Get the f*&% outta here

This post is about guns.  It is also sheds light on the reasons why I became a gun owner.  If it’s not your thing, go ahead and click that little red X at the top right and swing back by tomorrow.  I’ll be back to normal blogging {whatever that is} tomorrow.


Yesterday evening, while Lu and I were eating dinner, Lu noticed a man trying to get into our side door out front and alerted me. We have two doors in the front of the house.  When I looked up I saw a man dressed in all black with a hoodie over his head walking towards our front door since the side door was locked.  He couldn’t see in the big window because of the reflection, but I could see him.

I jumped up and ran towards the front door, locked the deadbolt and hit it with my fist as hard as I could while yelling get the f— outta here or I’m going to shoot you as loud and forceful as I could.

I saw him walk on the walkway towards my bedroom window which was wide open since it was a nice day out.  I ran into there, grabbed my shotgun and racked one home.  I’m confident that sound by itself is enough to send someone running.  Then I grabbed my .38 special for good measure and called the police.   


After talking to the dispatcher for several minutes, I called Mike who was about 10 minutes away.  He got here before the cops arrived.  The response time for the police to show up was well over 20 minutes.  No joke. 

When time is of the essence, 20+ minutes is far too long to wait unarmed for someone to help me + my family.  Situations like this is the reason I became a gun owner.  I have to protect myself, Lu + our home.

We live near the beach, and over the last few months we have seen more transients in the area.  Even though we live in a nice neighborhood, have an alarm, yard signs, a worthless Jack Russell that just cowered in the corner after I yelled, I rely on me

When the police come to my home and have to draw a chalk outline around a body…….. I’ll make sure it’s not me or the ones I love.



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  1. I’m so glad you’re alright! What a scary situation – I’m glad you were both mentally and physically prepared to handle it!

  2. Oh my goodness! That is so scary and I am glad you all are okay! I got chills reading your post today. I have been wavering back and forth on getting a gun and this story makes me lean more towards getting one. I am glad you and Lu are okay!!

  3. Being a 9-1-1 dispatcher, this is a call I take all to often. And what people don’t understand is often times we are tied up on another critical call or are driving from the other side of town – even code 3 with lights and sirens it takes time. People need to be prepared. If people choose not to own a weapon, that’s ok too. But they should have some sort of plan should the need arise.
    I’m glad you guys are safe and it was all
    Ok in the end. How scary!

  4. And this would be why we have a gun in our house as well. Where we live, there seems to be a larger problem lately with heroin. More break-ins and armed robberies. We live in a nice neighborhood as well, but you can never be too careful with your life or your loved ones. And my cats would not protect us! Good for you for being as strong as you are.

  5. That is such a scary situation but I’m so glad you are alright! It is crazy it takes over 20 minutes for police to get there. I don’t have a gun, but I’m not against them.

  6. As a true Texas girl I’m 100% with you. We had a garage sale last weekend in our very nice and safe neighborhood, but a man still showed up that was obviously high and I had my pistol waiting at the ready to protect my mom and I. It is t until it’s too late that list people want guns. After we asked that man to leave (politely and authoritatively) we closed the garage and waited for it to be safe. he sat in front of the house for 20 minutes by our cars. Thabkfully we didn’t have to take action, but we were ready. I’m so glad you are safe and prepared. I hope you and Lu have a relaxing day

    • I’m so so proud of you!! And really happy things worked out for you & your ma. Way to take charge and refuse to be a victim!

  7. Thanks for writing this!! I agree, women are unfortunately vulnerable in these situations and we should be educated on guns and gun safety – being able to protect your home and loved ones is absolutely your right!

  8. My only comment: How are you and Lu?!?! Are you guys ok?! I was scared for the both of you just reading this blog! Glad you were able to remain safe. That’ll teach him to mess with SCB…

  9. Glad that you and Lu are ok! I agree that this is a big reason why people should have guns in their home even after you yelled at him he still tried to get in!!! Good thing you are a tough a$$ country girl 🙂

  10. I am with you!!! You did awesome and thankfully you guys are safe!

  11. Great job! You handled the situation well. If you need any training with either of those firearms we have a local training business that can help. Really not trying to promote myself but just sayin. Glad you are ok!

  12. I’m glad you’re okay. I’m not a huge gun fun, but Austin is, so we have plenty in our home, but to be honest, I’m really afraid of them, so I really don’t play with them too much. I had the noise, I really do. I’m so glad this story didn’t end up a lot worse for either of you!

  13. Thank god you and Lu (and the cowering cutie patootie) were ok! My husband is a state trooper and he is a federal fire arms distributors and I am glad everyday that he carries. We recently went to dinner about an hour away with friends (not the military/law enforcement kind) and he was asked a little snidely at dinner why he feels the need to carry a gun off duty when he is supposed to be doing family stuff. Before he could answer I piped up and explained that because when the crazy person comes to harm you or us I will feel better knowing he can protect us and all the other innocent people or at least try. I may have thrown in a few other of my views too because I felt a bit like he was being attacked but come on in the world we live in we need to be prepared and I want my kids to feel safe and not scared! I hope Lu (and you but being a mom I am thinking of her) is ok mentally after this experience. Stay safe! Love you!

  14. You are one bad ass chick! I am a true Louisiana woman in the sense that I am 100% FOR firearm protection in your home. Thank God you reacted so quickly & no one was harmed. Such a scary situation & I hope you and your cute family stay safe 🙂

  15. Holy cow, when you said gun post I did not expect that. That sounds absolutely terrifying. I hope your (step)daughter is doing alright!

  16. I’m with you, girl. I own and know how to use my guns. Training is paramount and should be repeated often. I can get new stuff but I can’t get a new life. I can and will protect myself and if you put me in a situtation where it’s either you or me, it’s gonna have to be you. I have things to do and being dead is highly inconvient. You cannot rely on the police to protect you. You have to protect you.

    I’m glad that you and Lu are safe.

  17. Way to go girl! That’s why I would like a fire arm again, as well. Smart thinking to rack the shot gun first.

  18. So happy it was second nature for you to grab a gun. I hope I can be as brave as you were if and when I’m in that situation. I’m always packin’ when I’m out alone. Better safe than sorry.

  19. Unbelievable! I’m so glad you guys are OK. While we don’t own guns now, we have been strongly considering it as you can never be too careful.

  20. Holy crap!!!! I’m so glad you saw him! Ugh. That is so crazy! 20 minutes??? OMG. I’m glad you were armed! You’re right. The chalk outline is not going to be someone you love! Ever!

  21. I’m so thankful you were quick on your feet and had the recourses you needed to protect you and your family!!!!! Good for you to yell and let that A-HOLE know you were aware of him!!!! Very thankful you are safe! Thanks for sharing a positive story of guns and how they can be used to protect!!! Love you girl!

  22. YIKES!! Scary!! Glad that you are OK and that you do have a gun(s) to protect yourself!!!

  23. Yes glad to hear everyone is ok! Scary situation to be in, I’d probably just freeze.

  24. Holy f-bomb. I’m not sure I would’ve handled your situation the way you did. When my doorbell rings and I’m home alone, I start to shake and crawl along the floor to see who it is. 100% of the time, it’s always the UPS man.

  25. A proud gun owner as well, there is nothing wrong with protecting yourself. Be smart and prepared, and you are clearly both! Go girl

  26. whoa i’m glad you’re okay and glad you didn’t have to use your gun. I completely agree with owning a gun, safely of course. I don’t yet because i don’t feel it necessary, but i know how to safely use one and i’m sure i’ll have one when i’m a homeowner one day. Stay safe SC!

  27. Yikes! That would have totally freaked me out! That is a ridiculous response time for the police. This is exactly why it is so great that Mike has taught you how to defend yourself in situations like that.

  28. I have a .44 and a shotgun, but I would also like to add that bear spray (or mace if you can’t get bear spray where you live) is a great addition as well. You can also take it hiking or running (they make mini versions of the mace). Bear spray in the face is incapacitating ( I sprayed it on my arm once by mistake, ouch).


    WASHINGTON, June 27 – The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, even a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation.

    As a retired police officer I applaud your decision to take your personal protection into your own hands. At the same time I am sorry you actually had to.

    Good job!!!


  30. Although I am sometimes left in awe wondering how some are able to freely obtain a firearm in the States, because of situations like this, I completely support “responsible” gun ownership. Sad though, the society we sometimes must live in. This comment is from a Canadian.

  31. Good for you! I wouldn’t hesitate to use a gun if the situation arose. I know how, and I am not afraid. (Bet that surprises you a little.)

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