The 5K I never ran + wine tasting in Carmel Valley

I woke up bright and early yesterday, blogged, folded some laundry and got ready to head to the Run Or Dye 5K.  I left my house at 8:07 <-nerd alert, to drive about 10 minutes to Laguna Seca Raceway for the 9:00am start. 

Traffic was backed up big time and since most folks were coming from Salinas on the 2 lane highway 68, it was backed up for several miles. 

2014-03-08 08.42.16

The raceway is about 3 miles up the road and I had no idea the lane I was in was for the race – there wasn’t a sign facing my way.  Plus it wasn’t even close to the raceway so I figured there was another event going on somewhere else.  I got out of it and headed to the raceway per the Run Or Dye website.

I got there only to be funneled through another line of traffic, asked if I was there for the foot race or motor race and be told to turn around and head back the way I came.  Frustrated- and I am putting that very mildly, there was only one way back so I was stuck. 

After 1.5 hours in traffic – not joking I asked a police officer how much longer to the parking lot and he said oh, about 3-4 miles.  Not gonna happen, I turned around and went home. 

It was 9:45 and miles of cars were still backed up to get in.  In my opinion, this race was completely overbooked and inefficiently organized.  I had a comp entry in exchange for an honest review, and these other folks paid their hard earned cash to participate in a 5K fun run that they couldn’t even get into.  What a huge letdown.

Still grumpy about the fiasco, I decided to do my own 5K, after all I’m sure the world wanted to live.

2014-03-08 10.39.08

It’s amazing how a good run can completely change my perspective. 

After a quick shower, we filled our bellies with burgers, fries + coffee, which totally makes anything better.  Then Mike had a brilliant idea to go wine tasting in Carmel Valley.  The weather was absolutely perfect, so we put the top down and went for a drive. 

Sunshine, wine + hanging with my favorite dude.  My kind of party!

2014-03-08 14.00.21

First stop was Cowgirl Winery.  The wine was just okay, but the western ambiance was right up our alley. 

2014-03-08 13.59.13

2014-03-08 14.01.32

Mike spotted a couple enjoying wine + cheese on the bed of a tractor and had to snap a pic.  He asked how long they were dating and they said it was their 2nd date.  Mike said, you’re doing a great job bro.  Ha!

2014-03-08 14.08.56

Then we hopped next door to Talbott Vineyards.

2014-03-08 14.17.36

It was so fun to chill out around the bar and check out their awesome décor. 

2014-03-08 14.31.17

We wandered around outside, because I am solar powered and have a hard time staying inside when the sun is out.

2014-03-08 14.48.09

There are at least 15 wineries within a couple blocks.  It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon with my dude.

2014-03-08 14.49.10

We even popped into an olive oil/balsamic tasting room where Mike picked up a Tuscan balsamic + I found a lime infused EVOO that will go perfectly on a fresh spring salad.  Dang, now I sound all fufu and stuff.  Someone get me to a dirt road ASAP.

2014-03-08 14.54.00

Our last stop was Mercy Winery, our favorite of the 3.  We both loved their Sauvignon Blanc.  I prefer steel cask over oak and I was light, crisp + perfect. 

2014-03-08 15.16.12

On the way home we stopped into Earthbound Farm to explore for a bit. 

2014-03-08 16.12.10

2014-03-08 16.08.48

It was a pretty incredible day for having no plans.

Happy Birfday to my favorite nerdy friend Melissa!!

Melissa bday

Ever had a race fail?  Spill it.

Tell me 4 things you did yesterday.

Wine friends, what’ are your favorite wines?


21 Comments on “The 5K I never ran + wine tasting in Carmel Valley

  1. What a great day in the sun!

    Yesterday I got a massage. It was the highlight of my weekend since I am nursing a wicked head cold. Ugh.

    I only like sweet wines. If it could be substituted for dessert, bring it on!

  2. I flew from Pennsylvania to Atlanta to do a dirty girl mud run with some of my southern friends, last spring. It was unseasonably cold when I got there so we bailed on the race and got pedicures instead. I flew a lot of miles just for a pedi….but 28 degrees is too cold to be wet and muddy!! I don’t think I did 4 things yesterday, because I’m in grad school and had to spend the entire day studying…bummer. I love Red Cat Red which is made in the finger lakes in New York State. I’m usually a white wine type of person….but that’s the exception!!

  3. Ok that totally stinks you didn’t get to do the race. I bet those that paid were NOT happy at all.

    I do like wine but prefer red wine. Love a good Cab. Mmmmmmm……

  4. I got nervous before our Brewer’s 10k in Milwaukee last September. The traffic backup was crazy which I didn’t expect. We got Miller Park with about 10 minutes to spare. Luckily, race officials knew the traffic was backing up, so they started the race 15 minutes later than planned which was nice. Turned out okay!

  5. I always wonder about things like that – if race organizers take traffic, parking, etc. into consideration when they plan events. I’m sure the wise ones do, but it sounds like they just picked a bad location. Bummer.

    I know nothing about wine except most of it tastes good and some doesn’t. We had moscato last night… with popcorn. I thought that was pretty nice.

  6. Sounds like your personal 5K was much better anyway!!!
    And, what a fun day – a run, burgers & fries and a wine tasting? Perfect!!!

  7. I was supposed to run in a 5-k today but didn’t end up going to it because I’ve been injured and my immune system has been completely shot after spending two weeks straight working 70-hour work weeks. I DO plan on getting my run on again this week, thanks to the time change!

  8. I came close to bailing on a race but didn’t. I am sure it will happen one of these days!

    Wine tasting sounds like the perfect weekend! I love white wines and sweet wine. I am trying to find a good red wine I love.

  9. I had a race fail one time because of daylight savings (Fall back). I couldn’t figure out if my phone would update itself so I updated it manually, but then it updated automatically too, and my alarm got all messed up and I ended up waking up 30 minutes before race time! Needless to say, I didn’t even attempt to get there, and from now I’ll never race on a time change weekend!

  10. That’s horrible! I’m so sorry. I would be devastated!

    The winery looks awesome. Ive never gone wine tasting, but it looks like fun!

    I also have those same marathon sucks! ♡♡♡♡

  11. I don’t even think a run with wind me down enough to stop fuming over missing a race due to traffic. Glad you were able to move past it and enjoy a great day with your man!

  12. Dude, your day ended up being much better! Where’s Carmel valley? Near Laguna or NoCal?

  13. 4 things from yesterday: Ate a bacon, spinach, mushroom omelet, ran 8 miles even though i’m sick, baked lemon cranberry cookies (recipe to come soon!) and started watching Once Upon a Time <–not sure if i like the show just yet, but netflix and not feeling well just kept me engaged.

    I drink red wine, Cabs are my favorite, I love white wines that aren't too sweet though, especially in the summer! Trying to convince my fiance that wine tasting in Cali is the way to go on our honeymoon!

  14. Such a bummer about the race!! I have had a few races I have done that were just completely disorganized and really made it a hassle. Glad you were able to get a run in and then go enjoy wine, can’t beat that!

    4 Things from yesterday: Went to my friends daughters 5th birthday party, ate a crab stuffed burger, got called barbie at the gym (said girl then knocked herself on her butt with the punching bag), and… ate creme brulee cheesecake for dessert (amazing!)

  15. The race I attended this weekend has some traffic woes. The entrance traffic was backed up over a mile. Thankfully, I’m local and knew the “back way” into the park so we had no problem. The ended up delaying the race start by about 20 min to allow for everyone to park. I was annoyed I had to stand around and wait, but I suppose if I’d be the one stuck in traffic, I’d have been glad they held the start for me so it’s okay.

  16. I did this race and had a blast once I finally got in. I was lucky and didn’t hit traffic until Gen. Jim Moore but then it took forever to get parked. Leaving it took me 30 minutes to get from the top of the main entrance to 68. I had issues with packet pickup- long line, lack of parking, not getting my entire packet and the threat of having my car towed along with dozens of other cars because we were parked on the side of the road. Where else were we supposed to park? Overall, I was not impressed but did enjoy being covered in color and seeing lots of friends. I can say that after attending many motorcycle races at Laguna Seca, that the first year of a new event is when traffic is always the worst. I hope MCRCC made a lot of money from the donations promised from Run or Dye.

  17. Ugh I hate when they dont have parking figured out! I had a “fun” 5k recently that was rescheduled twice and then they emailed us the week before saying that they had a problem with the manufacturer and there would be no race shirts. I called and game them a piece of my mind and got a refund.

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