I’m not sorry

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Are you celebrating?  We don’t have any fun plans, but I thought about the great time we had last year with Cristin’s family when living in the Bay Area.  For some reason it feels like so long ago.  What a difference a year makes.

I took the day off from the ole blog yesterday and I’m not sorry about it.

Instead I slept in, sat on the couch + slowly sipped coffee with my boys while watching the news.  And then I went for a run.

2014-03-16 10.58.06

After a quick shower, I spent the rest of the day with my favorite guy.  He was only smiling because of that giant beer placed in front of his face, not because he was hanging out with me.  I don’t blame him, I don’t even like me sometimes.

2014-03-16 12.45.57

We had lunch at La Bicyclette in Carmel.  <- Go here and feel free to send me love notes after.

It has to be documented, this pepperoni + oven baked tomato pizza is my current favorite pizza in all the land.  Write that down, it’s history.  If I had to pick one thing to eat until I die, it would hands down be pizza.  And yes, I ate the entire thing by myself, poor Mike get his own.

2014-03-16 12.55.08

After going all Templeton at lunch, we wandered around Carmel for a bit.  I swear there are a ton of “hidden” stores and secret passageways everywhere.  You really have to look for them, which makes it a great town to explore.

2014-03-16 13.24.48

In my best Katy Perry voice, I cheated on Starbucks and I liked it.

Iced Americano with vanilla + soy FTW.

2014-03-16 13.23.24

I tried to convince Mike we need to buy a vacation house in Carmel.  I mean, the 9 minute commute is just getting ridiculous.

He was not amused.

2014-03-16 13.27.02

So I kept dreaming and admiring them from a distance with coffee in hand of course.

2014-03-16 13.31.18

Pics courtesy of the boy because they are just too pretty not to share.

2014-03-16 13.36.43

2014-03-16 13.37.08

2014-03-16 13.37.54

Pro Compression just came out with these trainer low socks today.  These are a dream come true for SCB!!  Below the ankle socks are my absolute favorites and now they come with the benefits of compression, yah a dream come true.

Trainer Lows   skinnychickblog gmail.com   Gmail

Get your bad self a couple pairs with coupon code SPRING for 40% off + free US shipping.

Have a great week friends!

If you had to pick one thing to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If you could own a vacation home, where would it be? 


11 Comments on “I’m not sorry

  1. I love the low trainers – I’ve worn them for a while. And I just took advantage of the sale when I got the email this morning – gotta stock up!!

    If I could only eat one thing for rest of my life it would be PBJ…well actually almond butter and jelly sandwiches. I’m such a little kid, but really I love them and eat one almost everyday already.

    Vacation home would definitely be on the beach…CO is so landlocked and lacking in any type of body of water. This girl misses the ocean.

    • Awesome!! I’m digging the new below the ankle socks big time.
      I agree with you, I’d be happy anywhere near the water too.
      Have a great week!

  2. I am not really celebrating today, but I did wear a green sweater and a green scarf!! Not sure I can pick just one thing to eat for the rest of my life, but how about Mexican food!! Love that stuff! I would love a vacation home somewhere warm with palm trees and preferrably near the water! It could be a lake or the ocean, but since I currently reside in freezing cold Massachusetts, I am craving warmth!!

  3. Seriously I only get to pick ONE thing to eat FOREVER?????????? ughhh………..ok I would have to say pizza.
    Vacation home would be La Jolla………….One of my favorite places I have lived. 🙂

  4. for sure my meal I could eat forever would be burgers and fries- with Me-n-Eds pizza in a close 2nd. This is also the reason i am NOT skinny-
    vacation home would be the beach – Pismo or Avila

  5. I’d love a vacation home in Carmel! Its one of my favorite places. I’ve been in that Candlesticks store too. He has so many cute things there. I’m a dog freak so any place that lets me take my dog every where is fine by me. Have you been to the Barnyard Shopping Village yet? Very cute: http://www.thebarnyard.com

  6. My in-laws want a vacation home in Carmel too – but its a little bit longer than a 9 minute commute for them! haha I secretly hope that they buy one so Henri and I can use it/visit them all the time!

  7. Sadly enough I’d be a child and mac and cheese would be all I would eat. No joke, cant get enough. At this point I just want a vacation home to be anywhere warm, and near water. Other than that I am not picky!

  8. Glad you took a day off! It’s nice to take a day off from blogging every once in awhile. The food I’d eat every day if I had to pick one would be tacos. And my dream vacation home would be Hawaii.

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