The best $4.27 I ever spent + bumming it in Big Sur

Before you do anything else, please watch this video clip of Bam wearing shoes for the first time.  Be sure to check your sound.

Bam da man

Just in case it won’t play, you may see it here.

If that didn’t make you laugh, we can not be friends.  Oh and I am fully aware that I need to clean my house.  Cleaning > running, climbing rocks + doing cartwheels on the beach.

Edited to add I overheard Lu tell Bam “get back inside.  Do you really want other dogs to see you like this?”  <-I freaking love this girl!


Yesterdays spring break adventures took us to Big Sur.  It was foggy the entire day but still a beautiful drive.

We stopped into the River Inn for lunch which was a really good life decision.

2014-04-17 13.10.38

We explored around a little bit, but all agreed the drive was the highlight of the trip.

We stopped to check out the iconic Bixby Creek Bridge on the way home + Lu snapped this.

2014-04-17 13.58.25

I don’t even know why I’m taking pictures this week, she does a much better job.  She’s also a great dish washer, dog walker and trash monkey.  Now I am seeing why people have kids.Winking smile

Because Mike can’t ever stay on the beaten path {another reason why I love that man} he found a dirt road with a warning sign that said something like impassable in wet weather and had to drive down it.

2014-04-17 14.06.34

The views were incredible.

2014-04-17 14.01.30

But I was so happy to be off that bumpy road and have a coffee in my hands.

2014-04-17 14.42.07

The day got even better when I came home to shiny new running shoes!!  Mizuno must have heard about my new love for the Hitogami’s and sent another pair.  I might be giving away a pair soon. Winking smile

Running shoes are 1,000 times better than jewelry. {wedding ring exempt}

2014-04-17 16.04.59

And the folks at Nuun sent a care package with a trucker hat, water bottle + their new Energy tabs!  I am convinced they know I don’t like doing my fur and I need more caffeine in my life.

2014-04-17 15.12.38

Did anyone else get caught off guard with the tablet packaging?  Maybe I’m the only immature one?

New running shoes are better than ___________.

Anyone running the Big Sur Marathon?  Or have ever ran it?


10 Comments on “The best $4.27 I ever spent + bumming it in Big Sur

  1. I love the Hitogami’s!! Those are the EXACT shoes that I’ll be wearing for Boston in T-minus THREE DAYS! I’ve never done Big Sur but one day it would be fun to do the Boston to Big Sure Challenge! One day…

  2. new running shoes are better than buying the nice “work clothes” I should be spending my money on!!

    I would love to run the Big Sur someday – heck I just want to race as sea level after living in Denver!!

  3. Still laughing…poor doggy! 😀 New running shoes are the best…only thing better might be a new car but those are way harder on the bank account. How do the sayonara’s compare to the hitogami and wave riders? Which ones have the most cushion? Love your blog xoxo

  4. Don’t even talk about cleaning a house. I’m sitting in the living room right now, there is wedding shit EVERYWHERE, and I need to clean it, but instead, I’m catching up on my blogs, and thinking about when I can clean tomorrow….

  5. I actually said all I want for Mother’s Day is new gear and new kicks pass on the jewlry… Don’t get me wrong I love my jewels but I too love my gear

  6. U sure do live In a gorgeous area! Have tried a few other hydration powders and have found myself back on nuun. Like the flavour, amount of salt and not sweet like most others are.
    New shoes are better then house cleaning!

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