How did you become a better runner?

My favorite day of the week was a productive one.  After taking 6 days off from running, I pull out my trusty WR’s and went for a short, easy couple miles to test out the paws.

2014-02-24 10.14.57

It went okay, a little soreness after, nothing terrible.  After stretching, they didn’t hurt or ache the rest of the day.  

I also got to test out the new Pro Compression trainer low socks.  They have a some padding on the ball & heel area which totally rocks.  So far I dig them, I just wish they were a bit lower-under the ankle, but that’s just personal preference.

After lunch + harassing Mike I went grocery shopping.  I love it when people post pics of what’s in their shopping cart {nerd alert} so here’s mine.

2014-02-24 14.49.18

Lately I have become a meat snob and only buy it at Whole Foods. {lunch meat is an exception} It’s funny the older I get, the more my preferences change.  Before, I didn’t think twice about meat, but now quality meat is worth the little extra expense + a little more peace of mind. 

I might have earned the wife of the year award for finding Mike’s current favorite beer.

2014-02-24 14.49.24


I’ve been thinking about how to become the best runner I can possibly be.  I have never taken running too seriously-I never want to feel like it’s a chore and end up hating it.  But I am thinking about taking it a bit more seriously.  Or maybe it’s just the injury talking, so let’s just roll with this one.  Winking smile


There are many things us run nerds can do to improve our skillz, so I thought I’d reach out to you guys.  Do you cross train, strength train, take fitness classes, have a running coach?  Spill all of your secrets!

What have you done or are doing to become a better runner?

Are you a food snob? 

Where do you do most of your grocery shopping?


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  1. I also don’t want running to become a chore, so I keep my running “on my terms”. Outside of running I cross train, lift, and do some yoga to keep myself strong and flexible. It has really helped – especially the lifting. My legs feel stronger than ever on those uphill runs!

  2. I don’t run every day so Tuesdays and Thursdays are my strength training, i switch Beachbody workout DVDs sometimes it’s a leg day, sometimes Plyometrics (I hate Plyo) or just work on my core and back.
    I LOVE meat, we used to go to our local Butcher and buy from him Because his meat was grass fed which is better and the prices weren’t to expensive but sadly he closed and now we just try to get it from the store.
    We do our shopping at a grocery store called Fred Meyer, Safeway, Farmers Market, Asian Market and the Mexican store near us 🙂

  3. I’ve been running since I was on the high school track team and that’s probably the best training foundation I could have had. I was taught a ton about injuries, form, foot strike, you name it. That was years ago (12? 13? Idk, I’m old!) so everything’s gone downhill from there ha! If only I was as fast as I was then! 😉
    I’m super careful about the food I buy. It’s pretty important to me. Organic..yes. Humanely, pasture raised meat and eggs from a local farm..yes! Good choice on the Kerry gold butter!

  4. I do almost all my shopping at Trader Joe’s because its my favorite place but I have to go to whole foods or ralphs occasionally for random odds and ends.

  5. There are things I’d like to do to become a better runner but excuse after excuse has me ignoring the ideas like adding strength training in. I know, I know, I really need to hop onto that train.
    Food snob, no not really. I am a bit of a tea snob though lol I love me a good cup of peppermint tea

  6. Definitely a food snob, but we are also on a budget! As far as running goes, I’ve done a lot of reading to try and learn how to train more efficiently. It’s helped a lot, and it especially helps to know when I’m in the middle of a difficult workout, what the point of the session is.

  7. I buy my meat, seafood and some fruit at Whole Foods, it’s just better. Besides, I swear they put something in the bananas that make them the BEST ever. Running was always a hobby, but I didn’t want to continue plodding along, training without really getting anything out of it. Plus, over training leads to over use injuries and I was over those. I opted to find a coach, she has been great so far – gives me a weekly training plan with specific running workouts, monitors me with feed back that I provide after each workout, I have someone to hold me accountable now. Plus, she reminds me that I can’t be too hard on myself and that more isn’t necessarily good – balance is key. Balance is something I really wanted to achieve in 2014, along with a couple of PR’s – for the half and full marathon.

  8. Adding in weight training and getting stronger was the best thing I ever did for my running. I’m currently running faster and stronger than I did way back when I competed in college!!!
    I don’t think I’m a food snob – we don’t have that many shopping options where I live. Now, wine on the other hand, I’m more particular about!

  9. I think cross training has really helped me. I took some time away from volleyball, but now that I’m playing it pretty regularly again, I have really noticed the difference when I hit the pavement. I’m thinking swimming is going to make me even faster on land!

  10. For me strength training has been a big part for my running. I used to have a lot of issued with my IT band but since strength training, injuries have stayed away (knock on wood). Also-following the 10% rule…never increase weekly mileage by more than 10%. All I know is I feel strongest when I’ve been consistent!

  11. I’m with you on the meat. Me and the Boyfriend only buy our meat at the Whole Foodie these days. We’d rather eat less and have it be the best quality. There’s some sketchy stuff with meat these days. As I tell my sister, I can taste the freedom in my chicken 😉

    I do bar method 3x a week and run 2x a week. Sooo excited to be doing the Brooklyn Half in May 🙂

  12. To become a better runner right now I am focusing on coming back slowly after an injury and working on not only strength training but stretching and the “small things” that help to strengthen you as a runner!

  13. I try to take 3 fitness classes a week. Usually Body Pump and Spin. I throw in yoga or Body Flow if I feel tight and want a good hours worth of stretching. I don’t use a coach, but I am lucky in that my brother is a fitness guru and offers his consultation services to me for free. He actually trained me for my first half marathon, and has given me numerous speed workouts so I can get faster. He also tells me what to eat. I don’t always follow it, but I probably should because I feel much better and run better when I do.

  14. Like you, I don’t want to feel like running is tedious and like too much work. I have found rigid training schedules to actually hurt my running ability bc I never want to do things I feel forced into. So now I run when I want, how I want. One thing that has helped my speed is to do unplanned intervals. When I’m mid run and feeling good, I kick it up a little, then recover until I feel a burst of energy again lol. It usually corresponds to when awesome songs ce on my play list. This type of freedom is way atypical for my type A nature, but it’s working so I’m going with it. Food snob? I own it. I’m vegan so….enough said.

  15. I have certain things that I get an WF now, oddly I buy less organic than I was a few years ago, but agree I am still very focused on the quality of meat. I agree that for me running is about enjoyment, so I definitely try to improve…just never at the cost of my fun!

  16. We get all our meat from a local(ish) company; they deliver it every six months. It’s really nice to have a freezer full of good meat … except when the six months is almost up (like right now) and I’m left with three pot roasts and no chicken. Ha.

    To be a better runner, I follow training plans (found in books or online and then adapted), strength train, and take my rest days even though I don’t like them.

  17. Strength training is a must for improving my running. I feel like the more running i do, the more i need to strengthen and take care of my body. Including all the boring stuff, the foam rolling and other TLC. I did hire a coach for my next half marathon and have already seen a big improvement in my speed! She’s at and she’s great!

  18. I get most of my groceries at Wegmans and trader joes. I am definitely picky about where I buy certain things, where as others I will get anywhere.

    I think the biggest thing I have done to become a better runner is to be more consistent. More consistent with my mileage, more consistent with stretching and taking care of myself. That combined with constantly trying to learn more about it all, has really made a big difference.

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