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First things first!  I scored a Christmas cup at Starbucks.  In February.  Then the barista made my day even better when he accepted a challenge to spell my name right.  Which he did!  I told him that never happens and he gave me a high five.  The guy totally made my day, yes I am easy to please.

PS Mike, you are not allowed to voice your opinion about this subject.

2014-02-26 12.46.34

Mike forced me to get my wedding ring cleaned + flashed-it’s white gold.  Now that it’s all pretty + sparkly, I told him I am like a boy, it will be filthy and filled with sand in no time.  He didn’t seem to mind, I am sure he expected that anyway.

This is the face of a fly + moth murderer.  He committed both crimes within an hour.

2014-02-25 14.58.11

I tried this Suja Elements juice for the first time and realized that was not a good move for my debit card.  I am sure this stuff is laced with gold.

2014-02-25 12.47.59

The glam life of IBS.  Not.  It only takes 12 hours to look 3 months prego.    It was refreshing to see a lot of friends on IG have the same prob.

2014-02-25 19.50.33

A fun, impulse buy at TJ’s that I don’t regret.

2014-02-24 18.34.10

A beautiful, functional storage cabinet thingy Mike + I fell in love with.  The door slides and there’s shelving behind it.  We have big dreams to put in a full espresso bar and this would be a perfect fit.

2014-02-26 13.06.38

Only problem is it’s sold and the original price tag was $28,000.  Excuse me while I pull that out of my pocket change.

Wanna earn a free BIC Band?  Don’t we all!!

BIC Bands is looking for action shots of you rocking a BB running, riding, playing in the mud, whatever.  As long as it’s an action shot.  If they use it, they will email you a $15 gift card for their online store per picture.  Email your non-copyrighted action shots to  <–edited the email address because I am dyslexic.  

Tell me about something simple that made your day this week.

Anyone else look prego within hours?  Any ideas on how to make that punk go away?


9 Comments on “Simple + random stuff

  1. That storage unit better make you a damn espresso for that price! 😉
    You know about my IBS issues…I swear IBS is the devil.

  2. I did my run in the wind and the rain yesterday and still managed to make my average pace below 10/mile. I’m thrilled with it especially since I’m normally a 10:30 gal.

  3. OH MY GOSH!! I have the SAME problem. It is so frustrating! I always joke with my husband and walk in the room and say “SURPRISE!!” he doesn’t find it as humorous as I do 🙂 I wish I knew why I get that way!

  4. Stupid IBS I hate it 🙁 and yes I get that way. The only thing that made my day this week was my long run today.

  5. I totally want a Bic Band, but I don’t already have one, so I can’t post a pic. If you check out my Instagram pic from today, you will see why I need one,though!

    That stomach thing happened to me once last week right after I started eating dinner. It was the weirdest thing.

  6. Aww 🙁 I’m sure you’ve been down this path, but did you get tested for food allergies, celiac disease, etc?

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