Sometimes I have to be an adult

I’m grumpy this morning.  Just set a cup of coffee down and slowly back away mmmkay.  Ha well I hope your Sunday is off to a better start.  What are your plans for the day?

Let’s talk about fun stuff like running.

2014-04-05 09.37.04

I went for a run yesterday.  It felt so good to be outside doing what I love.  I did a nice, relaxing 5K to the beach and back, but wish I could have logged a few more miles.  Maybe it’s a sign I might actually becoming an adult or something but I stopped before I pushed it too much.  2014-04-05 13.51.28

I finally put on my big girl panties and sent our taxes to the CPA before they are due.  Now I shall not do any grown up stuff for a good year or so.

Other responsible adult things I could live blissfully without:

  • Get gas.
  • Go to the bank.
  • Load/unload the dishwasher
  • Go to the pharmacy.
  • Dusting furniture.
  • Cleaning windows + mirrors.  I find a way to streak them every time.
  • Go to any home improvement + auto parts store.
  • Go to the DMV.  Let’s be real, no one really wants to go to that dungeon of death and sadness.
  • Refill or exchange the propane tanks for the grill.  I always think they are going to blow up my car. Ha!

Stuff I like to do:

  • Laundry.
  • Yard work.
  • Cleaning the floors.
  • Giving Bam a bath.
  • Anything that has to do with organizing. <-The Type A talking here.
  • Clean the bathroom.  I know, I am a weirdo.
  • Wash the cars.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Shopping for cleaning supplies because this involves a trip to Target since that is the only place in the world that sells such things.

What on your love/hate chore list?


13 Comments on “Sometimes I have to be an adult

  1. I’m with you on the no liking to get gas. I always have my husband do it for me 🙂 And I pawn the dishwasher off on my son all the time. I also love to clean the bathroom. I love to the mow the yard and vacuum too. Happy Sunday friend!!!!!

  2. I don’t get oil changes or any vehicle maintenance for that matter. I usually go about 30,000 miles before I break down and have it done. I like to wash my car…but that’s about it for chores. I love when my house is super clean though…so it’s a necessary evil.

  3. Love: vacuuming
    Hate: dishes

    I also love shopping for cleaning supplies, but hate actually using them.

  4. Love: walking the dogs, making breakfast and doing the yard

    hate:laundry, washing dishes and putting laundry away

  5. I hate getting gas too! I always wait until the empty light turns on and my car feels like it is struggling to move! Yikes I know that is cutting it close!

    Totally off topic, but what do you feel the benefits of compressions socks are? Why do you wear them, besides them looking super cute! 😉

  6. I don’t mind getting gas when it’s nice out but in the winter I will do anything to avoid having to get gas!!!
    And, I think that dusting has to be the biggest waste of time ever!!!!

  7. Being an adult is the WORST sometimes. But hey, if you like laundry and cleaning bathrooms, you come over anytime. 🙂 I like doing yard work, but household chores are just that…chores.

  8. I practically REFUSE to get gas… I feel its a guys job and I force my husband to do it. He also heads up the garbage dept as well. I love doing, folding and putting away laundry and organizing…. and of course any type of shopping (that ALWAYS makes me smile).

  9. I could definitely shop for cleaning supplies all day long. It’s my favorite thing, ever! I love to clean my kitchen — it’s so therapeutic. I definitely hate putting laundry away. It’ll sit in my laundry basket for weeks before it makes it into a dresser drawer, haha!

  10. I LOVE doing laundry and folding it, but some how I suck at putting it away. It’s not even that I dislike it, I just don’t do it. It’s weird. I really dislike unloading the dishwasher, dusting, etc. But, I like vacuuming. It’s funny how we all have likes and dislikes. Hopefully my future husband out there, will like doing the things I don’t like to do. 🙂 Wouldn’t that be nice.

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