Grumpy mc grump grump

I woke up little miss grumpy mc grump grump pants yesterday.  I have no idea why, even coffee didn’t fix it. 

I got mad at Mike for changing the news channel because I wanted to watch the Happy Birthday Colin party on GMA. 

I was “listening” to it in the background while writing yesterdays post.  When I realized it was on Fox News, I not so nicely asked him why the channel was changed.

The boys response: babe, I changed it over an hour ago. 

Derp.  That’s what I get for “listening.”  Oh well I watched it on You Tube later.  I’m so happy for that little dude.  <3

So I took my sorry butt out for a run and felt so.much.better.

2014-03-07 10.11.44

2014-03-07 10.13.00

Turns out when I actually wear my orthotics, my paws don’t hurt.  Who knew?

2014-03-07 11.29.55

Mike went to an appointment while I ran and when I got home he surprised me with a Starbucks double shot.  That man was pulling all the tricks out.

Before y’all think he’s all sweet and go awh, you have the best husband J, this gesture was most likely done out of fear for his life. 

And yes, his plan worked.  Smile


Courtney sent this super cute race bib holder.  She handmade it and I think she needs to open an Etsy shop, girlfriends got talent.  Thanks lady!

Now go wish her luck on training for a Sprint Tri!

2014-02-19 18.24.30

So simple, so true…

2014-03-07 15.11.44

Anyone racing this weekend?

Yup, well kinda I’m doing the Run or Dye 5K today.  I’ve never done a race like this so it should be fun!

Tell me about the last time you were grumpy for no reason.  Come on, make me laugh!

Welp now I am again as Bam is sleeping next to me and won’t stop farting.  You think I’m joking, but I am not.  Does that mean I get to run again?  Winking smile


7 Comments on “Grumpy mc grump grump

  1. Your run looks beautiful!! If I ran there I would most likely never be grumpy!!
    I’ve been grumpy quite a few times for no apparent reason lol… usually everyone knows it too! I’ve also had some days where I’ve been super sad for no apparent reason… which is weird…

  2. How cool is that race bib holder. She should totally open an Etsy shop. If I had a talent I could sell on Etsy I would 🙂 Beautiful RUN!!!!!
    I’m not grumpy very often but when I am everyone in my family makes such a big deal about it because it so rarely happens they don’t know how to deal with me!!!!

  3. I work night shift as a nurse so when I have trouble sleeping or switching back to a regular schedule (basically when I’m sleep deprived) I get crunpy and cry for no reason. The running joke with my fiancé is he asks if I’m tired enough to cry at locked doors bc once I went to walk outside at the lake house (left through the back door) and then when I tried to come back in (through the front door)it was locked. That was the straw that broke the camels back and I just say and cried for a few minuteS

  4. I have days like that where I’m cranky for no reason and it is not pretty – no one can do anything right on those days so my family tends to just leave me alone until I get over myself!!

  5. Ahhhh…thanks for the compliments Girl!!! I ran Run or Dye last year….it’s definitely not a race….but I had an unbelievable time laughing at everything. It was pure fun for me!!!

    I do get grumpy for no reason….and that’s when I want to shut myself away from everything…and then I come home to Indy who just wants to lick and lick….how can I be grumpy after that????

    Love the quote you posted….did you know that it takes only 20 seconds of insane courage to change your life…just 20 seconds!!!! People just need the courage to do it!

  6. I would be in heaven if I had your beautiful scenery every single day to run! So amazing!

    I love the quote – so true right now! I really am trying to find something I love and enjoy – and I am the only one who can make that change! 🙂

  7. I’m Grumpy today! Reason? Nothing in particular, but I can come up with a laundry list when I’m grumpy….

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