Albion review + giveaway

Since I practically live in workout gear, I look for high quality, flattering, cute and comfortable pieces.  Maybe I’m a little vain, but I like to look cute while sweating.  Plus these days quality > quantity is a bit higher on my list.  Maybe it’s a sign I’m getting older?

This running skirt exceeds all of my super scientific qualifications listed above.

So here comes the SCB review you have all been waiting for, but had no idea was coming.

2014-04-23 12.02.10-2

3 Set Skirt

The length is perfectly flattering without being too short or too long.  It comes with super soft + comfy built in shorts, the waist band is also made of the same material.  Y’all know how much I love rocking super low bottoms, and I had no problems rolling the waist band down.  You can’t go wrong with flirty + feminine ruffles.  Ow ow!

2014-04-23 11.56.52

As a Type A, their attention to detail is highly appreciated.

2014-05-05 07.35.46

A couple of my other favorite pieces are these and this.  So.freaking.adorable.

I think the cuteness, quality and style is very comparable to my beloved Lulu.  So you might want to check it out if that’s your jam.

The only downfall is this skirt is only comes in grey, but word on the street is they might be adding more colors to the collection.  Albion, please add PINK!!  I would rock it so hard!

A little about Albion Fit:

It’s a US, family owned business based out of Utah with a passion for providing women with the most luxurious, flattering and hassle-free gear possible.  All of their gear is designed by women for women.  <-Major bonus points!

Now you have a chance to win a $50 Albion Fit gift card!!  May I suggest we become running skirt twins? Samesies!Winking smile

How to enter:

Mandatory: Check out Albion and tell me what your favorite item is.

Bonus entry Pin your favorite item on Pinterest.  Be sure to paste the link in the comments section.

Bonus entry: Follow albionfit on Instagram and tag 3 friends on SCB’s IG post.

If you don’t feel like waiting, use coupon code SKINNYCHICK15 for 15% off your entire purchase.

You have until midnight Thursday to enter.  I will announce the winner in Friday morning’s post.

Good luck ladies!!

Full disclosure: Albion was kind enough to provide this skirt for review and sponsored the giveaway, As always my opinions are mine, babe.


99 Comments on “Albion review + giveaway

  1. I have been eyeing the zigzag leggings for a while. But also love this skirt for the summer!

  2. I love the Venice Beach swimsuit! Love all of their swimwear!

  3. Oh my goodness like all of the swimsuits and The Sweet Stripe Full Zip, Seafoam / Grey! and the coral combo is so cute too. and i love the Alpine Funnel Jacket, Heather Aqua.

  4. Love the ballerina swimsuit in either black or pool…hmm???

  5. Ooh, I’m digging the Summit Leggings, Petal Pants and the Go Long Leggings in cobalt!

  6. I love everything! But I would get the the Sweet Strip Full Zip.

  7. ooh I kinda like The Petal Pant-Black/Sweet Stripe !!! feminine details are amazing! PS – your pic of the skirt is better than the one on their website currently 😉

  8. I commented and tagged friends on your IG post- @eatteachrun

  9. I love the Tuxedo Capri with the Flatter Me Hoodie! So super cute! Of course, I could always rock that 3 Set Skirt. It’s only fitting since we both rock the LuLu hot pink skirts!

  10. I love all of their stuff!!! I truly need the skirt you have. Would also love the matching shirt to go with it 😀

  11. I’ve been eyeing that 3set skirt… I’ve been thinking about purchasing it bc it looks sooooo comfy with a twist of style

  12. I love everything but I would choose the Timp Vest!

  13. I love a good running skirt. I think id be guilty and follow suit 🙂

  14. I love the skirt too. I’ve never run in one before but really want to get one!

  15. Love the 3 set skirt and the sweet stripe full zip jacket.

  16. I would definitely want that skirt! Living in Texas I could use it almost year round. Love it!

  17. I love that skirt! Would love to try something other than my Lulu ones.

  18. Such cute stuff. I like the Pulse skirt, Petal Pant and the Stamina shorts. All super cute!!!!!

  19. Their stuff is cute, I think I like the gray skirt pictured above best though!

  20. The East coast hoodie in midnight or the Go long leggings in heather violet are two of my choices. Albion clothes and suits are adorable it’s kinda hard to choose. Happy Day!

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  22. The signature hoodie in heather grey is so cute, I’ve been lusting after a similar one at Lulu for awhile and this one looks even better! Dang it now I’m online shopping…

  23. Of course the skirt is adorable but i’m also loving the racer tanks in all the bright colors

  24. It is getting really warm where I live so I have been all about shorts and skirts lately. I really dig the 3 set skirt and all the racer tanks!

  25. Following Albion on Instagram and tagged 3 people on your post!

  26. I really love the skirt and hope they make it in pink soon;) super cute with the tie tank too.

  27. These clothes are so cute! I really like the “Flatter Me” hoodie and the “Go Long Crew” shirts. I just started following your blog and look forward to reading your posts 🙂

  28. We could totally be running skirt twinsies! Super cute!

  29. The swimwear is ADORABLE! Love the Gidget Swimsuit!

  30. Seriously have a list of about 10 things I MUST have after going on their website, because we all know new workout gear makes you run faster. Duh. Top of my list though are their go long bottoms and signature hoodie, and of course the tiered skirt 🙂 thanks for the awesome giveaway SCB!

  31. I love the signature hoodie in grey but since it is getting hot here fast I would probably get a new summer workout shirt.

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  33. Love their crops, but I love the 3 set skirt the best!

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  35. I wear crops all day every day year round and I have been eyeing their petal pants! They are so cute!!

  36. Their stuff is so cute 🙂 Wow

    I like the petal pant in black/sweet stripe and the midnight dip swimsuit 🙂 so classy and perfect for a vacation!

  37. My favorite item is the belize blue signature hoodie. Here is my pin
    I’ve been wanting to try them for a few months ever since I found out about them! I’ve entered a couple giveaways with no luck yet.
    I was looking at the skirt that you have on actually! I walk and jog so I didn’t think a skirt would be ok for me. Plus I got a bigger booty so I thought the ruffles would just make it look bigger lol. I could wear it golfing or something. Looks great on you! Thanks for the chance.

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