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Good morning friends!  I’m off to a late start.  I blame the headache I woke up with.  But it’s a great day because it’s raining and we need that in a bad way.  Maybe I’ll even go for a run in it – that’s my favorite.

Because my brain is not functioning correctly, wait let’s not kid ourselves it never does, I have a bunch of random running questions to torture you with.  No, really I have to know these things!

Answer as many as you’d like in the comments and feel free to share it on your blog.

Here we go!

1.  What weather do you refuse to run in?

Lightening and heat.  I feel really sick when it’s hot even with hydrating well.

2.  What distance is your “short” run?

3-4 miles.

3.  How do you stay hydrated while running?  Water fountain, carry your own etc.

Water fountains along the way.  I would love to carry my own so I should look into that.

4.  Music or no music?

Music, always!  It keeps my momentum up especially when a good jam like Eye Of The Tiger comes on.  Girlfren be kicking it up a notch.

5.  Do you ever run nekkid?  {Without GPS, not literally silly}

Nope, I am that person.  I have to know my distance.


6.  What is the first thing you do after a run?

Grab a cup of water + toss in a Nuun tablet and sit outside with Bam.  Though, if I were smart, I’d stretch while it dissolves.

7.  What’s your favorite running shoe ever?

Y’all know Mizuno has my heart.  On a side note, the new Wave Hitogami’s might have taken the #1 place of my beloved Wave Riders.  This is huge-full review coming soon!

2014-01-22 10.34.41

8.  Do you make deals with yourself to finish a tough run?  What are they?

Yep, it’s usually a cold Starbucks or pedi which I will probably do anyway, but it works so I just roll with it.

2014-02-10 10.21.02-1

9.  Two things you can not run without besides kicks?

My Garmin, sunglasses & a BIC Band.  I am aware that’s 3, but I made up this game so I can do what I want.  Winking smile

10.  Running has helped me ___________.

See that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.  Sounds so cliché, but it’s da troff.

11.  Are you following a training plan?  If so, what does your weekly routine look like?

Nope, I just do whatever I feel like.  If I’m training for a half marathon, I just try to get in a weekly long run.

2014-01-30 14.51.36

12.  Be honest, do you regularly stretch + foam roll post run?

Not regularly, but it’s something I am working on.


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  1. Oh SCB… how similar we are. I also love my Mizunos (Haven’t tried the Hitogamis yet, so I can’t wait for the review!). I also have to have my Bic band to tame my fro.

    I am good about stretching post run, but go through spurts with the foam roller. Maybe one day I will be consistent.

  2. I cannot wait to hear what you think of the new Mizunos! There is nothing better than new shoes 🙂

    Love your answers – I have tried to run “naked” more often but it is still SO hard for me!

  3. Fun post!!
    I refuse to run in cold and snow – good thing I like running on the treadmill!
    And, sadly, I don’t stretch or foam roll like I should.

  4. 1. No run weather? Thunderstorms, probably.
    2. “Short” run? 5-6 Miles
    3. Hydration while running? Water fountain, carry your own etc. Single 20oz water belt and my run club leaves coolers along long run routes for refills.
    4. Music or no music? Music in one ear if I am not running with others.
    5. Do you ever run nekkid? Only if I forget.
    6. First post run thing? Go to my car and get as many of my sweaty clothes off that the law will allow.
    7. Favorite running shoe? Mizuno Elixer for long runs, Brooks Pure Drift for shorter.
    9. Two things you can not run without? Earband and Smart Wool socks.
    10. Running has helped me realize that 15 miles really isn’t that far and 2 hours really isn’t that long.
    11. Training plan and routine? Training for a few spring ½ marathons, a duathlon and 1st marathon in June, but no ‘official’ plan. Routine is Monday PM 7-8 mile hills, some Tuesday PMs 3-4 mile ‘social’ run, Wednesday PM 7-8 mile speed workout, some Thursday PMs 5-6 mile easy run and 14-18 mile easy long run Saturday AM. Hot yoga class at least once a week and strength training and home yoga most nights.
    12. Stretch/foam roll? I do stretch pre and post run because I am old and I have to. I do not foam roll, but should learn. In the winter months, I go to the steam room for at least 30 minutes to really stretch out/thaw out after a run.

  5. 2) 3 miles
    4) Sometime with, sometime without music. I’m super weird and a control freak and a planner. If my music stops working during a race, I don’t want to be affected by it.
    6) Grab a hug cup of ice water + a smaller cup of Nuun (Yeah, 2 cups. Yeah I’m weird). Sit outside while my dog runs around and brings things to show to me (e.g. balls, sticks, bones)
    12) No comment. I kid. I’m really bad at this. I try to at least roll and stretch the same day as the run, but lezbe honest, I forget.

  6. Here ya go:
    1. below 25 degrees (depending on wind chills) and above 85 (depending on humidity); lighning; cold rains… I am a fair weather runner, but will get out when in training…
    2. 3 miles
    3. wait to get back to house/car; or longer runs will use my sister’s water belt or leave a bottle of water at a certain spot for the way back.
    4. music in one or both ears (depending on how much traffic is involved…)
    5. YES! Every once it a while I will go it Nekkid and it feels great! I just use Map My Run after the fact to calculate mileage.
    6. Hydrate!
    7. Brooks Ravenna currently
    8. Not usually, but I mentally push myself during hard runs by breaking down the mileage into small segments to get me through.
    9. Garmin and my Shuffle (and most definitely an elastic hair tie, but that goes without saying)
    10. Have better posture and get back into shape
    11. No current training plan, but will be starting up the triathlon training for June…
    12. Not always, but I can tell when I don’t, so I need to make more of an effort.

  7. 1- Storm weather but even then i have tried running in it :p
    2- 4 and 5
    3- Long runs i carry a Camel Backpack and the water has Nuun in it, short runs none.
    4- MUSIC :D, i couldn’t do it without music it’s what keeps me going
    5- No i don’t have a GPS watch 🙁 ( i wish Garmins were cheaper lol ) BUT when i’m running i got my running apps going ( map my run, runkeeper, Nike running app and Runtastic) yes i’m a little nuts about that 😀 .
    6- Long runs- SODA !!! i love me soda lol !!! short runs- coffee with a Kind protein bar
    7- Reebok boys Shark Zigg running shoes and yes i have always used boys shoes lol !!! plus they are orange and blue my favorite colors :p.
    8- Yes i will drink a whole bottle of soda with some turkey meatballs ( i am going through a meatball phase lol )
    9- My phone and headphones
    10- I can deal better with depression and it makes me feel accomplished
    11- Mondays ( short run), Tuesdays ( Beachbody Strength), Wednesdays ( short run), Thursdays ( Beachbody leg day or Core or Weights), Fridays ( Long run YEIH!!! :D), Saturdays ( Short run), Sundays ( Cry because it’s rest day)
    12- No unless i’m going for a long run and even then i don’t think i do that much hehe.

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  9. 1 I refuse to run if it is icy out -i’m already a klutz
    2 2 miles is short for me
    3 i don’t run longer than 4 miles yet(working up to it) so I just carry a bottle
    4MUSIC. I can’t run without it
    5 I actually don’t have a GPS watch. I usually use endomondo or I map out my routes
    6 after a
    7 nike duel fusion
    8 I don’t make deal WHILE running but sometimes I will make deals to get me going. And the reward is usually food,l lol
    9 ipod and phone
    10 lose weight, tone up, climb stairs without dying,feel better. Running has CHANGED my life
    11 I run on sun, elliptical and weights monday, run or class (body pump, kangoo, spinning, whatev) wed, HIIT on thurs, and something outdoorsy on Sat like hiking
    12 No but I know i should…..

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