Mizuno Wave Hitogami giveaway

Happy Marathon Monday!!

Good luck to those running Boston today.  It’s time to trust your training and enjoy the ride.  I will be cheering you on from Cali.


What better way to celebrate the Boston Marathon by giveaway a pair of Mizuno Wave Hitogami’s, right!?

2014-04-17 16.04.59

The Wave Hitogami is my current favorite running shoe.  Every time I’m getting ready for a run, I naturally gravitate to these kicks.  They are light, low and flexible WITH support. While I still dig the Wave Riders, these have quickly become my new go to shoe.  So if you’re a fan of the WR, you might want to give the Hitogami’s a try.

You can read my full review on them here.

2014-01-22 10.33.34-1

My friends at Mizuno must have heard about my current obsession with these kicks because last week they sent me a new pair in another color.  Well, this week they want to send one lucky SCB reader a pair as well because they are cool like that.

2014-04-20 09.43.59-1

Ways to enter:

1. Fill in the blank in the comments section: If everybody ran __________.

2. Share the giveaway via Twitter, Facebook, Blog, IG, write it in the sky.  Be sure to tag @MizunoRunning and #IfEverybodyRan and hop back over to let me know you did.

Because I want what’s best for you, I made a tweet for you.  Just copy + paste.  Now you can’t say I never did anything nice. Winking smile

I want to win a pair of @skinnychickblog favorite @MizunoRunning #wavehitogami kicks! http://skinnychickblog.com/2014/04/21/mizuno-wave-hitogami-giveaway/ #IfEverybodyRan

3. “Like” Mizuno on Facebook.  You can even tell them SCB sent you if you’d like.

Good luck!!

The giveaway was sponsored by Mizuno and is open until Midnight Thursday, April 24 and I’ll announce the winner in Friday morning’s post.  Open to US only.


221 Comments on “Mizuno Wave Hitogami giveaway

  1. …we wouldn’t need as many antidepressants or therapists:)

  2. If everybody ran we could single handedly end the obesity epidemic and reduce health care costs across the board.

  3. If everybody Ran—- everyone would be happy AND nice ☺️

  4. If everyone ran, there would be a lot more happy and chill people. Also the general health of people would be better too!

  5. I entered all methods because I have been eyeing these shoes! If everybody ran the world would be happier, healthier and just plain nicer! If everybody ran, I’m going into the port-o-potty business 😉 lol

  6. If everybody ran, the world would be a much happier and healthier place, obviously 😉

  7. If everybody ran there would be more smiles and a lot better health!

  8. If everybody ran….all the treadmills would be taken and I would have to wait 🙂 LOL… Really, the world would be HEALTHIER!! Also, I have liked Mizuno on FB and shared your the give away. By the way thanks for writing it out for us.

  9. If everyboyd ran, there would be a lot of nice legs to look at! 🙂

  10. if everybody ran…there would be more smiles and laughter in the world due to all the runner’s highs 🙂

  11. …health insurance rates would decrease, leaving more money for running gear!

  12. If everybody ran, I’d have more friends and wearing running clothes everywhere would be more acceptable 🙂 but let’s be honest we all do it anyway.

  13. If everybody ran, we would all live longer and the world would be much happier! Also, I liked Mizuno on FB!

  14. If everybody ran, no one would do drugs because we’d all be feelin the all natural runner’s high! 🙂

  15. If everybody ran the world would be a much healthier and happier place!

  16. If everybody ran, we would have tons of running buddies to hold us accountable and keep us company!

  17. If everybody ran they’d understand why the Boston Marathon is the Superbowl of running. (my coworkers probably thought I was insane as I was screaming at my computer this morning…)

  18. If everybody ran, you’d never run alone! We’d need fewer antidepressants, and everyone would have enough vitamin D!

  19. If everybody ran you wouldn’t have to keep trying to explain the runners high… Everyone would just get it

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  21. If everybody ran, I would never have to worry about awkward silences. You can always relate over run-talk!

  22. If everybody ran… we’d all be a lot happier! It’s a healthy way to deal with stress and keep up on your health/fitness 🙂

  23. If everyone ran, the world would totally be a happier place! Exercise=endorphins!

  24. If Everybody ran, there would be less need for mental health professionals; as my Dad sent us out to run for a minimum of thirty minutes every evening as teenagers saying, “It’s cheaper than the psychiatrist!”

  25. If everybody ran, people would be so much happier!! Also I would have way more running buddies.

  26. Ok i guess my post didn’t go so …..

    If Everbody ran, Weight Watchers and any “loose weight” company would go out of business and more running shoes would be sold 😀 .

    oh and i also Facebook shared it hehe

  27. If everybody ran, I’d always have someone to run with!! Love my training buddies!

  28. If everybody ran …. I’d be mad because there would be too many people on the road it would feel like LA traffic , there would be no free treadmills at the gym & race fees would go up! My shoe size would always be sold out ! If everybody ran I probably wouldn’t ! I enjoy the open space of running outdoors, the peace at the empty gym at 4:30 am , the ability to find my shoe size the first try… The ability to afford a race … Ok we’re being honest here right ??!? 🙂 I just love running so much I’m selfish with it ! 🙂

  29. If everybody ran, we would not need to worry about getting in a shower daily because there would be a lot more sweaty people!

  30. If everybody ran there would be fewer people on blood pressure, heart, depression, etc meds. But there would be more people seeing orthopedists because we runners get injured 🙂

  31. If everybody ran, races would be packed!! Which of course means we’d need more races!

  32. If everybody ran, there would be less medical bills due to obesity.

  33. If everybody ran, no one would ask if you are a runner or only a jogger! :o)

  34. If everyone ran, I’d never have trouble finding a partner to run with again;)

  35. I liked Mizuno on Facebook!!

    If everybody ran, I would see fewer cardiac and diabetes patients in the hopsital; there would be fewer families hurting from premature loss of a loved on! If everybody ran, I think the world would be a healthier and happier place 🙂

  36. If everybody ran, there would be so many healthier and happier people around!

  37. Hey Kristin I was wondering why u were taking tums before a run? I’ve had some tummy issues too;/

  38. If everybody ran, people wouldn’t give me such strange looks while running during my 8 month of pregnancy. :O People would be happier and healthier. Obesity, depression, and diabetes would see significant decreases! Ahhhh!

    • Reposted via Facebook, Twitter and IG! Followed Mizuno on FB also! I hope I win! Can’t wait to get back out jogging with my baby after she’s born in 3 weeks!! <3 skinny chick blog!

  39. If everybody ran, people would be much healthier… And there would be more running trails!

  40. If everyBODY ran I would always have a job as a physical therapist and get to help everyone become a better and safer runner 🙂

  41. If everybody ran, we’d be one step closer to world peace.

  42. If everyone ran, I would run faster because heaven knows I couldn’t look like a skinny jogger!

  43. If everybody ran I would have multiple running partners. M’kay…that sounded kinda promiscuous.

  44. If everybody ran, there would be a lot more happy communal post-run meals! (Seriously, have you ever seen a table full of sweaty runners who *didn’t* look like they were having a great time?)

  45. If everybody ran, we’d have a much greater understanding of each other.

  46. If everybody ran, think of all the endorphins! Talk about a happy planet!

  47. If everyone ran, I’d absolutely love seeing all my closest friends on runs 😉 why don’t they all rUn 😉

  48. if everybody ran, there would be a lot most congestion on the sidewalks, maybe some traffic lights would be necessary..

  49. If everybody ran there would be thousands of new trails and running paths to try out!

  50. I liked mizuno on FB and left them a message saying you sent me. Thanks for the giveaway.

  51. If everybody ran….the grizzly bears would never catch me because there would be a lot of runners slower than me!

  52. If everybody ran, I wouldn’t get so many crazy looks from friends a coworkers when I mention a run.

  53. If everybody ran/walked everyday for 30 minutes they would be able to relieve some stress and meet new people with the same passion!

    • If everybody ran, we would de younger,stronger and healthier 😉

  54. ….. The there would be too many people on my running trail?! Is that cranky? Ok

    Then….. Everyone would be less cranky.

  55. If everybody ran, running shoes would be appropriate business attire.

  56. I currently run in Brooks sneakers and have been wanting to try the Mizuno brand. My only hold up is their return policy. Mizuno states they have to be new and unused-how do you know if the shoe works for you until you’ve run in it a bit? I have tendonitis in my ankle and certain shoes make it worse so I have to do a few runs first to make sure it won’t flare up. Brooks accepts worn shoes for up to 30 days which allows you to try out the shoe on actual runs and make sure it works for you.

    Could you pass along this feedback to Mizuno? I’d buy shoes from them if there was an option to return them if they didn’t work out after a few runs. I’ve only had to return one pair of shoes due to them not working out but it was nice not being out the $100 and being stuck with a pair of shoes that didn’t work! 🙂

  57. If everybody ran I could talk running with everybody without getting an eyeroll!

  58. If everybody ran I would have someone to wave to as I pass them! Totally kidding. I think it would take away a lot of stress people face everyday.

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