Virtual coffee date: spring break

Good morning!!  I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend and you’re ready for a brand new week.  Is is spring break where you are?


If we were having a coffee date, here is what I’d tell you. 

  • While I worked yesterday, Mike drove home to pick up Lu.  New readers, Lu is Mike’s daughter and I totally claim her as mine.  <3 She’s here with us for spring break so this is going to be the most awesomest week in the history of ever!  <-yah that is totally a word #inthebookofscb
  • I can’t wait to take her down Scenic Drive, the Carmel dog beach, go beach cruising to Fisherman’s Wharf and a bunch of other trouble we can get into.

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  • I just called our CPA crossing my finger she’s had a chance to do our taxes.  She said they will be done tonight.  Whew, that’s a close one.
  • I’d tell you that I’m a little nervous to find out my $4,000 blood test results.  Yes, 4 freaking grand worth.  Thank goodness for insurance.
  • We heard 2 raccoons fighting in a tree last night and I could not stop laughing.  I freaking love beach living.
  • My inbox is so full with emails + comments, so if I haven’t responded yet, I’ll get to ya. I’ve just been busy living life.  I also LOVE getting emails + comments from you guys, so feel free to send away.  I read every single one!   Smile
  • I had such a great day on Saturday with my boy I didn’t want it to end.
  • I’m really excited about the double road race next month.  Guess I need to do a couple brick run’s.  Run, rest, run. 
  • Bam wasn’t feeling well yesterday, but he’s now back to his normal, crazy self.  I feel so relieved. 
  • Don’t play leap from with a unicorn.  I give great life advise.  Not.
  • If I were rich, I’d fly you all to Monterey to actually have coffee with me,then go for a run and have coffee again.  And I’d buy.

Your turn, if we were having coffee, what would you tell me?


14 Comments on “Virtual coffee date: spring break

  1. glad to hear Bam is feeling better!!

    I hope your blood tests all go well – I totally understand that “waiting” feeling on those. Take your mind off it with a good run 🙂

  2. So sorry to hear Bam-the-Man wasn’t his usual spectacular self, but happy he’s better!!!

  3. Austin did my taxes last night – talk about a close call! They are done and they have been accepted by both the state and federal government. Phew!

  4. I’d talk about how I just started my family practice clinical rotation and I love it! The office staff is so friendly! I quit drinking dairy because I think it’s making my face breakout…so I tried a soy latte at starbucks and I CANT STOP!! Soy lattes are sooooo good….but I do worry a little about the potential dangers of soy. Maybe as a former sbux barista you could give me some insight on soy milk! For the first time since last summer, it was 75 degrees here in PA, but tomorrow it’s going to snow :(. But I still managed to get in a few outdoor runs and a 15 miles bike ride so I’m grateful for that!!

  5. I am just a few days away from Spring Break & I could burst!! I need a week where I don’t wake up before 5am every morning!

  6. Sounds like an awesome week you have ahead! Last time I got blood tests done, the doctor had ordered over a dozen tests, and of course each has it’s own huge vial. It was ridiculous. I hope all goes well!

  7. I would tell you that I feel like I have a million things to get done this week, but I am excited to have the opportunities! I am also excited to head to Boston this weekend with my husband for him to run the marathon – it is like a “mini vacation” for us!

  8. I would tell you that Lu is very blessed to have a stepmom who loves her as you do. I had a stepmom like you and couldn’t wait to spend time with her. You have no idea the gift you are giving her.

  9. Hope you have a great spring break with Lu. Spring Break was a while ago down here. I teach at a local college, and they have finals the next couple of weeks and then are out for summer already.

  10. hey pretty lady, i just sent you an email this weekend – take your time but please respond 🙂 and if you’re coming up to SF this week, respond back sooner and let me know when. I will take you to THE best artisan coffee shop that is highly neglected in this city. If that isn’t enough to lure you, I don’t know what will 🙂

  11. If we were having coffee I would tell you that I am really excited/nervous/anxious about running the Boston marathon in 6 DAYS! I know I’m ready and prepared well but I just have such big goals for this race it’s hard not to be nervous!

  12. Glad Bam is feeling better! Sick puppies and babies make me so sad. If we were having coffee I would be complaining about how much I hate packing. I LOVE to travel but right now packing is giving me anxiety. First long trip and plane flight with our son so i just can’t wait to land and start vacation. Spring break down here was last week and the drive to work was so easy without all the school traffic!

  13. glad that Bam is back to himself:) It’s so sad to see when your babies aren’t like their normal selves. I would tell you how I had two great girls days in a row filled with lots of laughter, fun cocktails, and of course some much needed retail therapy. I’m loving Spring Break where I can sit in my pjs all morning and just hang out with my kids and blog… the only thing that is missing is some nice weather…. we had two beautiful days and I think we are doomed for the rest of the week…. I guess that means more online retail therapy, lots of play dates, and a millions blogs:(

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