Beach town hopping + 3 reasons why runners get injured

I wrote this post last night because we are spending the weekend at the beach house in Pismo Beach, Cali.  There is no coffee here and I know I will not be able to write a readable blog post severely under caffeinated.  The things I do for you.  Or not.

Mike is on his way to get Starbucks now, so cross your fingers I live until then.  A bit dramatic, no?

Yesterday I visited my podiatrist which went really well.  It was really nice to find out he was a runner until years ago he tore his ACL.  Before that he completed several 100 mile races and in his words “a couple little 50 milers too.”  Say what?

He also owned a local running store back in the day.  Too cool!

Major bonus points, he highly approves of the new Wave Hitogami’s which was music to my ears.  They are seriously my new favorite running kicks.  I pinky promise a full review on them next week.

2014-02-28 08.26.33-1

When 2 run nerds get together, naturally there’s a lot to talk about.  He mentioned there are 3 reasons why runners get injured:

1. They do something that they normally don’t do.

2. They overdo it.

3.  Shoes.

A couple recommendations for me were:

  • Don’t stretch before a run.  Use the first mile to slowly ease into the run.  <- that one came with a warning about being controversial.
  • Run like you’re floating over the surface. 
  • Get a stretch board. 

Overall I think it went really well, it’s just a plantar fasciitis flare up.  Whew, that’s good to know because it was pretty painful.  Now that I’m pretty much pain free, I can resume my normal training.  It feels so good to know it’s nothing major, that piece of mind goes a long way for me.

After my appointment, we packed the party up and headed down to Pismo Beach.  It poured on us the entire time-it’s so nice to not see farmers irrigating in Feb. 

I am in LOVE with the Pismo/San Luis Obispo {aka SLO} area.  I dig the laid back, eclectic, college, vibe.  We have big plans to move here when Mike retires one day.  A lot can change between now + then, so of course we’ll play it by ear.  Until then, I’ll keep dreaming. 

Bam had a hard time containing his excitement when he smelled the beach, even though the knucklehead lives by one.  Dude has no sense of personal space either.


I don’t know what’s up with me but I have been starvin marvin all week.  We grabbed a pizza, and cowboy almost got the SCB beat down over the last piece.  Not really but it would have been a cool story, no?

Then made our way down to the very windy beach to watch the sunset. 

2014-02-28 16.43.36

2014-02-28 16.40.11

Check out Bam on a full out run, the leader of the goof troop.

2014-02-28 16.42.05

I hope you have a beautiful Saturday!!

2014-02-28 16.45.48

Do you stretch before a run?

Back when I was new to running and blissfully ignorant, I did not.  I ran for over 2 years without any type of injury.  I have been stretching before a run for the last year and honestly I think I felt better when I didn’t back in the day.

Anyone ever ran an ultramarathon?  Or training for one?  Please tell me all about it!!  Seriously, I can’t even fathom even walking that far, let alone run.


13 Comments on “Beach town hopping + 3 reasons why runners get injured

  1. I don’t usually stretch before a run unless I take Bar Method in the morning before a run. I love Pismo beach it’s so beautiful and the community is super laid back.

  2. I don’t usually stretch but I do typically do dynamic stretches which are just quick warm ups for your muscles so you aren’t starting out cold. I feel that it really helps me!

  3. I stretch my calves and Achilles before and sometimes during a run because they are always problem areas.
    Glad that you found such a great DR! I hope I get as lucky on Monday when I meet my podiatrist.

  4. I usually do a calf and hamstring stretch…then start out easy.

    That pic of Bam made me gigglie out loud…super cute!

  5. Why did he stop running? I had an ACL reconstruction in 1998 and I still run. I know a lot of people who do also. I run mostly on trails now, and I cross train as well, but it’s definitely possible!

  6. I am really bad about stretching and need to get better at it after seeing several people suffering injuries right now and having their doctors tell them they need to stretch. Bad me.

  7. One of my best friend’s in Oregon moved to SLO to go back to school right around the time I moved back to the Midwest. She loves it there, too. Sounds like I need to visit!

  8. i’ve tried stretching and not stretching before runs. The verdict? I like dynamic stretches, leg swings and high knees, but any sort of stand/sit and reach is a no-no. Also, i’ve been using my first mile as a warm up, running almost 45-1:00 slower and it really helps prepare me to run more miles.

  9. I don’t stretch before a run, I slowly run – but I am a slow runner anyways- and then go into my normal running/training pace. I injured myself during my last marathon, so I haven’t been running. I am glad you can resume your training!- Jessica L

  10. Hahaha I love that picture of Bam!

    I tend to stretch my achilles before running when it’s colder out but other than that I don’t stretch before. If its a race I will warm up a mile or 2 and THEN stretch a few things out before the gun goes off but totally depends on the race I guess.

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