A powerful question…

Back in 2009 after reading several blogs, most of them happened to be about running – a sport I never really thought about trying.  I was so sheltered because I had no idea there were running events for adults.  I knew there were sports + teams for kids, but my knowledge of adult sports was putting together a team from work to play baseball.

I know.  Shellll-tered.

Anyway I was blown away to read countless race reports of all distances.  I’m almost afraid to admit I had to Google how long a marathon was.  Okay, while I’m confessing, add all “K” distances to that search to the list.

So I dusted off an old pair of gym shoes, which I’m surprised I even owned and decided to give running a try.

I drove to the longest road in my neighborhood and figured out it was .25 mile long and slowly started running.

This is the road.


So a quarter mile at a time and a month later I built up to 3 miles and was ready to run my first 5K race.

My goals were to run the entire distance and finish, which I did.  Even a little bit faster than I anticipated.  When I crossed that finish line, I was hooked.


The only thing I knew about running was to get fitted for the right pair of kicks.  Times were hard back then and it took me awhile to save up the money for a “real” pair of running shoes I knew I needed. 

When it was time, I headed to my local running store and was fitted with Mizuno Wave Rider 13’s. 

I felt like I was becoming a real runner.  I continued to train and run 5 miles, 10K’s,10 mile races.  My trusty Mizunos also carried me through training and completing my first half marathon.

1.5 M Pics. 001

I feel like found myself through running.  I don’t think it defines me, but it has made me a better person.  I am mentally stronger, my confidence is a lot higher and I do things I never dreamed of.  Running has been my constant, the one activity that I concentrate on my thoughts, knowing that every stride that I’m getting stronger as a runner, and as a person.

Since then, I’ve always rocked Mizunos.  Well except when the 14’s came out-let’s not go there, I’m sure you don’t want to hear my sob story.

It is a great honor to be an ambassador for a company I not only have used for years, but love!  I’m your average, a middle of the pack runner.  There’s really nothing special about me and it blows me away that Mizuno wants to work + support little ole me.

Mizuno supports EVERYBODY.


I get nerdy excited to share my passion for running with you guys!  </>end of nerd alert</>

Today Mizuno is launching their biggest campaign ever!!


What if everybody ran?  Now, that’s a powerful question.  I know that I’m a better person when I run.  If I’m a better person, the world is a safer place. 

What if everybody ran?

Mizuno put together several uber cool statistics, here’s a couple of my favorites.




Of course I had to throw in my favorite video clip, because we’ve all been there.  Smile


So, really I want to know what you think the world would be like if everybody ran?  I think it would be filled with a bunch of endorphin, uber happy, sweaty race faces.  Blisters + chafing would be totally normal, and wearing race medals every day would be the latest bling.  

There is a Twitter chat with Fit Fluential tonight at 9 PM EST.  If you want to join in, follow @MizunoRunning and @FitFlunetial and be sure to use #IfEverybodyRan


22 Comments on “A powerful question…

  1. Thank you for sharing your “run story” – it’s amazing to see what you have accomplished in such a short time! I’m that “average middle of the pack runner” as well but I still have a serious passion for running. I think running really is for everyone, we all just run at our own pace and for our own purpose.

  2. I loved seeing these “What if everybody ran” posts today! It made me actually imagine a world where everybody ran. I agree with kmlrunner- the pedicure business would be booming. I just think it would be fun to run with people at lunch!

  3. Love your story and I got started running a lot like you did. I never had any idea that races were such a big thing. Then you run one and you are hooked! Also, I just read your SCB Disclosure. I almost choked on my spit. Hilarious. You rock.

  4. I think the world would be a healthier, happier place. Running clears my head, puts me in touch with myself and makes everything seem as though I can conquer it. I wish that for everyone.

  5. I would love it if everyone ran!!
    And I think that it would make drivers more aware of runners!!!

  6. Running is a great equlizer to me. We may run different paces, be elites or back of the packers but we all share the passion of running and want to share it with as many people as we can.

  7. I think the world would be a little healthier. When you work hard to be a good runner, you tend to make healthier choices in other aspects of life. I appreciate your story because I can relate. I definitely was googling all the K’s! I see you completed a half…have you ever run a full? I’m considering training for one this year and I’m afraid!

  8. You are SO pretty when you run, I don’t understand it. I am quite ugly when I run, and I embrace it. Not fair!

  9. I will try to be there for it! I have to work until 8:00 so depends on what time I get something in my stomach and get home to my computer – will try!! 🙂

  10. It’s so weird to think that there was a time when you didn’t know a thing about running. Now you’re my favorite running blogger. 🙂

  11. Runners are almost always super friendly towards each other with high fives, smiles, and “good job” exchanged when passing. It makes me giddy thinking about how happy the world would be if everyone was high fiving, smiling all the time. If everyone had running in common there would be less hate, irritation with others opinions/views, more understanding…it only takes one little thing in common to feel love and kindness towards someone else that you don’t really know. It would be magical!

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  13. You look absolutely beautiful while running….come run Zooma in June..it’s in napa and its smaller ” boutique” like Lolololol I wanted to run brazen trail races with you but you left! We have a great time fast or leisurely with my besties.. Hope to catch a Fresno area race as that is my husbands territory for el worko …. Oh and everyone was saved of my comments from last week… It’s always good to sleep on negativity….carry on SCB it’s lent yes?

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