.
  • Battery life is pretty good- it says it lasts up to 6 hours, but I never timed it.  It does beep in your ear about 10 times before it dies.  Told ya I put these things through the ultra strict SCB test.  Winking smile
  • Easy to sync with my devices.  If this technology inept chick can do it, anyone can.  Heck, even Bam could probably figure it out.
  • You can control the volume, voice calls + even skip songs directly on the ear bud.  Major bonus points for not making me fumble around for my cell phone to skip over a song.  Miley yes, Jona’s Brothers no.       I am 12.



  • The only thing that would make these even better is a way to secure the wires on the back of my neck so when I turn my head to look for traffic, etc they stay put.  I know, total first world problems, and I don’t even know how it would be possible, but that’s that.

2014-01-07 15.35.12

My overall thoughts:

If you’re tired of fighting with headphone wires + less then awesome sound JayBird’s are the way to go.  I freaking LOVE them and would be really sad if they died on me.  Wow, I just got a little sad thinking about that.

Runners, what do you look for in headphones?  Quality, sound, etc?

What headphones do you currently have?  

What’s your current favorite running jam?

JayBird sent me a pair of Freedom Sprint headphones to review.  Per usual opinions are all mine babe!


17 Comments on “JayBird Freedom Sprint Bluetooth headphones review

  1. These look amazing to me because both my husband and I always struggle with the headphone chords when running. That and when I clip my shuffle to my pants it often rubs and irritates my side. These look awesome – thanks for the review friend!

  2. These look amazing, when you first mentioned them back I checked them out immediately because I was so intrigued; but they are so darn expensive!
    What I look for in headphones: they stay inside my ear without them causing pain; I have small ears and a lot of earbuds are too big for me and hurt.
    My current earbuds are yurbuds which I actually really like, they have a twist lock mechanism so they stay put and dont move and they are made for women and are therefore smaller than traditional ear buds. And they come in fun colours 🙂

  3. Will they sync with a regular ipod or would it have to be a phone?

    I use the stock apple headphones actually, they stay put and I don’t have any issues with them. My biggest requirements are them staying put while I am running, and yes sound quality is a perk.

  4. They are on my wish list !!! 😀 the moment you showed us pictures of them i was intrigued because my headphones SUCK !!! lol I got Iphone headphones which are the only ones that fit my ear ( weird) BUT after all my sweat which is about mile 7, they start having problems which they either make a funny noise or sometimes they stop working and i don’t hear any music anymore, it’s just weird but sadly are the only headphones i can deal with in a weird way. I got Sony sports headphones and they have the ear loop thing but if i’m wearing a coat it seems like 1 side always wants to fall off and so i have to adjust them ALL the time, i also have the smart phone head phones but they just don’t stay in if i’m running, i got the Zune ear phones and no matter what rubber cap i put if i’m sweaty they just wanna fall from my ears which really bugs me.
    hmm favorite running jam ….. ok i got 3 :p, Danza Kuduro from Don Omar, Shake Senora by Pitbull and Can’t touch this by MC Hammer :p or pretty much anything that’s gonna make me wanna dance like Bell Biv DeVoe – Poison now when that one plays which in Pandora is very rare i go NUTS !!! i’ll even sing it in the middle of the street which good thing i don’t run with people lol !!! 😀

  5. These headphones look amazing and the wireless is SUCH a bonus.

    For me, I look for headphones that are comfortable and don’t fall out of my ears. I’ve found those with my Yurbud headphones but obviously, they have a wire.

    My favourite running track is Happy by Pharrell Williams – Can’t help but feel upbeat when that sound comes on!

    Laura | Health and Fitness Blogger

  6. I want headphones that stay put. Like you, I’m constantly pulling on wires and pushing them back into my ears.

    Where do you wear your phone when running? I can’t find an arm sleeve that will stay in place properly.

      • I got an iFitness since I saw you use one and I really like them too, the only thing for me is that since I got a Samsung Galaxy 4 Active, the phone is big and it fits very tight in the pouch, It takes me time to get my phone in lol but I still like it because it’s water proof, it carries my shot blocks and I can also put money in the little pocket thing it has 🙂

  7. I love my Yurbuds headphones. I run with an old school 1st generation iPod Nano, so while I would love to do the wireless bluetooth thing, I don’t have the technology to accommodate (and am too cheap to upgrade). I do think these look pretty cool, though.

  8. Late to the discussion, but I read that someone else runs the cord through her ponytail so she doesn’t feel the cord on the back of her neck. Might work for you – or a large barrette to secure it above your hairline. I just bought a pair. I hope I like them as much as you like yours.

  9. I think the design is fashionable for female runners/joggers/gym enthusiasts. But I think 6 hours of battery life is too short for a bluetooth headphone. I wonder how the quality of the audio differs from JayBird Bluebuds X Bluetooth.

  10. A good pair of in-ear headphones offer a great listening experience for you and, if designed right, will mean your fellow commuters can’t hear your choice in music. Even if not, you won’t be able to hear them complaining.If you’re less than impressed with the earphones that were bundled with your Headphones fear not – there are plenty of great alternatives that ensure you won’t be suffering in silence.

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