“You have to be at peace when being tough” + Instagram link up

It’s another gorgeous day here.  We are catching lots of sunshine with highs near 80!  My kinda party.

This week is a busy one, which I love.  I felt really productive with a mile long to do list yesterday.  I went grocery shopping, Target, Costco, did laundry, you know all the stuff that needs to get done around the house.  But the weather was absolutely perfect plus Bam convinced me to take him to the beach by singing somewhere sunny and 75….Did you know Jack Russell’s can sing?  True story bro.

Sometimes enjoying the day is more important than sweeping fur + sand off the floors.

2014-04-29 16.30.08

We went to the nearest beach which had an all dogs on leash sign posted.  Bam is still collecting cans to pay for his last ticket he got because he can’t read.  Even the birds were making fun of him.

Little knucklehead doesn’t know how to walk on leash like a real dog.  We’ve tried to train him, but true to his breed-dude’s stubborn.  It doesn’t matter how much slack I give him, he will always be at the end of it pulling for more.

2014-04-29 16.08.37

With that aside, we had a great time enjoying the salty air and sand between our toes paws.

2014-04-29 16.19.33-2

2014-04-29 16.30.25-2

This is what Bam thinks of anything on the beach.  Mike always says if he can’t eat it or screw it, he will pee on it.  Classy and you know it.

2014-04-29 16.15.04

It was nice watching others out enjoying the perfectly warm day.

2014-04-29 16.41.14

2014-04-29 16.21.21

Lately we’ve been watching Bar Rescue and I freaking love John Taffer.  He told an owner of a bar to fire an employee.  The owner was weak about it and John said “you have to be at peace when being tough.”  That really stuck with me.  It’s so true and can be applied to many life experiences.  Just thought I’d share it with you guys. 

2014-04-30 07.46.10

A HUGE congrats to Run EMZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!  #allthelove #allthecongrats #allthesmiles

If you’re not following her, I feel sorry for you. Winking smile

Instagram link up!!  Share your handle + favorite accounts you follow!

skinnychickblog Along with runemz a couple other favs of mine are runtrimom, blonde_bun_runner, lccotter, maxfitgirl29, triandrungirl, reese_spach, runningsouthern, the_athletarian, runtothefinish, pinkcupcakegirl, msfitrunner, skinnyrunnersr + run_far.


11 Comments on ““You have to be at peace when being tough” + Instagram link up

  1. I’ve got my toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world a cold beer in my hand…yup, you’re livin’ the life!

    I’m @mikecooke78 and I post way too many swim-bike-run selfies. I don’t recommend following me.

    Other favs are my fellow Cheap Runners @cheaprunnermichelle & @3cheaprunners as well as some other inspirational runner/triathlete types like @outrunning_the_sun @runmunoz @johnsteintri @ph_bosslady @trispiration @olivetorun and if you love Disney like I do there AMAZING Disney pics from @tom_bricker

  2. I’m @ ambamm77. Some of my favorites are thepinkhatrunner, fitalicious_me, mamapoolecooks, redlightshoppe (not fitness related but fabulous) and spoonfuloffit

  3. Love that quote from John Taffer!
    My instagram handle is stayingonpace. A couple of my favorites are: lccotter, olivetorun, jessmarhoefer, targetdoesitagain (anything target is a must haha), and YOU 🙂

  4. Well, Bam on a leash just doesn’t look natural! My dog is still a spaz on a leash, too.
    I totally forgot I had Instagram and I just looked at how old the pictures are! Whoopsies! Follow me at ltut for some old pictures haha. I should see if mine is private or not, I’m not even sure!

  5. I love Bar Rescue too. It’s absolutely insane the things that go on in some of these bars. That said, I worked for a place in grad school that was an excellent candidate for a stint on Bar Rescue. The only reason I put up with it was because I kept all my tips to drink out of!

  6. Haha awwww, my dog has leash trouble too. He plays dead and refuses to move when I take out the leash because he doesn’t want to be leashed up on his walks. He wants to be as free as a bird because apparently, I’m too slow for him! Haha My Instagram handle is runcarmyrun. I’m actually already following you, runemz, and theathletarian!

  7. If I lived there, housework would simply never happen. 🙂 My IG handle is ruralrunningredhead. Sometimes I post… but it’s rare because I am boring. 🙂

  8. You know what is on my to-do list “Go visit J”!!! It’s there…that means I have to find a way to make it happen so that we can go visit all these amazing places together. I want to be on that beach with Bam!

  9. I love your beach pics… it is currently helping me stay sane… I’m pretty sure we have had 3 days straight of rain.. GROST! My IG handle is PrettyLittleRunner719… It’s a lot of my kiddos and some running and cocktails..lol

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