Finally feeling settled

Yesterday I tried to talk myself out of going for a run.  It’s foggy, the sun’s not out, pour yourself another cup of coffee and snuggle with Bam.  Blah blah blah. 

Then I thought to myself, you GET to run and that was that.

I laced up my Hitogami’s and hit up the trail and turns out it was the best run I’ve had in a loooong time. 

I felt great from the beginning and decided to challenge myself a little and ate some hills for 2nd breakfast.  It was one of those runs where I felt great the entire time and could have kept going forever. 

The view of Highway 1 does not suck.  Look, the sun did come out, I was just being a whaa, whaa!

2014-04-09 11.00.22

The cruise ship is back.  Or maybe it’s different one?

2014-04-09 11.03.12

It was one of those rare runs where everything just clicked and it reminded me of the good old days when trained consistently back home. 

It takes me a long time to feel settled and after all of the moving we did the last couple of years, for the first time I actually feel settled since we lived back home.  This applies to everything in my life, running included.

I now have my go to 5 + 10K loops and favorite running routes.  I know where every single water fountain is along the way and exactly the distance between them.  I know which route to take for hills or a nice long, flat run.  And I also know where the bums hide out in the bushes.  OCD?  Maybe, but it makes me feel good about where I am in life.

I’m the type of girl that needs stability + consistency.  Now that I have that, things are falling into place and this makes me very happy.  I finally feel at home, yes this place is my home.  Sorry grandma.

Fantastic runs with negative splits make me happy too. 

2014-04-09 12.01.20

Add post run sunning with Bam while Mike barbeques burgers to that list ‘o happiness too.  Dang I sound like I live in Disneyland.

2014-04-09 12.35.03

Do you crave consistency + stability or just roll with life?

Tell me about your last perfect run!


9 Comments on “Finally feeling settled

  1. I love consistancy and stability. I just about eat the same things day in and day out. But with that said, I also like to go new places and try new things. It’s a 85/15 split in favor of consistancy though.

  2. I was so happy to see your post the other day when you said you are not a natural runner and it takes effort for you. I am back into a routine of running 3 times a week and have really increased my pace and distant. But running doesn’t come easy for me. For me 3 miles is where I am. I am a 10 minute mile pace person, but the other day I ran a 9:27 and 9:57 for my 2 mile run. How long did it take you to get to a 9 minute pace? That is my goal over distance.

  3. Consistency in work and a weekly routine is AWESOME! I kinda crave that because life just is anything but, ya know? However my current job has been anything but constant so that’s hard. I try to just focus and be grateful for all the little and big things. XOX

  4. I love stability but at times I love to just kick back and roll with it! That’s something I have been working with over the years and am proud to say that I’m doing so well with it. I still have an internal panic attack when plans get changed but I’m getting better!

  5. I need consistency and stability. I have fought it forever but realize now it is just my personality. I love to try new things but I definitely have to research and plan it first. lol. Planned spontaneity!

  6. i love consistency and stability but not for everything i guess i’m easy and i like to also go with the flow BUT if i can’t go for a run for some reason, then everyone better go hide from me because i’m worse than when i’m on my period :p (true story lol) but other than that i’m good hehe.
    My last perfect run was on Monday when I was able to do a long run (12.39) since it’s been a week because of the kids having Spring Break, i think mainly for me so far all my runs are awesome unless i take my dog Jelly Bean for a run with me, she’s a nut job and she wants to go at a 5 – 6 minute per mile which sadly for her i’m a 10:40 per mile type of person so she’s always having to drag me.

  7. I keep meaning to tell you that I love your Garmin! I have one of the older model 610s, and it is going strong so I will not be getting any new hardware anytime soon, so I’ll just admire yours 🙂

  8. I really am jealous of your Garmin! I want to upgrade but it is simply not in the budget! Yes, I love stability and consistency but I am trying to get better with “going with the flow” I feel like I Need to be better at takin things in stride!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I crave consistency in a bad way. Anything other than that throws me off, but I end up being thankful for it in hindsight. For example, I love the runs that are perfect and just click. However, the terrible, unplanned runs are the ones that I feel like make me better and I really grow from them.

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