The husband has great ideas <-do not tell him I said that

Bam says a cheesy good morning to you.

2014-03-18 10.27.33

He’s been all hopped up on the ‘roids this week.  Every March, we have to add in a vet bill to our budget because without fail, he get’s a horrible case of the itchy scratchy allergy attack.  It only lasts for a couple weeks, but he will chew himself until he bleeds. 

You may now resume eating your breakfast. 

The steroids make him a little sleepy and if you know Jack Russell’s that means something.

And just in case y’all think he’s a perfect gentleman…

2014-03-13 14.25.49

I’ve had a couple days off from work this week, so that means extra time to hit up the trail for a run.  Or just practice the beach bum lifestyle.  Don’t worry while you are all enjoying your weekend off, I’ll be slaving away at work.  Though, I wouldn’t really be calling it work, Bob.

2014-03-12 15.26.46

Everyone keeps telling me this winter has been unseasonably warm and I keep reminding them that ignorance is bliss and therefore I am blissful.

Running has been going good, my paws are feeling back to normal and I’m doing a race this weekend so I’m pretty excited about that.

2014-03-18 11.21.20

Can you believe our house doesn’t have a pantry?  Yah, it’s kinda crazy but my husband is a smart one and picked up a wire rack from Costco <-freaking love that cult oops I mean store.

Just ignore that white patch on the wall.  This space was supposed to be for a stackable washer/dryer and I despise them so we patched the dryer vent and I’m too lazy to paint it.  I want to put a long curtain up as a door, but Mike’s not a fan of that idea.  Weirdo.

2014-03-20 18.19.33

I spent the afternoon in OCD heaven organizing everything.  I am fully away that I have issues, let’s just roll with this one.

Another great idea Mike had was to send me shopping for a new Garmin since mine has been on life support for awhile now.  I picked out the Forerunner 220 because it’s cute, functional and has real time tracking so if Mike sees me running 56 MPH he will know I’ve been abducted by a homeless murderer.  Or just hitching a piggy back ride on a Kenyan.  It is mind blowing how fast they are! They win all the big races.

2014-03-20 13.38.46

Because it’s Friday and everyone deserves a little laugh to start the weekend…

2014-01-26 20.50.51

2014-02-14 07.21.11

2014-03-19 20.00.00


Anyone racing with me this weekend?  Which race, what distance, give me the scoop!

If you have a GPS watch, which one do you have?  Do you like it?

Humor me!  Tell me something funny, offensive, anything!


21 Comments on “The husband has great ideas <-do not tell him I said that

  1. My house doesn’t have a pantry either, so we had to buy a big cabinet to put in the garage and we use some of our kitchen cabinets too. Did you end up putting your washer/dryer in the garage?

  2. I’m running the She is Beautiful 10k in Santa Cruz on Sunday! Super excited! I don’t have a fancy watch/garmin. I just use my iphone with the myrunner app. It works pretty well. Plus if there’s an emergency I can make a phone call.

    • Very cool!! If you see a lonely chick wandering around with coffee, say hello! I don’t bite all the time. 😉
      Apps are very accurate and a much cheaper option. Good luck on Sunday!

  3. I love reading your blog! I don’t get to read it every day, but when I do it often makes me laugh! Happy Friday!

  4. My mind is blown by the crazy amount of soup cans you have in your “pantry.”

    No racing for me this weekend! Which one/what distance are you doing?

    • Don’t let it fool you, we stocked up while at Costco & found a sale.
      I’m doing the Pinkest 10k in Santa Cruz.

      • Whew. I was worried about the variety of your food choices there for a minute.

        Can we discuss Bam’s toof (which is what we, in my household, call that giant tooth that is sticking out). We act like that’s it’s real name, as in “Hey Bam, why are you sticking your toof out?” <– I realize to non dog lovers this might make me sound crazy.

        • Nahhh we’re just prepared for the zombies. 😉
          And yessss we talk like that too!! His big ole teeth stick out way far good thing he’s a cool guy & let’s us crack on him all the time!

  5. I’m running in a 10k in my city. We only have (I think) two 10k’s all year so I’m very excited! The riding on the back of a Kenyan part made me laugh out loud! I have the Forerunner 620 and love the real time tracking so my husband knows if I’m okay.

  6. I’m doing a stair climb this weekend – 24 flights of stairs in the Wells Fargo building in downtown SLC. My goal is to do it 10 times – we shall see. I have the Forerunner 110 in pink and I love it. My running partner has the same one you just got – she loves hers too 🙂

  7. We don’t have a pantry and storage in our kitchen is simply a nightmare. One of these days I am going to make a solution (read: my man will come home and I have smashed holes in the walls to build something). I just got a new Garmin too but I got the 910XT for tri training etc. I have heard really good things about the 220 you got, love the color aspect!

  8. I’m running the Modesto Marthon Half on Sunday. It will be my first half in two years. I have pre race jitters big time today but I’m trying to stay focused.

    I’ve got the Garmin Forrerunner 110. But after seeing that 220 and all it’s bells and whistles, I want one. Now to start the begging!

    Funny (not so funny) joke:
    Duck walks into a grocery store and asks the clerk, “Do you have any duck food?” The clerk says no and the duck leaves. The next day the duck goes back to the same store and asks the same clerk, “Do you sell duck food?” The clerk says no and the duck leaves. This goes on for while, same duck, same store, same clerk. After about a week the clerk starts to get annoyed, after a month the clerk is enraged. The next day the duck goes to the same store, same clerk and asks, “Do you have any duck food?” Now the clerk is pissed. He says, “No. I don’t have any duck food and if you come in here again and ask for duck food, I’m going to nail your little web feet to the floor.” The duck leaves.

    The next day the duck walks into the same store, walks up to the clerk and asks, “Do you have any nails?” The clerk is confused and says, “No we don’t carry nails.” The ducks says, “In that case, do you have any duck food?”

    Ok, not so funny but it’s my favorite clean joke.

  9. Lol thanks for the chuckle! What race are you doing?? Congrats on the awesome new watch!!! Funny- my friend just received one (the same model and color as yours) this week as a surprise gift from her hubby.

  10. Love your new “pantry.” And, I’m like you – all the cans should face the same way in nice neat rows!!

  11. I’m not doing a race per say, but I am running 5k to test out some new compressions socks for an apparell company. I actually have 2 garmins…but only because my first one was on life support too. Lately I’ve been using the Garmin 110 and really enjoying it…plus it’s pink…BONUS!!

    I tried to copy and paste a ‘relatable post’ but it wouldn’t. Boo! Go search ‘relatable posts’ on tumblr and be prepared to giggle out loud or GOL (instead of LOL).

  12. NIce watch choice! Can’t wait to hear how you like it. That is the one I have in my head as “the next one”, even though Garmin’s are like Toyotas and never die. haha

  13. No racing here this weekend. But I did run 13 this AM. Good luck to you girl. Hope that fancy new Garmin makes you super fast!!!! So something funny………..after my run this AM I had to go to Walmart (UGHH It was the only thing open at 5:50 AM) and when I was checking out the cashier says “So have you been running this AM?” Mind you I’m standing there in running shorts, tank top and arm warmers……..So I say “Ummm yes” and she said “why do you have leg warmers on your arms?” My reply “It’s just something us crazy runners do!!!!!” Happy Saturday!!!!!!!!

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