A visit to the doc & talk about vitamins + supplements

Welp, living at the beach does have it’s downsides.  We were jolted out of bed by a bum screaming at…himself.  For over an hour.  Fun times.

It’s a good thing I’m a morning person and didn’t mind too much.  Plus I got to have coffee earlier than usual so I’ll call this morning a draw.

After Monday’s long run I came up with the bright idea to stay on my feet for the rest of the day.  It’s a good thing I never claimed to be smart because my right arch has been a punk since.  It didn’t hurt until later that night and has been sore since.

I guess that’s what I get for talking about how well training was going.  Next time I’ll keep my trap shut.

When it comes to running, I don’t mess around so I saw my new doc yesterday.  Plus I know how long getting into the right specialist/PT ninja can take.  I knew we were going to get along really well when he introduced himself by his first name, he’s from the south, walked in with cowboy boots and is a runner as well.  Totally my people!

Oh my gosh he is amazing.  We talked forever, answered all of my questions and I never felt rushed.  Is it weird I didn’t want to leave?  Anyway he referred me to a podiatrist and I’m crossing my fingers we can get this all sorted out and I can just run again.

He asked if I’m a heel striker when I run.


I know it’s a difficult habit to break, especially since I’ve ran like this for years.  When I’m pain free, he recommended I run a mile on the hard sand at low tide and make a conscious effort to focus on landing on the ball of the foot.  Then back track so I can see my foot prints in the sand + progress.

Post doc appt coffee was a must.  Duh.

2014-02-20 15.23.00

He also recommended vitamin D3 to help with muscle recovery + bone health and suggested Costco for the quality and best deal.  I thanked him for giving me the license to go shopping.

2014-02-20 14.44.39

I’m not sure about the cold pressed wild salmon oil.  I’m afraid of getting the fish burps, so I met him in the middle and picked up 1 out of 2.

2014-02-20 13.57.07

I’m not huge on vitamins + supplements, but I also do take a daily probiotic.  Since I am 4 I have a thing for gummies.  I sometimes switch to the Trader Joe’s brand which was recommended by my first GI doc in Stanford.  I really do feel a difference when I take them.

2014-02-20 14.45.43

Now that I eat dairy again, I wing it on calcium.  If I don’t feel like I got enough dairy in, I’ll take a couple of these gummies.  Then sometimes I eat a whole pizza by myself…yah I skip the vites on those days.  Winking smile

2014-02-21 07.06.07

Just in!!  Pro Compression just came out with a Shamrock sock of the month!!  I’m digging the simple + festive style.  Score a pair at 40% off with coupon code CLOVER and free US shipping.  They will probably sell out fast so get on it!


Do you take vitamins and/or supplements?  If so, which ones + why?

Are you a heel striker? 

What do you do when you can’t run?

Cycling, stretching, foam rolling, strength training and drowning my sorrows in large cups of coffee.


22 Comments on “A visit to the doc & talk about vitamins + supplements

  1. No supplements for me! I always buy them then end up forgetting to take them.
    When I can’t run, I love to spin and body pump.

  2. I’m supposed to take calcium because I don’t drink milk or eat a ton of dairy but the pills are horrible. I will have to check out the gummies!!!
    So awesome that your DR is a runner – much better when it comes to understanding that a runner just wants to run!!

    • I felt the same way about the pills, but gummies are so much better & I’ve found I take them more regularly because they taste like candy.

  3. I’m a forefoot striker which i guess is good, my only problem is that i over prone so i get pain in my arches when i try to add more miles in so i have to tape .
    I love gummie bear vitamins we get the kids kind and i just take those with the kids hehe, when i can’t run i workout at home, i got some of the Beachbody workouts so i’d do Insanity or Asylum and now T25 any workouts from Shaun T, i feel like he pushes me and i just love the guy to me he’s a great trainer 🙂 .

  4. Watch out heel striking that is what led to my stress fracture in some ways. When you land on your heel it puts more force on your legs especially your femur. I am trying hard to break it as well 🙂

    I supplement with calcium and vitamin D because of the area that we live in and that we don’t see much of the sun.

  5. I used to be a heel striker until I started back at scratch and became a midfoot striker….it’s made a world of a difference. But don’t kid yourself, it is not going to change overnight, and your calf muscles are going to hate you for a while!!

    I do take vitamins. I take a B12 complex, a vitamin D, and a gummie mult-vitamin….because I’m still 10 too!!!

  6. I used to be all “I don’t need supplements because everything I need I can get from my diet” yeah, well, turns out I was wrong because I got blood tested and was low in B12 and Iron (which helped explain why I was so fatigued after runs all the time) so I now take B12 and Iron daily. The B12 are cherry flavoured so they taste pretty good.
    I’m a heel striker too! I don’t know how to break this habit, it is really annoying because I get pain after long runs.
    What do I do when I can’t run? Cuddle my pug and watch a movie lol 🙂

  7. I used to be a heel striker and it caused MAJOR PF………I had to retrain myself to run and doing a TON of calf stretches and strengthening helped. Now I’m a mid foot striker.

    Supplements yes. I take a multi vitamin with Iron, Probiotic, Fish Oil (if you should decide to take some make sure it is a good quality fish oil-the way you can tell it doesn’t have filler junk is on the Supplement Facts make sure the Omega 3 Fatty Acids mgs add up to the to total amount that are in the supplement if not the rest is filler junk). Vitamin D3 and sometimes a B12. I’m a supplement junkie.

    If I can’t run I love to strength train a lot!!!!!

    I ordered my Pro Compression Shamrock Socks this AM and they have already shipped. SO EXCITED!!!!!!

  8. I take flinstones immunity support chewable vitamins! I like the taste and I seem to get less colds when I take them. I am a heel striker, sadly. I do try to make a conscious effort to land on the ball of my foot. When I can’t run, I get depressed and pout. Then I go to spin class.

  9. I also take D3 & calcium doctor recommends since I don’t do a lot of dairy … I really try natural remedies but that always doesn’t work out… Also workings it’s PT to correct my heel striking :/

  10. I avoid supplements as much as possible. Current research has pretty much said that multivitamins are useless. There has also been a lot of research on calcium. Many calcium supplements are simply excreted by the body with no actual being absorbed.

    Fish oil gummies and the like have such a small amount of omega-3’s, that reaching therapeutic amounts would be pretty difficult unless you ate a lot of them, and that would be expensive. Lastly, the vitamin and supplement industry is so loosely regulated that I do not trust the manufacturers. The FDA did a report about heavy metals found in vitamins and supplements, and recent research showed that some many supplements didn’t even have enough therapeutic levels to make any difference. Essentially, it is an industry that seeks to take your money and give you very little (or nothing) in return.

    Now…it is reasonable to get your vitamin levels checked by a doctor, and if you are found deficient in any area, supplement with the highest quality vitamin/mineral until your levels are back to where they should be. I take a Vitamin D and magnesium supplement. I take vitamin D because we live in the frozen north, and we do not get sunshine like we did in California. I take magnesium because I am getting older, and I have symptoms of a magnesium deficiency.

    Also, there are some very high quality vitamins and supplements available, but you have to do your research. I found that the most trusted/researched supplements were very expensive, and it was better for the budget just to eat high quality foods and juice.

    • I forgot to mention that I do believe that high quality probiotics are a great idea especially if gut issues are a problem.

    • There are certainly a lot of issues surrounding supplement quality, but a lot of the recent research about multivitamins was poorly conducted (using Centrum Silver as the product studied) and relies on the ‘good diet’ myth (most of us eat far from a ‘good diet’).

      Finding high-quality supplements can be a real bear, that is the truth. Eating high quality foods and juices like you mention is important, however it won’t take the place of many supplements (you don’t really get Vitamin D from food, it’s almost impossible to each enough fish to get adequate omega-3s, and the best probiotic strains aren’t found in yogurt). If you ever want more information, I try to explain things a bit more at my site suppfinder.com

  11. Was a heel striker but worked really hard on hills and in zero drop shoes so now am a mid-foot striker. I take niacin, biotin, b-6,magnesium, glucosamine, D-3, and vitamin e. I have no thyroid and horrible pmdd and in researching and trial and error have found they alleviate issues from one and prevent the other. Also swear by probiotics and ingesting about 3 tsps of coconut oil a day.

  12. My friends at naturalfootgear.com help people address lots of foot pain issues. If you’ve never tried running in shoes with a flat sole and wider toe-box, that may help a lot!

    Some individuals are more sensitive than others to getting the fish burps. Companies like Metagenics make enteric-coated fish oil supplements that gets through your stomach before opening which makes the chances of burping pretty much zero. Given how important fish oil and omega-3s are for health, you may want to look into it!

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