It’s the freaking weekend!!  And my Friday!  Tomorrow will be the first day Mike + I will have off together in a loooong time.  Not sure what we’re up to, but I can’t wait to poke + harass him.

This pretty girl gave me a Sunshine Award.  Thanks girl!


I’m supposed to share 10 random things about myself so let’s hope I still have a couple readers after this post.  Winking smile

1.  I can’t go to bed without closing all of the doors in the house.  Even though it’s dark, it still bothers me knowing they are not shut.

2.  I rarely apologize, but when I do, I really mean it.  

3.  I’m feeling content for the first time in life right now, but I feel a little guilty because we’re told to always be looking for more. 

4.  I often write grocery lists and forget them at home.  I could put it on my phone, but actually writing them down with a pen + paper is kinda therapeutic.  Genius I am not.

5.  When Mike’s at work I talk to Bam a lot.  He’s a good listener and I am a werido.

6.  I wipe my iPhone down with a Lysol wipe every night.  Spoken like a true germaphobe.

7.  I really want another Jack Russell, but Mike keeps telling me no.  If we get another dog, they will conspire against us.  I’m up for that challenge.

8.  The word “no” is just a challenge for me.

9.  I despise clutter.  Everything has to have a home.  Along with I will add when pictures or faceplates around plugs are crooked.  Can’t.Handle.It.

10.  I have to have a banana every day for breakfast.  If not, I think the world is ending.  And it better not have spots on it either.  Gross.

Your turn!!


7 Comments on “Sunshine

  1. In response to #9… random fact I heard the other day. Apparently, the screws in all the faceplates at all Disney locations must be facing vertical. This is because vertical grooves are more appealing to the eye and do not attract dust. Can you imagine being the one to install or inspect every single one of these at every Disney park/hotel/boat, etc?!?! Crazy!

  2. I do the same thing with grocery lists. It seems harder to put in my phone than to write down. Maybe I should take a picture of the list…

  3. 1. I put a bird feeder up in my back yard and I’m obsessed with it. I like to talk about all the different animals that show up and my friends think I need to get a life.
    2. I’m addicted to starbucks and when my husband found out how much of my paycheck ends up there, he started searching for a starbucks rehab facility.
    3. I want to lose 10 lbs but it seems impossible for me.
    4. I love love love music
    5. Every day I’m amazed out how shady people are…when most of my life I thought people were inherently good.
    6. I have a rescue dog and cat.
    7. I can’t wait for summer so I can take the roof off my jeep and go to the beach and be a beach bum too!
    8. I feel and act like a different person after a good workout.
    9. I love clothes, and if it weren’t for that and starbucks, I’d see no reason to have a real job.
    10. I don’t get oil changes. I haaaate doing it. I usually go about 30,000 miles before I give in and have it done, and the technician yells at me every time but I don’t listen.
    If that’s not random…I don’t know what is! 🙂

  4. At least you are talking to Bam – there are times during the day that I talk to myself (out loud)!!

  5. I’m with you on the banana every morning thing!! I probably go to the grocery store a little too often on my way home from work because I know that we’re either out of bananas or that the ones we have are getting a little too brown! haha

  6. Thanks for the shout out doll… I do the same thing with lists! I’m an obsessive compulsive list maker and never use them…lol I feel the same way about no! It is beyond a challenge.. I’m like “oh really? It’s on!”

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