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It’s hot and I am loving it.  I think yesterdays high was around 92 which is pretty much unheard of here.   

After leaving my appointment with a list of things I can’t do: run, walk, drink coffee, okay I may have gotten a little carried away with that one.  I spent much of the weekend thinking about things I CAN do.  The best way to keep myself busy and make the recovery time fly is to DO something.  I truly believe dealing with less than ideal situations in life is all about you state of mind.  We can choose to be bitter, defeated, upset…or we can just roll with it and find something else to do.

Yesterday I dusted off my road bike and crossed my fingers for a pain free ride.

2014-05-13 10.17.53

I took it easy, choose a nice, flat bike path and focused on just spinning.  Not speed or hills or anything else. I was so happy to be outside {remember I’m solar powered}, things are starting to look up!

2014-05-13 10.13.28

Not sure why this path looks deserted but it was nice seeing everyone out running, riding, walking and enjoying the day.  Even a bum told me I was doing a good job.  

2014-05-13 10.20.25

I rode past the Monterey Aquarium and took my time playing tourist.  

2014-05-13 10.27.22

On a side note: People who think they know what’s best for everyone else need to mind their own business.

While I was riding without a helmet a guy yelled “where’s your helmet?”

I told him I’m a big girl, I can make my own decisions.

Look, I don’t have anything against helmets, I own one and wear it during organized rides and long, faster training rides. 

But who, besides myself am I going to hurt if I don’t wear it?  The same goes for seat belts and motorcycle helmets. 

I do think children should wear helmets + seat belts until they are of age to make their own decisions. 

I feel that everything in life has some risk, it’s my life, and my safety that is my responsibility to manage that risk.  You notice that I said “my” in that last sentence, not yours.

I feel as if we are living in a state that some people feel the need to take care of me, and tell me how to live.  Like they know what’s best for me. When is it ok to tell a 34 year old independent woman what to do?

I do me, you do you.

I know this is probably going to be controversial and that’s totally fine, please keep it classy.  I would really like to hear your thoughts.


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  1. I love your blog!! You tell it like it is. I am not sure when it became ok for everyone to voice their opinion to everyone else. I agree with you 100%. Let me worry about me, and you worry about you! And you know what they say about opinions…

  2. For real! More people should worry about what they got going on..instead of getting their nose in someone else’s business!

  3. “When is it ok to tell a 34 year old independent woman what to do?”… never! lol… I don’t wear my seat belt. Every time my kids are in the car, they remind me to put it on… but by myself, the belt is usually dangling on the side. As long as you are good with the results that may come about based on your decisions, then meh, for reals…no one should tell you what to do. Well, except for your mom. My mom would still take a slipper to my butt (story for another day). Hey, btw, did you feel any pain while biking?

  4. I feel like the only time that it is okay to step in and tell you how to live your life is maybe if the guy saw you beating someone up on the side of the road haha. It is definitely okay to step in then 😉

  5. Wowee two comments in one week. I am busting out of the silent cone likes its a piñata at a 5 year olds birthday party.
    So my opinion on helmets seat belts… I am a law enforcement officer so its my job to berate those who don’t follow guidelines set out by society. In saying that I worry about a few things when it comes to me. Do I always wear a helmet for all types of cycling, no. I do however when the risk is high like you said on my road bike on public road ways. No one wants to be arbitrarily turned into a sea sponge. When I am toodling around town on my mtn bike on non public roads I can’t say I always wear it. If I see kids without helmets do I call them out on it? Heck yes! Nothing teaches youth like small amounts of public humiliation.
    As for seat belts, I have come accross way too many fatal crashes to not wear one. Death can be prevented pretty easily by wearing one in most cases. Thats my two cents for what its worth.
    Thanks for the debate. Happy healing! I hear caffine stimulates bone repair 😉

  6. But you really should wear a helmet…and certainly a seatbelt!

    I don’t know what it’s like in the US, but here in Canada it’s my tax dollars that will foot the bill to take care of all those medical bills for the guy that’s lying in a bed with a brain injury after getting hit by a car while not wearing a helmet. So I guess I feel like I am entitled to voice my opinion.

    • I have to agree with you sir. Yes we should be able to make our own decisions but the resulting medical costs of some of those decisions can and do affect society as a whole and that in the state of California happens way too much.

      • My husband and I are 100% privately insured and pay for medical costs above + beyond out of our own pocket.

  7. I’m usually a silent reader on your blog but thought I’d pipe up for this one. I have sort of a split opinion! First, I think it’s dumb to not wear a helmet when you are doing something like riding a bike, snowboarding or riding a motorcycle. I know that sounds harsh! But I have a friend who fell off her bike riding in her neighborhood (not fast or on a busy street) and she now lives in a nursing home and eats through a feeding tube and can’t speak. It was a freak accident, but that’s the thing about accidents…..they’re sort of always freak! So for me it’s just dumb not to take that precaution when you can. Your life, and your quality of life are so precious!
    However…..I’d never force someone to take that precaution. Because your life, and your quality of life are yours and yours alone. My whole political/life philosophy is you do you, I do me. So if we were friends I’d share the story of my friend Melanie, how her life has so drastically changed because she wanted to feel the wind in her hair that one time, and how her family’s life has changed as well as they care for her. BUT, I’d never force anyone to make a decision like that, I’d never want it to be law.
    So there you go! Split decision 🙂

  8. I’m with you! If i’m cruising around on my bike – not gonna do it. I’m an adult, respect my choices regardless of agreeing! Big fan that you’re addressing this – I live in an area where there’s a huge biking/running community and they PREACH helmet use and kind of shame you for not wearing it – it totally feels unwelcoming when i’m not even in a riding group (keep in mind i’d wear one on a group ride, in a race etc). You do you, and i’m pretty good a doing me 🙂

  9. My ex-husband had the same seat belt opinion until we got together. He never stopped to think about how his adult decision could (and indeed would!) impact others in the event of a crash. Him, without his seat belt, would bounce around the car upon impact doing great harm to others, even if they are belted in. I also refused to ride with him without one.

    Sadly, due to my work in traffic safety, I have met a grandfather who had had his grandson’s car seat properly installed and inspected by a certified car seat tech. A week later, after an afternoon at the park, they were involved in a crash. His grandson, died in the due to the impact of his unbelted grandfather flying into the backseat in that crash.

  10. I agree with you. As long as you’re not harming anyone else, do what you want. If someone asked me “Where’s your helmet??”….I’d respond with, “Where’s your muzzle?”

  11. I wear my seatbelt. But, only because I do NOT trust other drivers. But, to each their own!! It’s nobody’s damn business. I believe in children being strapped in a car. (But if you put 50 children on a school bus, no seat belts are needed!) Idiots. People are idiots. The reason they make such a big deal is because lawyers. ‘It’s your fault I decided to be an idiot and get burned because you didn’t tell me I couldn’t touch the hot iron!!’

    I’ve never worn a helmet on a bicycle before EVER. Nor will I start. I don’t do long bike rides because HELLLOOOO lady parts! Helmets on children? Meh. To each their own. I never died not wearing a helmet. Made it almost 31 years without one.

    I love Kelly M’s response to ‘where’s your helmet?’!!! hahahahaha That really is the best.

  12. Part of why I don’t really bike is the whole helmet thing – I hate them. I grew up riding all over the place without a helmet, without a seat belt…..The crazy thing in Kansas – we don’t have a helmet law for motorcyclists but bicycle riders are supposed to wear one. Like you said – as adults we can weigh the risks and make our own decisions.
    And, don’t get me started on people who think they can tell complete strangers what to do!!

  13. You should’ve told him to go tweet about it like everyone else does! Maybe he’ll find someone who cares there 😉

  14. I TOTALLY agree with you :), i love biking but man why oh why the hideous helmet, in Mexico i never wore one until i got to Canada in which then i was told that if i didn’t wear a helmet i’d be doomed to pay a ticket for not wearing a helmet while riding a bike if a cop saw me so pretty much i was forced.
    Now days i’ll be honest, i do let my kids ride bikes without the helmet, not all the time because i know i’m gonna be judged by other parents and probably get yelled by a cop so only when we are coming back from school they can do whatever they want, wear it or not.
    Good for you for going on a bike ride 🙂 i miss having a bike just because of the feeling from it riding it right by the ocean hehe.

  15. Enjoy your free head. In Texas it’s a law to wear your helmet. I think it’s to protect the rider, but also in the scenario where a car doesn’t see a biker and they crash, the car obviously wins despite who is at fault. Imagine if the biker didn’t helmet up and died and the driver got manslaughter charges for something that didn’t have to happen for many reasons. I do think it’s weird though that motorcycles can ride helmet free, but bike helmets are enforced by law in this great state 🙂

    Reguardless of the State of your head, I’m so glad that you are able to ride your bike and enjoy some workout. Have fun!!

  16. Don’t hate me J…..but think of Mike and Bam…sure you are only affecting you getting injured but you are affecting them if you get injured and can’t take care of yourself….or god forbid, you die. They might have a different opinion of you not wearing your helmet.

    I am glad that you can bike with no pain!!

  17. I agree that everyone had the right to make their own judgement calls BUT with that being said… Tomorrow is the 3 year anniversary of when I fell while riding my road bike (riding slow, just my husband and myself on a very safe smoothly paved no motorized vehicle allowed path) and hit my head so hard I cracked my helmet. I got distracted for one second and lost control and bit the dust, it’s all a little blurry. So stay focused!

  18. i usually don’t like to wear helmet but realized in March that it can be a lifesaver. I got a call that my husband was hurt and needed to head to the hospital right away. It was so scary. His helmet was split open and I still believe today it saved his life. Now I am more apt to wear one. But of course I wouldn’t judge someone because it is their own decision. I am just thankful my husband wore one because we have 4 kids and if he didn’t, his head could have busted.

  19. I don’t mind helmets because I’m a firefighter and we wear hard hats and flight helmets all the time. I know of cases where they have saved lives. I wear one when I bike or snowboard because I just want all the odds in my favor.

  20. It’s against the law here not to wear a seat belt. Click it or ticket!

  21. I completely agree re: you and your bicycle helmet, UNTIL the seatbelt/motorcycle helmet comment. I’ve worked in trauma and intensive care units and you sound incredibly ignorant with that statement. You’ve apparently been very lucky. Don’t count your blessings just yet, though. On the other hand, members of the general public or insurance companies might thank you. It is lot cheaper to care for the medical costs of a corpse.

  22. So here is my 3cents (2 is just never enough). Dude needs to shut the f up. Your body =your head nuff said. Buuuuutttttt for me, I don’t bike (own one just hate the seat therefore I run) but if I did I’d wear a helmet because I have 2 kids that wouldn’t survive without me and a husband (poor soul) who couldn’t pay a bill by himself so he too couldn’t survive without precious me. Shit happens and I seem to have a magnet for it so why test my luck. As for seat belts, I wear one everyday no matter where I am going or what I’m doing (see above for the reasoning;)). My husband is a state trooper and we have this battle in front of the kids sometimes. He is used to driving at high speeds probably unsafe to begin with and needing to jump out quick he doesn’t tend to buckle up. The kids point it out and so do I that we too couldn’t survive without him. Soooooo long story short he buckles up with us but not much without. Stay safe J and I’m glad it was pain free on the tootsie!

    • I just rescued your awesome comment from spam. I couldn’t agree with you more and love your sense of humor even more! Thank you for stopping by.

  23. Quite frankly, you sound ignorant. Like it or not, as a fitness blogger, people look up to you and replicate what you do. I ride often. Even on those easy, ‘just hanging out’ rides, you can hit a pot hole, have an issue with your clips and be unable to get out, hit some wet leaves or sand or dirt, or even have a car not see you. Your prerogative, sure, to not wear a helmet. Certainly would suck for your husband to switch roles to caregiver to his wife who has a TBI.

    If I’m driving a car and you’re on your bike and you cause an accident with me, I can assure you that you’ll ruin my life just as much as your own without a helmut on if the outcome is poor.

    I’m actually ashamed of you for posting this. While you’re correct that no one should tell a 34 year old woman what to do, you just told all of your readers who may consider biking that they DON’T need a helmet. And if just one of those readers get’s hurt, it’s on you.

    • I think your comment is ignorant. I in no such way told my readers that they don’t need a helmet. This is exactly the attitude that I speak of. The fact that you come to my my blog to figure out how to live makes me sad. And for that, I’m ashamed.

  24. Why wouldn’t you wear a helmet!?!? That just seems dumb and irresponsible. You could cause an accident with a driver, get killed and then that driver would be implicated in a manslaughter trial. And, if you were in an accident that someone else caused, don’t you think your husband would be affected by the consequences–head trauma, death?

    • That comment just contradicts itself. If I cause an accident, how would the driver ever be put on trial for Manslaughter? Is this some new kind of justice system, or is it just the kind of system that you made up, so you can try and control me and every one?

      My husband is okay with it. That should be enough for you, but I know it won’t be.

  25. I’m slightly confused.. but if something were to happen to you.. let’s say a freak accident similar to the one mentioned above where a friend is now in a nursing home with a feeding tube (not in high speed or an organized race, go figure!). Would that not “harm” others? As in, now your husband and family have to foot the bill and emotionally deal with the stress/heartache of either caring for or losing a loved one? Of course everyone has the right to make their own choices, but I’ll just go out on a limb here and say that some choices people make can be dumb. And this is definitely one of those because you THINK it only affects you, but that’s not actually the case.

  26. Well, when you’re in the hospital with severe injuries caused by not wearing a seatbelt your medical insurance will be very sorry for your decisions. So will everyone who cares about you and the nice Drs and nurses who will spend time fixing you. But hey, personal freedom, right?

    • I’m not sure where you read I don’t wear a seat belt? I actually wear it 100% of the time I’m in a vehicle.

  27. I am a helmet believer… on a bicycle, on a motorcycle, or any other similar vehicle. I got my motorcycle license my last year in college and through the course I took I learned a lot more about road safety from a biker’s perspective. To me, I would hate to know I could have prevented hurting myself just by putting on a helmet, especially if I were to get in an accident and become critically injured. Maybe it’s the control freak in me, but a helmet is one thing I can control in this situation.

    With that said, yes, we all should be able to make our own decisions… so I get that. But for me, it’s worth strapping the hard hat on. 🙂

  28. I’m scared of controversy so I’m just gonna ignore the last half of this post. 🙂 I just wanted to say I love the phrase “I’m solar powered” and will probably be stealing it from now on. 🙂 I’m totally the wrong complexion for my solar-poweredness, though. It’s frustrating.

  29. I was about to say how I totally disagree with you but then I remembered how I like to not wear my bike helmet, I sometimes forget/omit a seatbelt during a short ride and I realized I must be on your side then – here where I live all those things are the law (except bike helmets, but they are working on making it a law currently) so it might be different, but I still just kind of do what I want.

  30. I am a silent reader and never comment, but this time I had to. I am an avid cyclist (and runner, that’s why I read your blog) and ride that bike path frequently. Obviously you have a right to not wear a helmet, but I think you should. Even if you’re just ‘crusing’ the bike path. As the summer wears on and tourist season kicks in the bike path gets jam packed. You may not have to worry about your own bike riding ability or bike handling skills, but worry about a tourist that steps in front of you. I’ve had it happen to me several times and fortunately never crashed. However, I’ve seen several people just get laid out because a tourist stepped right in front of them. Next time you hit the bike path think twice and wear your helmet so your day doesn’t end poorly. Tourist pinball just scares me. Just my .02

    • Oh and BTW…if you’re looking for a group ride. Check out the Monterey Velo club. Very friendly group of people that have several rides through out the week. They have 3 different rides on Saturday all at different paces/speeds.

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