On life support

Happy Friday!!  I’m up bright + early getting ready to head to a podiatrist.  Cross your fingers he has good news.

As y’all know I’ve been taking it super easy on the running and focusing more on strength training, stretching + foam rolling.

Apparently I am good at cutting my mug out of the pic.  You are welcome.

2014-02-27 09.57.45

Yesterday I went for a nice, easy run between storms.  I was kinda bummed I missed running in the rain, but I’ll take the sunshine any day.

2014-02-27 09.55.10

All of my electronics decided to die on me and my Garmin was on life support.  That sucker wouldn’t even turn on.  Good thing Mike is very mechanical and was able to revive it for now.  Every once in awhile it plays opossum on me, then powers on and works like normal.  Typical chick, always playing games.

Anyway I did 3.5 pain free miles, sipped on some lemon lime Nuun {just restocked my stash!) and had a hot date with my foam roller.  Do not let that goofy smile fool you, that roller + I have a love/hate relationship.

2014-02-27 13.37.42

A bunch of you asked the difference between compression socks & sleeves.  I have always leaned towards the sleeves, though I love the marathon socks as well.  I feel like I have the best of both worlds rocking sleeves.  I wear my favorite running socks, and easily transition to flip flops post run while still getting the benefits of compression.  But really, I think it’s about personal preference. 

2014-02-27 13.21.58

Did you know that when you are a broken runner or coming back from an injury, running stores + products are suddenly more appealing than ever?  Yup, true story bro.  I hit up my new local running store, the Treadmill to check geek out the latest gear.

2014-02-27 14.27.50-1

Michael chatted it up with me and I can tell the whole staff is passionate + very knowledgeable about running.  Another reason to love living here.  Which is a good thing since we’ll be here for a looooong time. 

Grandma, please don’t send hate mail.

Mike knows how much I love watching the huge crashing waves so he sent me to a secret spot to watch the show.  The nerd in me was a little too excited to see the California coast was rugged more than usual as another storm is moving in.

2014-02-27 15.27.53

2014-02-27 15.13.56

Lucky bird.

2014-02-27 15.21.48

Then I came home and made tacos because it seemed like the right thing to do.  <- In case you were thinking that was a little random, you are right.  I am teaching you how to speak Jacqueline.  Winking smile

Tell me about your quirks.  Come on, don’t leave me hanging.

I would tell you more, but I don’t want to scare you.

Compression lovers, socks, sleeves or both?

Any recommendations on a GPS watch?


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  1. Garmin is really good about troubleshooting problems. Give them a call. Yours might need a software update or a good cleaning might help it charge better. Wearing a wrist band under the Garmin can extend its life. Sweat is an electronics killer.

  2. I’m a sleeve lover too! I can wear them under jeans, maxi dresses, etc and wear flip flops or flats and no one can tell. Your Garmin might be too old to be under any sort of warranty, but did you try contacting Garmin and asking for help?

  3. I love my nike+ sport watch. Been using it over 2 years now and it works great.

  4. I love my Garmin Forerunner 10. No heart monitor, but you can get it in PINK! :). I have always used the compression socks, but just got a pair of sleeves for my B-day, so I am trying them out! (Thanks for the PC discount code, BTW!)

    My biggest quirk would be that I usually have to take a bath before I go swimming so that I can shave my legs…..

    • I’ve been eyeing that one. I don’t care about the heart rate monitor, I think I used it once since I got the 305 years ago ha! Hope you enjoy the sleeves. 🙂

  5. LOVE compression. I usually wear socks but sleeves are nice as well! I am not really picky. PRO Compression are the best! That is saying a lot because I have tried all sorts of brands!

  6. I’ve heard the socks are good for both running and recovery, whereas the sleeves should be worn more for running and not necessarily for recovery (like If you’re going to sleep in them, since they can cut off circulation at the bottom)! I’ve never worn the sleeves but I’ve been wanting to try them to experience the difference.

  7. LOVE the Treadmill! Chris and his staff are awesome. They have a free running clinic this weekend BTW. They’ll take video of your running form before and after the clinic and show you specific exercises/drills to help improve, etc. Just in case you’re interested.

  8. I like socks and sleeves…wish I had more sleeves for the summer for the exact reasons you listed. Sleeves are also great for triathlon.
    I’ve only ever used the Nike GPS watch, which I do like, but when it’s time to replace it I will go with something else. The Nike only gives you two stats on the screen at the same time (though you can scroll through a bunch of other data), and the numbers geek in me would rather three lines of data. Most of the new Garmins look good and people seem to like the Forerunner 10 as a good basic watch. I think the new Tom Tom looks awesome too, and they supplied the GPS technology on the Nike watch, so it should work well.

  9. Totally recommend a Soleus watch. At $99-$150 depending on the model, it keeps track of distance accurately and also does splits, which my Garmin Forerunner doesn’t. Soleus was started in Austin, and since I live here it’s nice to support a nearby company 🙂

  10. Check your email on the compression issue!

    Do the Garmin – they just released new models, the 220, and the 620, and they’re so awesome…I’ve gotten to try both!

  11. I’ve only ever tried compression socks and I can’t live without them. I was skeptical about the price but they are worth every single penny, they are like magical socks. I really like my Timex GPS watch. It shows all you need to know on the one screen and it was the most reasonable cost wise. It was $100 which to me was more reasonable than the garmin. At first when I was looking into getting a GPS watch I wanted a garmin and if I could have afforded one I probably would have gotten one, but when I saw how much cheaper the timex was I left the store with that and honestly its one of the best running investments I’ve made!

  12. Garmin forerunner 10. It’s the basic model (cheap! $140?) and it’s light and does it’s job well. Oh and it comes in pink, purple or green.

    My quirk. I freak out over babies, bunnies and puppies. I’ll be the stranger walking up to you on the beach asking to play with your dog. We’re in an apt right now and can’t have one, but soon!!!

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