The tire is only flat on the bottom

WP ate my last post, let’s try this again.

Yesterday started like this…

2014-05-09 09.07.38

If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably already know how it ended.

Mike took the day off work yesterday to help laugh at me hobble around.  He was definitely laughing with me and I may have offered to help him dig a hole to put me in it.

That boy knows how to turn my day around.  He took me out to lunch at my favorite pizza place, La Bicyclette in Carmel.  How adorable is this place!? 2014-05-09 11.41.28 Like seriously, how can you be sad when someone places this in front of your face?  Not possible. 2014-05-09 11.59.39 His pizza came with an egg.  We kinda thought it was weird but he was surprised how well it worked. 2014-05-09 12.00.01 Then he took me to Starbucks and to the mall for a little retail therapy.  But most of the day was spent like this. 2014-05-09 15.50.01 You are welcome for the pic of delicious pizza and my feet next to it.  Good thing you don’t come to SCB for classy content. This should make things better, Target brand candy……classy. 2014-05-09 17.41.58

Go watch this video now!!  I can’t wait to miss American Idol but Mike recorded this because he knew I would love this remake of Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis.  It’s my new favorite.

How do you turn a crappy day around?

What is your comfort food? 

Coffee + pizza.  Oh wait, that’s every day. logov4