Sometimes you have to climb rocks

Yesterday was the day of purple.  It’s funny because I usually gravitate to pink – typical chick, right?  I blame the new watch, I’m digging it so hard I want to plan my outfits around it.  Major run nerd alert.

I hit up the trail for a 4 mile run while the sun was hiding after the rain and it was perfect running weather. 

2014-03-27 14.00.34

I don’t know why, but I was expecting it to be a gloomy, rainy day, but it turned out to be really nice so I dropped the top, grabbed a cup of coffee and went for a drive.  Maybe the beach does have seasons after all?

And I really need to run on that trail!

2014-03-27 15.34.56

Sometimes you just have to pull over and climb some rocks.

2014-03-27 16.03.50-1

Then I saw the waves crashing because it’s one of my new favorite things, and had to get a closer look.  Grandma would crap her pants if she saw how close I got.  Winking smile

2014-03-27 15.58.14

Then I decided I wanted to climb some more.


The views were even more incredible that I imagined.

2014-03-27 16.19.04

No filter on any of the pics because #calineedsnofreakingfilter

2014-03-27 16.26.49

This is one of my favorites – it looks like the water is dancing in the sunshine.

2014-03-27 16.33.35-2

Also I’d like to note that I made an edible dinner last night.  Yup, I sure did.  It was taco soup + Mike loved it.  I hope he doesn’t get used to having a good meal because I only have a handful of recipes I can pull off.  

Something I’ve been thinking about…

I’d rather hear the truth than be ignored. – SCB

What are your thoughts on SELF Magazine making fun of a brain cancer survivor rocking a tutu?  


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  1. Those flowers match your watch perfectly. You should put one in your hair when you run. HA!!!!! WOW hadn’t heard the story about Self Magazine. I think the magazine and her apology is lame.

  2. what beautiful pictures!!

    As for the Self Magazine debockle, I think it’s a shame that we can’t just be supportive of each other. And the Editor’s “apology” made it even worse – implying that it would have been okay to print the picture if the girl didn’t have cancer. Let’s just celebrate the fact that people are out there giving their best, not judge them based on what they’re wearing.

  3. I find it funny that a women’s magazine would trash someone because of what they wear. Aren’t women supposed to try to hold each other up and not trash each other based on what we wear? Isn’t that part of feminism? I personally have not worn a tutu to run or race in. It’s not my style but I think that anyone who wants to wear them should go ahead. You’re not going to hurt my run or invalidate my sport in any way. Actually you make it better because you are entertainment for me. So I thank those people, especially around miles 10 and above.

  4. Why not run in a Tutu! she is supporting a good cause. It would have been nice that while on the phone with Wonder Woman(Monika Allen) herself if the journalist would have done their job and gotten the whole story….. Insert foot in mouth moment right there

  5. I think they should remove that section from their magazine. It should be supportive, not make fun of people. Someone screwed up big time but I don’t think it’s bad just because of it being a woman fighting brain cancer. The bright side— I bet she raises a lot more money for her charity and it certainly gave her “free” advertising. I use the word free carefully because it did cost her just not financially.

  6. I think the apologize was well done, but I still don’t think they should have ever included that in their magazine to begin with. Like others have said there is no reason to bring each other down, we should be working together to encourage each other to get out there and be active!

    I am glad that this is driving more business and recognition to their awesome company!

  7. I thought it was stupid- whyyyy are you criticizing runners’ outfits in the first place. We run to run, not dress up and look like models. If we were going to do that, we’d be in a fashion show. If that tutu made the rockin’ cancer survivor feel stronger, happier, goofier, etc. then why the heck not?! SELF magazine is supposed to be about being a better you- so I don’t like that they were poking fun at someone else.

  8. Why do you blur out the date on your watch when you put up a pic of your runs?

  9. The Self magazine attack is just another example of how our society will take a dig at anyone for a laugh. This backfired on them, but how many times do runners critique each other publicly without the repercussions? It’s made me think a lot…

  10. I will not purchase SELF again…and cannot even begin to tell you how much I wanted to lash out at them. BUT….that doesn’t serve a purpose….so they can have their ignorant point of view…and the rest of us will smile and rejoice in the joy that seeing the tutu’s brings each of us knowing the struggles these individuals faced or continue to face!!!

    I think we should all plan a day of running in a tutu to support these runners….let’s make it April 5th…next Saturday….will forever be known as Tutu running day!!!!

    Okay…enough of that! Thank you for the amazing photos! They bring a smile to my face every time I see you post! I hope you have an AMAZING day!!!

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