Roaming the Big Sur race expo + Boston race bandits

Okay so I need to adjust my pretentious score up a couple notches with this whole gluten free pizza just for me.

2014-04-25 12.12.51-2

I am really lucking out with GF pizza lately.

The chef at La Bicyclette in Carmel handmade it right in front of me, and just like all of the other GF carbs I‘ve tried, I couldn’t tell much difference at all.  I kept telling Mike this is my new favorite pizza place in all the land with every bite.  If you come visit me, you will be forced to eat pizza here.  It’s apart of the deal.

They don’t advertise GF pizza on the menu, but be sure to call ahead since it takes a little longer to hand make.

SCB advise of the day: If you don’t see something you want, always ask!

This stack of fresh, warm, real squishy bread probably deserves a post of it’s own, but Mike might get jealous.  You can bet I eyed that bread like it was the last boy on earth. 

2014-04-25 11.58.45

I have issues.


After lunch I trolled the Big Sur expo.  Even though I’m not running it, I still like to harass my favorite brands and check out new gadgets.

I ran into Michele + Sharon.  I’m still shocked Sharon even claimed me after our coffee date yesterday.

2014-04-25 15.26.13

I also harassed Sean reppin’ Mizuno.  He told me all of Mizuno’s secrets.  Okay not really, but he did tell me the Wave Hitogami’s are coming out in more colors this summer and to me, that’s a big deal.

2014-04-25 15.46.01-2

And tried to wake up Jeff at the Pro Compression booth.  Apparently someone needs to brush up on their paparazzi skillz. 

Anyway Pro has some cool top secret products coming out soon that I am very excited about, so I shall wait patiently for this man to spill it.

2014-04-25 15.44.07

Good luck to everyone running Big Sur!!!!!!!!


I came across this article yesterday about 4 Boston Marathon race bandits.  I know this happens at a bunch of races and It’s just not right.  I think us runners are even more upset they did it at Boston this year. 

It’s up to the Boston Marathon to determine punishment, but I think public humiliation is right up there.

Do You Know These Runners  Because They re Probably Bastards.

What are your thoughts about the Boston bandits?

What are your favorite booths at race expos?


9 Comments on “Roaming the Big Sur race expo + Boston race bandits

  1. The Boston bandits make me so angry. The more I think about it, the madder I get. I feel terrible for those who worked so hard to qualify, trained to run it, then had their bibs copied. However, I do love the public humiliation that is going on.

  2. I hadn’t seen the bandit thing yet. I guess I haven’t been paying attention! whoops!

    Can’t wait to see what PRO Compression comes out with – Love al of there items!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend friend! 🙂

  3. The Boston Marathon Bandits suck!!!! I ranted about it for 15 miles this AM to
    My running buddy who hadn’t heard about it.
    At race expos I like any booth that gives away free food! Lol! I’m such a

  4. That pizza looks delicious!! + the pro compression looks great! I see pink and purple and those colours always have me sold! Regarding the Boston bandits, yes I am very upset that these folks ran it with someone else’s bib but I can also see this as a scam from someone selling “their” bib and these folks may have just fallen for it. If they bought it unknowingly, then shame on the seller! But if they’re the ones who printed it out themselves, then shame on them… that’s 4 medals that those who qualified and got in through legitimate channels did not receive. However, the story that gets my blood boiling is this one: “Chelsea didn’t get an entrance to the 2014 race, so they made their own. The two say they donated $5,000 to charity this year.” wife of CEO of Foursquare purposely made her own bib to run the marathon and justified it by saying she donates money… shame shame shame on them!

  5. I’ve never been to a big race expo so I can’t really comment. But based on what you and other bloggers say…I’d need to save my life savings just to spend on all the cool stuff. I think I might have a pro compression addiction!

  6. Going to race expos when you aren’t running is the best! You can stay as long as you want and try all the new foods without worrying about how it will affect your race!! I’m excited for the new procompression stuff too! Can’t wait to try it!

  7. 1. That pizza looks delish and I need to head over there soon to devour some of it myself.
    2. The Boston Bandits are an embarrassment and should be publicly humiliated though I doubt it’ll have much affect on them. The fact that they did it at Boston bothers me more than other races. It’s total BS.

  8. Boston Bandits:

    I wonder whether someone stole the bib numbers and printed them and sold them for a stupid crazy profit. Maybe these people thought they had somehow hit the jackpot and found a bib for sale….maybe not though.

  9. Boston is notorious for the bandits but I think copying someone elses bib is just too far (not that I think banditing is a good thing, but like I said- it’s been a huge thing in Boston for years). It puts a bitter taste in my mouth that those people took resources and medals for which they did not earn. Sure they ran 26.2 miles, great you can run a marathon but you didn’t earn your way to Boston. As someone who took the time and effort to train and qualify and get in on my own volition- I feel sorry for them because some of my favorite things about Boston came long before I ran that race.

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