Real life coffee date

Yesterday morning I had a coffee date with the gorgeous Kristin.  She asked a nice gentleman to take a pic of us and turns out his wife, Courtney follows Kristin on IG so we now have another social media turned real life friend!

2014-04-26 11.21.51

Pic borrowed from K’s IG.

They are running the Big Sur Marathon as I type this!!

We went to Carmel Coffee Roasting in Carmel By The Sea.  It’s adorably quaint with awesome coffee.

2014-04-26 09.37.35

When it comes to making big life decisions, I don’t trust myself so I went with Kristin’s suggestion, Coconut Crème coffee.  Turns out she’s a smart girl.

2014-04-26 10.44.51

We chatted all things coffee, life, running and races.  I met her a couple years ago at dinner before the Nike Women’s Marathon in SF and have been stalking following her since.

She is one of the most kindhearted, uplifting people I’ve ever met.  Now I need to convince Mike we need to vacation down south so we can have another coffee/running date.

On my way to work I was stuck in traffic getting into the 17 Mile Drive gate and I looked over and saw this view.  Yeah, that does not suck.

2014-04-26 10.51.54

Just a random thought from SCB.

The more passionate you are about something, the harder it is to suck at it.

2014-04-26 17.45.24

I hope you have a beautiful Sunday.

What are you passionate about?

Tell me 4 things you are doing today.


6 Comments on “Real life coffee date

  1. that’s so funny that his wife followed Kristin! We went on the 17 Mile Drive while on vacation last year- I think I could live in there no prob;) 😉 We skipped Carmel by the Sea and went to Monterey. Carmel looks so sweet though, and to think I missed out on coconut creme coffee is a tad heartbreaking!

  2. Let’s see…today…I am doing laundry, video taping a crosstraining video for the running group, writing an exam for my nutrition and fitness course and having supper at the boyfriends parents. A busy weekend for sure!!

  3. Today.. I am getting work done, unpacking from my trip last weekend (yes I am little behind), doing laundry, planning out the week ahead and just trying to relax and enjoy Sunday! 8 miles have already been done for the day!

  4. Today’s been a great day, started this morning with a run with my hubby. I’m training for a half and was scheduled to run 12 but it was feeling good so I did 13.1. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings with my family then yogurt extreme. 😉 laundry and getting ready for the week and ending it like always…reading your blog before I go to bed! Great day!

  5. I’m passionate about my kids and running… it’s the best when I can have them all together….LIke they come watch me run or Brady runs the kids race….

    four things I did yesterday (i was mucho lame-o)
    Laid in bed
    Played with the kiddos-inside bc it was cold out
    made turtle brownies
    ran 15 miles… wahoo

  6. It was so nice to meet you! I loved that little coffee shop. I opted for the latte which was yum! And I had a few too many bites of my daughter’s bear claw. It reminded me of my dad because he used to bring those home for us as kids growing up. I hope to be back in Carmel again next year for the Big Sur Marathon. Hopefully we an all do coffee together. 🙂

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