This sucks to write

Stress fracture.

I try to keep SCB light, airy, dumb and fun because I know some of you guys are going through A LOT MORE difficult things than this, but every now and then I just have to let myself be negative so I can move on.

Last Monday I went for a run and came back with a cranky hamstring.  After weeks of it being a punk off and on I finally made an appointment with a physical therapist.  Turns out my left hip was out of alignment and that was causing stress on the hamstring.  After an adjustment {I will need a few more sessions} it’s feeling so much better.  Whew.

Tuesday I woke up to a strange pain on the bottom of my right foot.  I figured it was a plantar fasciitis flare up and it would work itself out like usual.  As time went on it got worse.  After work on Thursday I hobbled home in quite a bit of pain and swelling.

My as a matter of fact conversation with Mike that night went like this:

Me: Hi honey, I’m so glad you’re home.  I think I broke my foot.

Mike: No you didn’t.  You’re just being a wah wah.

Me: Probably but it’s swollen and really hurts.  Can you look at it?

Mike: Sure. Yep, you’re probably gonna die.

Edit from Mike:

What actually was said was,

Jacqueline: Hi honey, I’m so glad your home, I think I broke my foot, will you look at it?

Me: No, I’ll touch it and you’re gonna cry that it hurts, so just go and see Larry (our DR.) and let him get yelled at! Oh ya, you’re probably gonna die.

Feel the love?  Ha I would have said the same thing and most likely offered to grab the shovel.

Anyway I woke up Friday morning, chugged a giant cup of coffee while waiting for my podiatrist to open to see if they could squeeze me in.

2014-05-09 09.07.38

Thankfully they told me to get there ASAP.  After an evaluation + X-ray’s the diagnosis is a stress fracture.

Me being a chick who likes options asked if there was anything else it could be. He looked me dead in the eye and sad “no”  Obviously the answer wasn’t what I was hoping to hear.

I was sent home with this lovely boot.  Don’t be jealous. Mike said that he would Ba-Dazzle it for me. Um…..No.  Just no.


No running, no working, limited walking, so basically throw all things fun in life out the window for a minimum of 3-6 weeks.  Heck, he may as well add no coffee to that dumb list.

I am also bummed that I don’t even have a cool story behind this injury.  I went to bed feeling fine and woke up with a broken foot.  I did the easiest thing in the world one could possibly do and screwed it up, sleep.  This kind of stuff takes special talent.

The bright side is I can swim + cycle as long as I don’t have any pain.  So it looks like I’ll be dusting off my road bike very soon.  And the doc ordered me to wear compression socks.  Good thing I just ordered 4 more pairs from Pro Compression last week.

What a crappy week but there is so much I am thankful for.  That cup of coffee is always half full and I am very thankful it’s just a stress fracture and not anything more serious.  Things could be much worse.  I mean, it’s just a foot.  I have another one.

The next few weeks are going to be tough but I’m built for this $h*t.  I’m always down for a challenge even unexpected ones, so bring it.  We’ll see who’s running again.

Anyone else sitting on the bench with me?


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  1. I totally can sympathize – I was on the bench the last few months. Luckily, it wasn’t a stress fracture – just some really bad tendinitis. Boots are horrible!

    Good for you to focus on the positive! It’s really hard sometimes when something so important to your happiness (running) is taken away form you.

  2. Saw your bad news on IG…it’s a great chance to try new things though, right! You can see a lot more of that beautiful country of yours on a bike, and you can try not to drown in that ocean that’s right out your front door!

    Get well bud.

  3. I feel for you girl! Ive having issues with piriformis syndrome. Hoping I get in sometime this week with an awesome chiropractor who specializes in athletes’/runners’ injuries. I’ve had a huge knot in my booty. The knot has broken up, but I am still very sore. Lots of bruising so weird. Also having baaaad stomach issues every time I do a race or long run 🙁 Hope we both heal up ASAP!!!! 😉 after I heal, I am slowing way down so I can really enjoy my running again for awhile. Ive been overdoing it and over scheduling races lately!

    • Hope you’re on the mend soon. Great idea slowing things down to enjoy running again. It’s so easy to get caught up trying to set new PR’s, getting faster, etc. Good for you!

  4. Oh man, I’m so sorry. That really does suck! When I can’t run I focus on something else I can do, like drinking more water, eating more fruit, biking, swimming, yoga…find something to take that spot in your life! Hang in there!

    • Thanks! I just asked Bam to give me a piggy back ride to the beach so we can park it there every day. We’re still in negotiations.

  5. Awe damn…that does suck. Hmmmm, has Mike been acting strange lately? Weird that it was during sleep. Maybe a reenactment is in order? I’m putting money down he kicked you while in REM.

  6. Sorry the injury punks have attacked! Hopefully you will have a speedy recovery, and in the meantime enjoy your cross training!

  7. BOO!!!! At least you know what’s wrong and can start to heal, right?? Always a bringht side to everything! 🙂

  8. ME! Actually, I’m stuck in Seattle where the beach scene doesn’t really exist, but I’m totally on the sidelines with a Femoral Neck Stress Fracture. 3 more weeks on crutches and we’ll get to see where I’m at. No bike or swim option for me (currently), so consider yourself luck?
    Best wishes that you heal up!

  9. Such a bummer! I am so sorry to hear this. So weird though that it happened the way it did. When I was in college I remember a girl in one of my classes broke her foot by just getting out of bed- her foot was asleep and she put weight on it and that was that. SO crazy.

    Sending positive healing vibes your way.

    • Thank you! That’s crazy. My podiatrist assured me this happened over time, so it wasn’t a one thing I did that caused it.

  10. Oh no! So sorry to hear you’re injured 🙁 That’s so scary that you weren’t having any pain before it happened, everyone I know who has had one ran through existing pain until it fractured so I figured I would suspect something if I had one coming but it sounds like they can sneak up on you too 🙁 Hope you heal quickly!

    • It was bothering me a little before but I think my hamstring hurt more so I was focusing on that more. Figures lol.

  11. I’m so sorry for your stress fracture. I had one in nov. And dec. and was in a boot for 5 weeks. No running for 6 six weeks was horrible. The only possitive was that I live in NH so it wasn’t flip flop season. That and I got out of shoveling a lot of snow. I had to drop out of my marathon last Sunday at 16 miles because pain came back and I was afraid to do more damage. But my MRI came back today with only bad inflammation. So I’m happy for me but sad for you because I know exactly where you are at. Stay tough and you will enjoy it even more after I promise!

    • Well if you have to be injured, that was the perfect timing. Ha! I’m so happy you listened to your body and did the smart thing. Sending healing, happy thoughts your way friend.

  12. Oh wow!! I hate to hear that. I totally understand the frustation. I am having major hamstring issues (I had a rupture hamstring and has surgery back in 2012) + continued sciatic nerve issue. I continue to have hamstring strains and am actually have a injection tomorrow. I am being told to consider quitting running. I am bummed…

    So, with all that said I totally get how upsetting it is. As runners – WE WANT TO RUN!! Good luck and I hope it heals quickly.

    • What a bummer for you. Yes, runners just wanna run! Hope you heal up quickly and are back doing what you love.

  13. Awww, I’m so sorry to hear that! Stress fractures are no fun! I had a stress fracture in my foot 6 years ago (can’t believe it’s been that long) and it was the same thing, felt normal and fine until one day on my run I was in the worst pain ever and had no idea what I had done to it! You’ll heal up quick and after weeks on the bike and in the pool you’ll be rearing to go! 🙂

  14. Okay…sweetie…I’m so so sorry!!!

    This comment is for Mike “I know you know this…but she is going to get cranky not running…it’s okay…it will pass….give her lots of coffee, magazines, and drives with the top down and things will be okay… and you might come out alive.” J….you know I’m joking with you….trying to get you to smile.

    To you J….Work that boot! A girl at work broke her foot last summer and had an identical boot on…for the entire summer. She ended up calling it the magnet…cause no matter where she went…someone was offering to do something for her. Bedazzle the hell out of it!!! And think of how fresh those darn legs are going to feel come 3-6 weeks from now!

  15. Oh girl I saw this on instagram- I am so so sorry! I know how tough it is. I have been there! Just hang in there and rest and you will get back at it!

  16. Sorry to hear about your stress fracture! Maybe you are just THAT tough that the pain in your foot didn’t even register for you until it fractured. 🙂 I hope you have a speedy recovery and that cycling causes no pain!

  17. So sorry to hear about your stress fracture! But you might even discover that you love love love swimming or you love riding the bike just as much! Hang in there!

  18. Boooooo!! That’s awful. I seriously think you need a bad ass injury story- like shark attack

  19. It sucks so much when you can’t do something you love…but just remember that this is temporary! Cycling is awesome and I got so fit one summer from cycling and weight training only! Plus….you can bike to starbucks! How do you say the drink you always get? Is it a tall double shot iced soy latte with classic? I want to try it but I don’t want to sound like I don’t know the language lol.

  20. welcome to the bench –it sucks! i fractured my hip in january and i’m still not back on my feet. wishing you a speedy recovery and sending you so much empathy and good vibes. i know i needed some happy thoughts sent my way during recovery! *virtual hugs

  21. I might just be your boot twinsie very soon. went to my doc last night who suspects stress fracture and referred me to podiatrist for xray and eval. I’ll know more in the next week or so. My pain started right after crossing the finish line of my marathon. I’m now grieving the loss of a half marathon, 5 miler and 2 10ks that I will most probably have to bail on. (So sad that all my friends will be running and I’ll be crying as I see my news feed fill up with their pics and check-ins). The worst part is that my family doesn’t understand how devastating this is to me. I know it’s trivial in the world of terminal illness but to me it’s my world. I cope through running. Hoping you heal super quick and kick that boot to the curb ASAP.

  22. So sorry to hear about your foot! I am on the road to recovery after being in the boot for 14 weeks. I won’t lie it sucks, but it really challenges you to get creative with your workouts. The pool became my best friend. When you are ready to get back to running, I suggest doing the Back to Running Plan. I posted it on my blog. It’s a slow progression, but it really helped me to gain my strength back without hurting my foot more. Get some rest!

  23. Hang in there. I basically had the same thing happen, everything was fine, i was tapering and on a wednesday I woke up and couldn’t walk. I strained my ankle pretty bad and now i’m down for the count. you’ll get through it! And if not starbucks will definitely help 🙂

  24. So sorry – stress fractures are never fun because the only way for them to heal is to quit running (lesson learned the hard way more than once!). Hang in there!!

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