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Apparently I did catch some type of bug after all.  It’s nothing a couple Advil can’t fix but it’s still so weird.  I knew something was wrong when I turned down my usual afternoon coffee.  So I took it easy yesterday which if you know me, that’s a challenge in itself.

2014-04-03 13.10.21

It actually felt so good to do pretty much nothing and be completely okay with it.  Don’t you worry, Bam took really good care of me.

2014-04-03 20.19.27

You know what makes me feel better?  Giving away a free entry to torture yourself at any 2014 US Spartan Race!!

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Fun fact: one of the top searches to find SCB are mud runs + obstacle course races.  Well, if that’s what lead you to SCB, your dreams have come true!

I triple dog dare you to watch this video and not be inspired.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

You’re back?

Okay tell me how awesomesauce you would feel crossing that finish line!  #beastmode fo sho!

Upcoming races are Citi Field this month + Colorado early next month.  Check out their Events tab to find a city near you. 


Still a little unsure if you can ninja kick the #1 obstacle race by Outside Magazine since 2005?  They’ve got your back with a free workout plan

No excuses!

If you want to sign up, register here for 15% off OR cross your fingers and leave a comment telling me why you would love to torture yourself and have a blast while participating in a Spartan Race!!

Additional entries if you share this post on social media, blog about it, write it in the sky or send me coffee.  Okay just kidding on the last one.  Be sure to pop back over and leave a comment telling me you did so.

This giveaway is for one entry for any 2014 US race.  You have until Tuesday to enter.  I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday morning’s post.


This post + giveaway was sponsored by Spartan Race.  All opinions are all mine babe.


44 Comments on “Spartan Race Giveaway

  1. I just started following you on Instagram and think you are very inspiring I’ve Been running off and in for years but recently did two marathons and feel hooked!! I would love win an entry to the spartan race!! Trying to improve my running one day at a time!!

  2. I would love to win the entry. It’s a goal of mine that I’ve been talking about for a while but realizing I can’t afford the entry right now. I know we will be back on our feet financially soon but right now we’ve had to cut back. I recently had to cut my third year running the Tinkerbell and my goal of legacy. You can read about that on my blog. There are many more cut backs this is just one example that relates to my fitness journey. I’m not asking for sympathy just pointing out a reason why a free entry would be wonderful. Plus, I live right here in Salinas so doing the one at Toro on June 7 wouldn’t cost me anything extra. Middle of last year I discovered weight training and have never felt better. My goal is to do this to prove I can, show how much I’ve gained both physically and with my confidence. Thanks for the consideration! I know whomever wins will be thankful. As always, I love reading your updates. I feel like I know you.

  3. ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!! YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME 😀 !!! ok ok THIS has been a dream of mine for about a year or so, i think i have posted all over my facebook page how much i would LOVE to do a Spartan Race, yes i signed up for their free workouts because i think they’re awesome, the only reason why i haven’t done it is because no one wants to do it with me 🙁 (i have tried begging people but they hate running and they hate obstacles lol, how the heck are they my friends? i don’t know lol) so i’m sort of waiting for my son to get older so i can drag him with me :p lol.
    Whether I win or someone does THIS is an awesome opportunity to go out there and have fun and make that goal come true, plus their medals are AWESOME !!! 😀 i mean who wouldn’t want a Spartan medal or at least I would lol !!!.
    ohh ohh and in case no one knows this, THEY TIME THEIR RACE!! they are the only obstacle race that does that from what i have read so to me that’s totally awesome because even though i would suck, i think it’s great to know how long it took me to suck that much lol !!! .:D

  4. I would love to win an entry. I read that they’re going to have the race again in Salinas this year and it would be awesome to participate and torture myself on those grueling Toro Park hills.

  5. I have never done one of these races, and I think it would be uber cool! My friends think I’m cray for wanting to do one, so they are out. If I win, I will do it all by myself gladly 😉

  6. I have friends obsessed with completing the trifecta or whatever its called when you do all three distances in on year. I’d love to join them for one but not all three because im normal ish.

  7. I love to torture myself, oops I mean challenge myself! Looks like great fun:)

  8. I did Tough Mudder last year and want to add a Spartan Race medal to my collection! Thank you 🙂

  9. This race is actually coming to Nova Scotia this year but I am no where near in the shape I’d want to be to run it. These folks are amazing!!!

  10. I’ve done several triathlons and running events, but never a Spartan. As someone who lives in Monterey I would totally go #beastmode in Toro Park. Love your blog.

  11. I’d love to torture myself for this race since I missed it last year due to a stomach bug. I’ll be damned if it happens two years in a row!

  12. Truthfully the idea of the Spartan race terrifies and intrigues me at the same time! Might just be the push that I need to push myself further than my usual 3-5 miles a couple of times a week.

  13. I have a few friends that run a few of these races and they sound pretty fun. I’d love to torture myself and see what it’s all about. And it’s time to get into shape

  14. Mud, beer, food, good looking guys/girls and mud! That’s my kind of torture! I also love the challenge, and it’s a nice departure from road race training.

  15. I’d like to grab a ton of friends to run this race. Torture is always better when there are friends along for the ride!

  16. I also emailed 3 other people about this giveaway. Does that count? 🙂

  17. My goal this year has been to try new things and this is definitely something I would love to try!

  18. I’d love an entry because the race seems like it would be challenging, and so different from road running.

  19. I would love to check this race off of my running bucket list!

  20. A giveaway! You are the queen of giveaways!!! Thank you for all the crazy products and experiences you try and new opportunities you share. A Spartan race would be scary AND amazing!

  21. I’d love to torture myself because I did the Spartan a couple months ago and hope to do it again!

  22. I would love to win this, I just completed my fourth Warrior Dash and when I saw the Spartan Race I knew that’s what I want to do next. You see Four years ago I had an MRI because I was having difficulties swallowing. They didn’t find anything on my throat however the MRI showed that a have a condition call small blood vessel disease of the brain ( usually found in 65+ old individuals, some with Dementia or Alzheimer). I was told to watch my blood pressure as I know have a higher risk of stroke. I am 45, have been athletic all my life and I have this? WTH, anyways that same day someone sent me the ad for Warrior dash and so I have made it a point to do these mud runs every year as proof to myself that I can do it. I want the challenge level to go up and that’s why I will run Spartan next!!! Thanks for the opportunity to possibly have a sponsor!!!!

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