He caved

I’m a little late with this mornings post.  If I were a responsible adult, I would have wrote it last night.  Too bad I am neither an adult or responsible. 

I was denied coffee + breakfast since I had to fast 12 hours for a blood test.  Good news is I wasn’t a human voodoo doll this time.  One poke and I was done.  {TWSS}

As soon as I walked in the door Mike rushed over a banana + made me toast.  He’s a smart man.  Or maybe he just wanted to live.

Backing up to yesterday, I had to choose between running 2 miles {all I had time for} or a goose egg.  I never want to miss an opportunity to run so I went for it and was so happy I did.  For some reason the shortest I ever want to run is a 5K. 


Since I was only doing 2, I decided to push my pace a little more than usual. I’m digging the record feature on my Garmin!  It also vibrates every mile so I know when I’ve reached another one.  Pretty neat-o.


I made it to my doc appointment with 4 minutes to spare.  I can’t wrap my brain around how thankful I am for finding someone who genuinely  compassionate about helping me help myself.  He’s very uplifting and gives me hope things will all work out.

Okay mushy SCB time is over, onto coffee because it’s always a good idea. 


And big news!!  Mike now has emoji’s.  I’ve been begging him to get the app ever since it came out for the droid and he has been so resistant saying he’s too old or something like that.  Now I shall text him emoji’s instead of actual words.  Good thing they have one for pizza, coffee + wine.

Here is proof that I am not making this up and also that this grandma was up way past her bedtime.


Do needles or blood draws freak you out?

Not at all, but yackers do big time.

Who loves the emoji app?  What’s your favorite icon?


10 Comments on “He caved

  1. Glad you found an effective healthcare provider! Hope you get some relief from your symptoms. The more I see of these new garmin watches, the more I want one!! I like that it notifies you at every mile….I feel like I’m constantly looking down at my watch for my distance. I do hate needles when they are sticking me!! Most of my career I’ve been sticking others….and that doesn’t hurt me a bit ;).

  2. HaHa – love the emoji conversation. My husband finally figured out how to get emojis, too. (Actually our 15 year old showed him what to do!) I like sending them to my husband because he has always had better than 20/20 vision but lately it is slipping a bit and he can’t always tell if the little smiley face is sticking out it’s tongue or smiling or what!!!

  3. I am still in deep envy over the watch you got for your bday 🙂 That’s so cool it tells you your PR’s too. And Mike is definitely having too much fun wit those emojis!! 🙂

  4. I love emoji’s! I use them all day every day. I love the new Garmin! I hope to be able to get one of those one of these days…maybe when I win the lottery!? 🙂

  5. Ok so this is super exciting to me. So you have an iphone and mike has android and the emjoi’s are readable? it used to be Android peeps couldn’t see the the emjoi’s if sent from an iphone. So exciting!!!

  6. What polish is that in the “coffee” pic?? Love to death! Thanks!

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