20 phrases that annoy runners

Girlfriend is feeling back to normal.  Whatever that is.  All I know is I have a lot of making up to do with my running shoes and I have all next week to do so.

This staying at home thing got old like I thought it would so I did all of the laundry, washed the sheets <-there is nothing like slipping into clean sheets – nothing!  I did the dreaded dishes, gave Bam a bath which he enjoyed and watched The Heat.  I now have an even more offensive vocabulary and will never look at Tic Tac’s the same way again.

Anyway this whole sickness/not running thing got me thinking about annoying things non runners say to runners.  I’m pretty sure their intentions are good, but some people just don’t get us runners.  And they don’t have to, it’s not for them.  It’s for us.

So I made this list of 20 phrases that annoy runners.   

20 Phrases

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Numbers 1, 3, 4, 8, 11 & 18 are the most annoying to me. 

My thoughts about them are if you really wanted to run, you would find a way to make it happen.  Don’t depend on someone else to motivate you, do it for yourself.  Running buddies are awesome to have, but don’t depend on them. 

I do my best to stay injury free, but if I injure my knees, joints, eyelashes etc, at least I’m did it while doing something I love. 

Crazy people are everywhere.  Maybe I shouldn’t go to the grocery store or work.  Look, we have to be street smart, carry your cell phone and tell someone where you’ll be running and when to expect you back.  Worse case scenario, do not be a victim, fight back and make a lot of noise.

What is the most annoying thing a non runner said to you?

How did you respond?

Feel free to add your pet peeves to the list.


19 Comments on “20 phrases that annoy runners

  1. I definitely think #1 is my biggest annoyance because you have to make time for anything you want to do. In the last year I’ve really had to push myself to get out there (by myself) multiple times a week and run. I’m not sure I’ll ever be an early runner though. I’m one of those runners that like to “sleep in” (7:30 – 8:30 am). Do those exist? lol. Anyway, funny list! Definitely enjoyed it. I recently hurt my hip from running long distance (for me). I’ve heard I should get a foam roller. Do you have any recommendations? I try to do yoga after long runs but I don’t think it’s enough.

    • I’m “that” runner too!! But I know others can relate.
      I’m working on a foam roller post, it will be up next week. It wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. I take that back, that punk hurts like heck but in the best way possible.

  2. I think #1 is the most annoying to me. Just this morning I knew I should probably get in a run before I headed to work. I tried hard to talk myself out of it but I got up and did it. There is ALWAYS time you just have to find it and want it bad enough. It’s not easy but when it is something you love it makes it worth it!

  3. Hate #3 and the “You must be a fair weather runner.” I will run in about any weather…but 10 degrees AND windy is not for me!

  4. I agree – the time things crazy and just an excuse!!!
    All of those things are definitely annoying. I had someone tell me that they ran a marathon and when I asked them how it was they started talking about a training run and only planning to do 10 but then they ran 13. Ummm…that is not a marathon!!! The crazy thing is this is one of my son’s teachers at the middle school and she put that she had run a marathon in the newsletter!

  5. The comment I absolutely HATE is ‘I’d run but I don’t hate myself’
    UHHHHH last time I checked neither did I bub!

  6. Pretty much the same as yours lol, but this one REALLY ticked me off, hubby got into an argument over clothes with a coworker who is a friend of ours, SO he told hubby that I’m looking for attention outside because when I go running I wear tight clothes ( running clothes) and that if Rocky!!!! Can wear sweat pants and sweat shirt that I should be able to do it too, I was SO pissed because Rocky is a MOVIE!! and he didn’t do the run in the movie, heck I doubt he could make it past 7 miles grr…
    oh and hubby loves to tell me how no matter how much I run if I keep running longer miles I might die younger because running can totally beat your body lol, last time I checked I was running for fun not to make it past 100 years old lol.

  7. One of my coworkers was making fun of me for running every morning before work, by saying to another coworker, “I got up at 3am and ran 6 miles before work today.” He’s 100lbs overweight, so it didn’t really require a response from me.

  8. #11 is by far my biggest pet peeve. All I can think is, “What’s really bad for me would be sitting on my ass on my couch eating ice cream all the time.” I think being sedentary and overweight is far worse than the risk of injury. Not sure why people would be so negative either? People seem to also love to omit the health benefits running provides.

  9. I love these! I dislike any sentence using the j word, too.
    My little nieces often ask if I won my race..they’re probably the only people that could ask me without me getting super annoyed…although I feel ridiculous trying to explain to them that I came in 200th!

    • I get that all the time by my kids and by my husband’s 27 year old cousin….I’m ok with kids NOT with grown ups :p

  10. I love this post, simply because it’s sooo true! I feel this way about triathlon too. I get most annoyed about people saying running or triathlon is bad for you. I mean worse than people sitting on the couch? Seriously people? Instead of people saying annoying things, they should either stop making excuses, or stop tearing down what other people love to do or how they like to spend their time. We should all do what makes us happy. 🙂

  11. Number 4 is my biggest pet peeve! Once I even had a conversation that went…
    Friend: You just ran the LA marathon? How far was it?
    Me: 26.2 miles. Next, I’m doing Boston in April.
    Friend: How far is that one?
    Haha, I don’t get how people can’t grasp that all marathons are the same distance! (This goes for 5ks, 10ks and halfs too)

  12. “You couldn’t pay me to run!”
    “I only run when I’m being chased! Ha!”

    Neither of these are witty or original.

  13. I hate it when people act like they are physically incapable of running. Like if you ask them if they want to run with you and they just laugh and go “oh, I can’t run” like I just made the most absurd request in the world. I know some people have injuries/chronic joint issues/whatever and I respect that, but there are a LOT of people who “can’t” run out there. It’s not like runners are just born able to run lots of miles magically without any effort!

  14. Numbers 3 and 4 are most annoying to me!! I hate when someone asks if i won because then i have to explain that no i didnt “win” but i did have a PR or i did meet my goal. Non runners just dont get it!

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