Mizuno Wave Hitogami review

A couple months ago the awesome folks at Mizuno sent me the new Wave Hitogami running shoe to try out.  I like to take my time and really put new gear to the test before I write a review. 

I’m going to go ahead and skip all the fluff and tell you that I love love love these kicks.  Every time I get ready to run, I find myself gravitating to them.   

2014-01-21 15.54.53


  • They weigh in at 6.2 ounces.
  • Come with Mizuno SmoothRide technology – for smooth transition from heel to toe.
  • Light + low racing shoe
  • 9 mm drop
  • Replacement for the Musha + Ronin
  • Flexible
  • Upper mesh is thin, lightweight + breathable

My super cool, completely scientific thoughts:

I’ve never ran in any sort of minimalist or racing shoe until the Hitogami.  I mean, a fast shoe and SCB is like an oxymoron.  To be honest, I was always a little nervous to run in them since I have always ran in a more supportive kick – my beloved Wave Riders.  But I dig trying new shoes and was stoked to give them a try.  These kicks are really cute too. I mean, who wants to run in an ugly shoe?!?

I started out doing a couple short runs then switched to the Wave Riders for longer runs.  Well, longer in the terms of SCB.   

2014-01-22 10.33.34-1 

On a side note: Imagine SCB taking this pic, my foot up on a rock, iPhone in hand, bent sideways in a lulu skirt to give you all the perfect view. The things I do….

They are very comfortable, I feel like they allow my paws to naturally move with every strike with the perfect amount of support without feeling “chunky”. Pure genius! 

Over time, I started reaching for the Hitogami’s for every training run and can’t wait to race in them later this month.


  • The only con I can think of is my custom orthotics don’t fit well with the low profile.  I had to loosen the laces up quite a bit to make room for them, which elevates my paws.  Plus I ran without the inserts for awhile before putting them in, so it took a couple runs to get used to them and now I don’t even notice it.  It’s not a deal breaker at all, just a matter of personal preference. 
  • Because they are so light, I’m wondering if they will last as long as the WR.  I’ll keep you posted on that.

2014-01-22 10.34.41

If you’re looking for a lighter racing shoe, that still has some stability and moves naturally with every stride,  I highly recommend checking out the Wave Hitogami’s.

If you’re interested, here’s my review of the Wave Rider 17’s.  I’ll do a post on how these compare to the WR soon.

As apart of my brand ambassadorship for Mizuno, they sent me these kicks.  In true SCB fashion, you get my honest 2 cents fo free.

Do you run in speed/racing shoes?  Tell me what you think.



8 Comments on “Mizuno Wave Hitogami review

  1. As you know I was in love with this shoe the first time I saw them. I FINALLY got to run in them yesterday. I set out for 8 miles and ended up with 13. The weather was great and I felt amazing. Just didn’t want to end my bliss. I will say 13 is about the furthest I would go in these due to the minimalist design. I have worn other minimalist shoes before and what I like about all Mizuno shoes, and it holds true for the Hitogami, is the firm sole. My other minimalist shoes have a “squishy sole” and I love the feeling of the firm sole. Once again Mizuno is #1 is my book!!!!! Happy Friday!!!!!

  2. I only wear Brooks but want to switch it up. I’m just scared to spend the money and be unhappy. I’m a creature of habit, what can I say.

  3. I am a HUGE Saucony fan…I have the Kinvara 3’s and 4’s. They only have a 4mm heel to toe drop and love them because they are so light!!!

  4. Currently I race in adidas Energy Boost and love them! I have been wearing them for long runs as well, but am starting to feel like I need more cushion for the long runs. I can’t even imagine toeing a start line with my Boost’s though. Love them!

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  6. I have always ran in Wave Riders. The 16s were like butter, but the 17s are just the worst thing that have ever happened to my running. I have been running in the Sayonaras for about 2 months now, and I just can’t seem to swing them. I have to stop half my runs midway because my feet develop such horrible hot spots despite how conditioned I am. That leads me to believe it’s a shoe problem. Even though you run in, and love, your WR’s, you find the Hitogami’s to be a good shoe? Would you suggest these to a half marathoner that just recently broke up with the Riders?

    • I LOVE the Hitogami, even a bit more than the WR. They are a lighter, less “bulky” speed shoe but they still have the support. Since I am injured at the moment, the longest distance I ran in them was a 10K but I would probably train for a half in them. Let me know what you think if you try them out.

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