Virtual coffee date: racing, coffee + other random stuff


Good Saturday morning! 

Here’s another virtual coffee date since Mike is on race talk overload at the moment.  Nah, just kidding he’s still asleep and talking about racing to someone sleeping is, well…I’d be better off talking to the wall at this point.

  • If you like iced coffee, you will love my favorite drink ever, the Starbucks Double Shot.  I get a tall with classic + soy.  It’s 2 shots of espresso over ice with classic syrup shaken so there’s a nice layer of foam – the BEST part!  Then poured into a cup and topped with soy or your choice of milk.  There’s something about espresso shaken with ice that brings out the best flavor ever.
  • And you’re first taste is on me.  #coffeedealerstatus
  • I’m a little excited to race tomorrow, though it will most likely be a slog <-slow jog.  I haven’t ran since Tuesday.
  • I loose all motivation to run after 11am or lunch which ever comes first.
  • I’ll be running with my new Garmin for the first time.  Clearly that whole don’t try anything new on race day does not apply to me.  Kinda like the don’t wear white after Labor Day.  #idowhatiwant

2014-03-22 08.31.05

  • Yesterday was insanely busy at work.  I ran out of almost everything twice.  And I loved every minute of it. 
  • I ate dinner after 7PM last night.  Pretty sure that’s a new record for this grandma.
  • I found our new vacation home in Carmel!

2014-03-13 14.29.00-1

  • Anyone wanna loan me a couple mill?
  • You have to read this girl’s post about reevaluating training plans.  I freaking LOVE her!  It takes a lot to make tough decisions like this especially when doing something we love and want to accomplish.
  • I miss my BFF R and think it should be written in our friend contract that she has to visit me every weekend. 
  • I freaking love this guy!!  We are both highly offensive + very immature.  A match made in heaven. 

2014-02-16 15.06.53

  • Just in case you needed a reminder…


Your turn, if we were having coffee, what would you tell me?


16 Comments on “Virtual coffee date: racing, coffee + other random stuff

  1. If we were having coffee, hopefully, we’d be sitting outside, and I’d tell you about my wedding plans! I try not to be one of those brides who just talks about her wedding nonstop, but I bet you wouldn’t mind hearing about it right? Also, then I’d ask you if you wanted to get our nails done, cause I need a mani BAD!

    • I would LOVE to hear all about your wedding!! Congrats! And yes, we would totally get our nails done as well. 🙂

  2. I have never had iced coffee. I always go for the hot stuff… But maybe I will try this out next time!

    If we were having coffee, we would have to sit outside and talk about how I can’t wait until it is warm enough to relax by the pool. It’s all I can dream about right now.

  3. If we were having coffee I would tell you I’m going to come cheer you on tomorrow at your race and buy you a coffee after because I know you are going to ROCK THAT RACE even if you say it is going to be a slog. I would tell you I have an addiction to chips and salsa and I need an intervention. I would tell you that I need a pedi and ask if you want to attend with me 🙂 Happy Saturday!!!!!!

  4. I’d tell you about how I hope the next 6 weeks go by super quickly because I’m tired of school already…though I have to work on my thesis all summer… Blah. Yesterday, I splurged on a new mud mask called glamglow. It was $69 for a tiny pot and didn’t really do anything great…so that pissed me off a little. I could have bought 4 new bic bands instead!! Lol. I’m really trying hard to get my ambition back to workout but I feel super lazy lately….though I know once I start I’ll feel so much better. I hate when I lose my motivation!! A little caffeine boost from an iced latte is the best way to start!!

  5. -I did a dry run through of my presentation for the 5k race for the director today….she loved it. Phew!!!
    -went to LuLu today and pretended I was Pretty Woman and tried on lots of gear
    -I’m in a slump….kick my ass out of it!!!

  6. If we were having coffee I’d tell you all about my dreams i have for my future. I’ve done a lot of reevaluating and have had some really exciting opportunities come about this week that gives me a new hope for what is to come! I’d also tell you that start to run again after injury is HARD because you feel so out of shape, but it is SO much fun!

    Hope you and Mike have a great weekend!

  7. If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I’ve lost my touch for spending time alone. I hate it when my sweetie is gone for the weekend and I feel so lonely without him & that’s the real reason I made the last minute decision to run a half tomorrow.

    Boy that sounds so depressing when I say it out loud. I think I’ll go hug my dog and find something to do.

  8. I would tell you that I’m in on the dream house in Carmel – if we could find a “few” more people we could all split it!!

  9. Between sips of coffee, I would tell you how much I enjoy seeing pictures of Bam. I lost my beloved dog 2 months ago and the loss is still terrible. To see you express your love for your dog does my heart good (and I’m sure many other dog lovers), so I would want to tell you ‘thank you’ for that. And good luck with your race. Pitch the garmin and just run.

  10. If we had coffee together we would end up hurting ourselves from the amount of coffee coming out of our nose as a result of our laughter. xxx, C

  11. How did the race go?!?! I love looking at houses. That house is gorgeous. And I also usually don’t eat dinner after 7. Love grandma style. 🙂

  12. I would tell you that PR’d at my Half Marathon yesterday! That’s not really saying much since its only my 3rd to run ever! And I’m a super slow runner, but it feels great to finish and even do it better than before! Then we would make plans about my trip to Carmel to visit :o)

  13. I would agree with you on the bff contract but you really would get sick of me then. See I stay away just enough for you to really want to deal with me lol! Glad you had a great race yesterday! Proud of you beyond belief!

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