Follow up: gluten free

Since I went gluten free about 3 weeks ago, I thought I’d do a little follow up on how things are going.

Shopping for GF meals.

I am really surprised at how prevalent GF items are.  Whole Foods even has green labels with GF items clearly marked.   

2014-05-05 15.28.46

I’ve found a few more options at Trader Joe’s like their corn pasta which, so far is my favorite, but there aren’t as many options or maybe I’m just too lazy to read the labels. 

Seems like WF has been my best bet.

What my meals have looked like.

For the most part I’ve been eating the same, just looking for GF alternatives.  Mike + I have different work schedules so at least one meal is by myself and since I have this special ability to burn water, I rely on frozen foods.  Here are my latest finds this week.  I may have squealed when I saw GF hamburger + hot dog buns.  And those cookies!

2014-05-05 16.01.20

Since pizza is a food group for SCB, I found 2 delicious places to score my fix.  I honestly can’t tell the difference.

2014-05-08 07.30.34

Also when eating out, I order a lot more chicken salads with a side of fries.  It’s all about balance, yo. 

I’ve been incorporating steamed white rice a lot more and it’s forced me to try some new to me meals which I am enjoying.  The Type A in me has no problem eating the same thing every day so this has helped jazz things up.  I also take my lunch to work.  I really like this change a lot because I can eat when I want to and not have to go to the employee dining room during a certain time whether I’m hungry or not.  But who am I kidding, I’m always hungry.

Mike made this cucumber, tomato, green olive, fresh mozzarella in EVOO + a sweet balsamic salad last week.  It’s so simple and one of my current favorites. 

PS if you don’t add rice to your salads, you are missing out.  Just sayin’

2014-04-30 14.01.48

I still get my kid food fix.  I found Annie’s GF mac + cheese at Target of all places.  It’s half the price of Whole Foods so double score.  If that’s your thing, get your bad self a box.  It get’s 2 cheese covered thumbs up from SCB.

2014-05-03 19.44.26

Foods I’m missing.

Not muchl.  This is a lot easier and tastier than going dairy free.  The only thing is probably ordering pizza for dinner after a long day at work out of convenience.  The pizza places we like don’t have a GF crust option {yet}.  Oh and real flour tortillas.  GF + corn tortillas just don’t cut it.

How I’m feeling.

I don’t feel any different.  Not one single thing.  But I’m still going to stick with it for a bit longer.  Sometimes these things take time plus I am really enjoying trying new meals.

Anyone go GF?  How long did it take to notice a difference?

What differences did you notice?

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9 Comments on “Follow up: gluten free

  1. I went GF when I was having stomach issues. I decided to start cutting it out before I ever saw my GI dr because it’s so commonplace I didn’t want to waste a whole visit where the conclusion was just to try GF. She told me that it can take 4-6 weeks for your body to really show if it’s gluten that’s the problem. They can also run a blood panel for food sensitivity. That should show problems that you have with tons of foods (including gluten)

  2. I’ve heard that it takes awhile for gluten to get out of your system, that is why you have to go all in when you do it. I hope that you start feeling a positive impact soon!!

  3. I’ve been thinking about it but haven’t jumped in with both feet. I’m thinking it could help with some of my issues. Reading about you dealing with it makes it seem way easier though.

  4. It takes at least a month for the full effect (your body clearing it out, your stomach villus fixing themselves etc.) I’ve gone GF in the past and it took me probably 2 – 3 months to feel awesome again. Don’t get discouraged… give it 3 months and then throw in the towel if there’s no difference.

    Also, rice bowls (aka salad + rice) = AWESOME

  5. You might not notice a difference until you eat some gluten again, then your stomach may really react and not like you because it hasn’t seen gluten in weeks. Also, if you are still having stomach issues while going glute free, you may be intolerant to somethbg else, such as other grains, rice, corn or even eggs. I’d give the gluten elimination diet 30 days, then try to eliminate some other grain or eggs.

  6. I have never gone GF but I have to say you are right about how prevalent it is. For those that do follow it there are so many great options out there and most restaurants now a days have a GF menu.

  7. I went gluten free in February of last year and within the first week I was noticing a difference in my bathroom habits (is that pg enough:) I’ve been diagnosed with IBS for 20 years! My GI doc had basically told me to invest in Miralax because that’s all they could offer me….I found out later there are more natural, gentler options like senna tea and aloe vera juice. I now only have IBS issues if I have chia seeds…go figure. A couple if weeks ago I tried a regular wheat bagel for the first time since going gluten free and paid for it dearly for the next 9 days so yeah I’m definitely sticking with it. Good luck I hope you get some relief no matter method works!

  8. I would keep trying for 2-3 months. Also, certain grains, such as oats are inflammatory. So, take a look at the grains you are consuming, and try eliminating them one at a time too. It’s a PITA, but when you feel better, you will notice for sure.

  9. I went GF for a month because we thought it might cause inflammation in my sinuses (I have horrible sinus problems). It did absolutely nothing, but it was fun to try GF foods! And honestly I was glad it didn’t affect me because damn I love me some fresh baked bread #withallthegluten

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