Wandering the streets of Pismo Beach + San Luis Obispo

Happy Sunday!!  We just got back from breakfast and now we’re cleaning up the beach house, packing and getting ready to spend some more time in SLO before we head home.  Here’s a wrap up of our adventures from yesterday. 

We played storm chasers while braving the wind + rain at Dinosaur Caves Park.  The same place we took our wedding photos here almost 8 years ago. 

2014-03-01 10.18.28-2

And yes, I made Mike a little nervous when I got close to the edge to snap some pics.  Muahaha.

2014-03-01 10.18.58

Then we headed to SLO for lunch at Firestone, but like the old farts we are, we had some time to spare before they opened.  So we did a little shopping at Abercrombie.  Mike played my size Barbie with me and picked out an outfit.  I’ll post a pic when I wear it later, but homeboy has style.  Bonus points for finding everything on clearance. 

2014-03-01 10.43.18

2014-03-01 10.43.59

We arrived at Firestone and the place was packed.  I asked what time they opened and the cashier said 10 minutes ago.  And now I don’t want to hear anyone cry about the economy ever again. 

2014-03-01 11.18.58

Post lunch + pit stop at the ‘bucks on the way to get my fur did by Jacki. 

2014-03-01 14.48.12

This fur is so long, it takes 3 hours to do highlights/lowlights + a cut.  This is one of the reasons why I drag my feet to make an appt.  Not that fact that I am lazy when it comes to my hair.  Not at all.

Bam got a spa day as well and came home looking mighty handsome.  Little stud asked he could go find a beach babe.  

And Mike, well he went to Man Rock Brewery to do whatever boys do while we were doing our thing.

We spent the evening chilling out on the couch, watching tv and planking.  I do not recommend doing this with a belly full of fajitas + sour gummy bears. 

2014-03-01 18.07.47-1

If you’re interested in joining in, my friend Stacy is doing a plank challenge for the month of March.  We have a lofty goal of “marching towards 5 minutes” so this will be very interesting.  

Tell me about your weekend!

What are your goals for March?

Other than the plank challenge, I don’t have any.  Better start thinking about it.

What’s your favorite meal of the day?

I snack throughout the day, but lunchtime is my favorite.   


25 Comments on “Wandering the streets of Pismo Beach + San Luis Obispo

  1. I did a report on the SLO mission in 4th grade. I think everyone probably did!
    This weekend = me + 3 kids = me pulling hair out 🙂 husband is working mega overtime hours.
    I started my own lil plank challenge last week just for the heck of it…I’m going to check that one out for sure!!

    • Did you really?! We just walked by the Mission a couple hours ago. I’ll post a pic next week. Hopefully the hus will be able to spend some time at home with you guys. Mike works a lot as well & it can be tough at times. I can’t imagine how hard it is for you with the kiddos. Hang in there.

  2. “And now I don’t want to hear anyone cry about the economy ever again.”

    That is extremely offensive. You may not realize the economic state of many Americans as they cannot afford to live where you live. They cannot afford the hair salon appointments you can, or the pedicures you can, or the doggie spas you can. But please read a newspaper, watch tv, educate yourself. The struggles of most Americans are nothing you or your neighbors can relate to, but do not diminish people’s struggles to a mere “cry” as if it is insignificant. Their struggles are real and I hope you never have to go through what they do.

    I had no problem with you voicing your opinions on guns, cowboys, whatever you want to talk about. Like you said, it is your blog. But lately all this blog has to offer are the daily activities of someone with too much time and money on her hands. There is no real content, no motivation. So thank you, your ignorance today has pushed me to do what I’ve been debating on doing for some time. You’ve lost a subscriber.

      • If you feel the need to involve the rest of your readers, that is up to you. 🙂

        • Jo, I think you are the one who chose to involve all the readers by leaving this comment versus a private message. Just sayin…..

  3. Ummm….yikes on the harsh comment above.
    Glad y’all had a fun day!
    We are being bums because there is about an inch of ice on the road and it is about 5 degrees out so hibernation mode is on – perfect for a lazy Sunday!!!

  4. I find it interesting when someone is offended by someone’s money related comment…and then makes an offensive comment about that persons money situation 😉

    • Oh hi there, friend of the blogger. What’s offensive is her disregard to the country’s economy. How did I offend the blogger’s money situation? She is clearly more blessed than most of us economically, is that not the truth?

      • Sounded like a joke to me. Geesh. Obvs nobody is going to make a serious comment regarding the economy based on a restaurant.

  5. I recently moved to the SLO area and LOVE IT! You will be happy clams to retire here. Can you tell me where you get your hair done over here? I haven’t braved going to a new person yet.

  6. Looks like you and Mike had a wonderful weekend away! ( Hope Mike left the work phone at home – he really needed the break with all the hours he has been putting in) How did you stay in the chair for 3 hours? Ha ha that amazes me since you are not one to sit! As far as the whole money thing goes you know what you both have work you back ends off to get to where you are and I know for a fact that you both pay it forward and that to me is what really matters you guys have not and will not forget where your roots started! I am extremely proud of you both!

  7. I worked on the ambulance all weekend and it was exhausting! My goal for March is to run 3 days per week and strength train 3 days. I have no problem getting the runs in but last month I slacked off on lifting. Yesterday, I lifted for the first time in a month and can hardly move today :). …but I guess that means I did it right! Favorite meal is all of them!!

  8. Lunch is DEFINITELY my favorite meal of the day, especially when I pack delicious leftovers from the night before!

  9. SLO is my favorite area of CA! I would love to live there instead of the Bay Area if it weren’t for the family we have here. Looks like a great weekend. Have fun planking!

  10. Looks like you and Mike had a great weekend!

    I set a few goals for running this month, a goal to try and remember to clean my house (ugh!), and a few goals to get ready for our move in a few months!

  11. I feel the same way about my hair appointments…it take about 3 hours for mine too and i always think of the 9 million other things I could be doing besides getting my hair done! Gotta love the end results though!

  12. I happen to be captain of the pismo beach disaster relief fund. (I’ve never been there but when I hear the name all I can think of is clueless)

  13. My weekend was great! Supported a local fundraiser in Salinas and then enjoyed the cold (for here) weather from the warmth of my couch while covered with a blanket.

    Every meal is my favorite. I love food!

  14. This makes me want to visit Cali! I’ve never been. I’m the same way with hair appt and with a new baby it’s impossible. And today was my first day back to work from maternity leave where one of my male coworkers not so politely told me I need to get my hair done (people in Miami have no filters)

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