They are stuck with me

I finally made some friends in Monterey!!  Yes, real people who actually want to hang out and I don’t even have to pay them. I know.

2014-04-24 10.43.08-3

Kelly, Sharon + I have been stalking each other on IG for awhile now and since Kelly is in town.  Sharon lives here and they are both running the Big Sur Marathon.  Sharon has a 30 mile run planned the following day.  I told that girl she needs to get her head checked.

They are hilarious!  I seriously laughed the entire time and can’t wait to hang out again.  Yup, you are officially stuck with me.  I feel sorry for you.

Good luck ladies!!  And don’t forget to call me if you’re doing the floppy fish on the side of the road.  I’ll come pause your Garmin’s and poke you with a stick to get you going again. Winking smile


It was a gorgeous day out so I went for a long walk to Fisherman’s Wharf.

2014-04-24 14.28.49

We have lived in Monterey for almost 6 months and I still feel more like a tourist than a resident.  There is just so much to explore and take it so I don’t mind a bit. 

2014-04-24 14.56.20

This view does not suck.

2014-04-24 14.33.37

It was a nice, sunny, realizing that I’m finally 100% content with the way things are for the first time in my life kinda walk.

2014-04-24 14.31.27

2014-04-24 15.10.36

I hope you guys have a great weekend!!

The winner of the Mizuno Wave Hitogami’s is Kim!! 

Mizuno Wave Hitogami giveaway   Skinny Chick Blog

Congrats lady, check your inbox for my email.

Thank you all for entering, check back I have a couple more giveaways up my sleeve. 

Have you ever met friends online?

Yes, a lot!  Funny thing is a couple years ago I would have been creeped out by the thought of it and now it’s like NBD. 

What are you wearing right now?

Pj’s + fluffy socks.

I’ve been getting some random questions (which I love) so I’m putting together a you asked, I answered post.  Ask away and I’ll try to answer it.


9 Comments on “They are stuck with me

  1. Sad face! I am not a winner! But congrats Kim! I think it’s perfectly fine to still feel touristy, 6 months is such a short period of time. Is there a half marathon for Big Sur? That sounds crazy amazing. It’s rainy and grey in Berkeley so your pics are making me so jealous. But hooray because California needs some serious rain. XOXO

  2. Congrats Kim! Would love to try those out some day. Hope you have a fabulous weekend! I have met some awesome people online! It’s a great way to find people you would otherwise never meet!

  3. I was born and raised there, didn’t leave until I was 18 and still never saw everything. I miss it dearly!

  4. Good luck to your friends running Big Sur! I can’t believe some of the people that just ran Boston with me on Monday are running too! Crazies! (but I’m secretly jealous of them! haha)

  5. I totally feel privileged to be stuck with somebody as cool as you and your hubby! Wish I loved here year round! We we would definitely have some fun!

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