The story of a crappy run

I am currently watching The Heat for the 5th time this week.  It’s On Demand and somehow this technology inept chick figured out how to find it.  I only have until May 31st to watch it another 600 times.  Clearly Bam is thrilled about it.  And yes, we have a kitchen table, but always use old skool trays while watching tv.  It’s a good thing we never claimed to be classy.


Yesterday the rain cleared + the sun came out which made for perfect running conditions.  Although running in the rain would have been fun too.  So hit up the trail for a nice, easy, relaxing run.

About a mile in I went from feeling great to feeling awful.  My legs were amazing, but overall I just felt really off.  Almost like I was coming down with something.  I pushed through it and this view helped take my mind off feeling so crappy.


Seeing a cruise ship in the bay was really cool.  I don’t think they come here very often, but it’s cool to see.

4 miles later I was very happy to be home.  I grabbed a huge glass of water and sat down until I started to feel better.  After a shower, a fresh set of pj’s and a bowl of hot soup I was feeling much better.  That run was so weird.


I was still feeling a little off, but not terrible so I took the afternoon easy and roamed around outside because I am solar powered. 

Downtown Monterey is gorgeous.  So is the Starbucks.  Fun tip: if you have the new Starbucks iPhone app update, just open it and shake your phone to pay.  Then tell the Barista to shut up and take my money.  Winking smile


My car is in the shop right now, so I couldn’t play the whole trophy wife thing, so I did little exploring on foot and saw this.  Mind.Blown.


#calineedsnofreakingfilter #ever


It’s crazy how the color of the ocean changes every day.  It was a deep royal blue with some turquoise closer to shore.  And that is one lucky bird.


Tell me about your last crappy run.  We all have ‘em.

What are your favorite apps? 

A Beautiful Mess, Pic Collage, IG + Starbucks, but I’d love to add a few more.


14 Comments on “The story of a crappy run

  1. Mine was this morning. 2 days of travel (and no running BOO!!!) 18 mph winds and 85% humidity made for a Craptastic run!!!!! Starting over tomorrow!

  2. The crappy runs make the great ones that much better!

    IG and PicsArt are my fave apps right now.

  3. My run yesterday was pretty bad. It was in the mid 80’s and my body wasn’t prepared for the heat. I better get used to it pretty quickly!! I just discovered a beautiful mess and love it.

  4. Today’s run was good for the most part, but I stopped halfway and after I stopped my stomach felt awful. It was a rough finish to the run.I won’t call it a crappy run because I have had worse- but it wasn’t great either!

    Hope you feel better friend!

  5. I hate those runs that aren’t great and then leave you feeling a bit off for a day or so – that is one of the things about running that my husband doesn’t always get. I like to think it is just that we are in such good shape our body fights off whatever little bug is trying to knock us down!!

  6. I haven’t run in two weeks so I’ll I’m going to comment on is your gorgeous pictures!!! More please!

  7. I’ve sort of been having a week of crappy runs. After an amazing long run on Saturday I had to deal with 20 mph headwinds Tuesday and was just feeling off on my run tonight. The bad ones make the good ones better though right?!

  8. I love Monterey. It’s beautiful! My last crappy run was about a month ago when I was starting to come down with the flu. I was barely functioning at my normal pace. It was awful. I was so thankful when it was over, and looked forward to feeling good again. 🙂

  9. I love looking at your pics!!!!!! I am from Cali and the coast is my favorite place in the whole world. I currently am living in a third world country for a good cause, but I love getting my Cali fix from your blog. Keep the pics coming! They keep some of us alive. 🙂

    My last crappy run was when I was training in the tropics for a half marathon. I actually ran the race distance for my last training run and it took me almost 3 hours, which is much longer than my half marathon PR. 100 degrees + 100% humidity = crappy run!

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