Fact: sometimes you just have to sit on a rock and let the world spin. 

2014-05-14 11.00.25

Or in my case try not to fall off and break a hip. 

Fact: Mike thinks the only Starbucks in Monterey is located on Cannery Row.  Okay not really, but this location is his favorite which is funny to me since neither of us dig crowds and finding parking.  But the people watching is so worth it.

2014-05-14 12.43.34

Fact: The view while waiting for coffee does not suck.

2014-05-14 12.25.47

Fact: Mike asked if I went to the grocery store.  I usually go on Mondays.  I told him no, I’m trying to only go to one store a day in an effort to stay off my paw and yesterday I picked Target.  I’m kinda happy with my life decisions.

I don’t even understand his question since we have hot dogs, a brown banana, a lime and some kale.

Fact: I’m going to the grocery store today.

Fact: This is what my afternoons have looked like all week.  Last night all I could think about is all the food I wanted at that moment which included bacon, Snickers, chips + guac, lasagna, fries, chicken salad, gummy worms, cupcakes, coffee and this girl reminded me about buffalo wings – boneless for me please.

2014-05-14 16.48.17

Fact: The ice maker is one of the best inventions ever. 

Fact: Crushed ice > cubed.  Major bonus points for pellet ice from Sonic. 

Fact: Watermelon Nuun slushy’s are my jam on a hot day.

2014-05-14 14.52.49

Tell me a fact.

How often do you grocery shop?

I usually do a bigger shop on Mondays and another towards the end of the week to pick up items we run out of or need. 

What are your favorite inventions?


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  1. FACT: tom is friday… THANK GOD!!!!!! this week has gone soooo slow

    i typically grocery shop once a wk and then order out every night..lol.. I know I know… I cook for the kids and I usually get sushi….I like them to eat organic and I hate cooking for myself…. so…. that’s the way the cookie crumbles…lol

    my fav invention currently are compression socks… I.LOVE. THEM!

  2. FACT : My name is shane. Often times people call me Shawn (and I let them).

    Favorite invention : The spiral slicer. Makes the best zucchini spaghetti and onion ring straws.

    btw, you’re last post was a doozey. Props to you for digging your feet in the sand and just being honest on how you feel.

  3. Fact: I love all of your views of the ocean – one day!!!
    I usually only do a big grocery shopping trip every 3 weeks – in between I just get milk and produce.

  4. We try to grocery shop once a week but it doesn’t always work out. We try though!

  5. Fact: I am the queen of stress fractures!! I’ve had 3 over the years on my left side. My left foot, my left ankle and my left femural neck. Left leg whats up with you?? My dr (who is a marathoner) says that we all have a weak spot and my seems to be my left leg. my hips are out of alignment due to scoliosis and i think thats what does it. I’m just coming back from a stress fracture in my left ankle so i feel for ya kid! i ran 4 miles at Manhattan Beach last night and seemed ok. Take it easy and you know what to do!

    I grocery shop once a week. must stock up on produce and wine.

    Fav invention: blow dryer!

  6. Fact: I’m very jealous of your beautiful views. I’m spending the weekend at the beach so that will relieve me of my jealousy temporarily! I grocery shop once a week and tend to eat really random things at the end of every week because I don’t want food to go to waste. Favorite invention is contacts because I wouldn’t be able to wear my glasses all day.

    • Crap, I hate the way I look in my prescriptions! I change my answer. #contactsForTheWin

  7. Fact: The fact that pets don’t live as long as we do SUCKS

    Fav invention: Coffee Maker duh!!!!!

    I TRY to grocery shop only once a week but it never works out that way. I always have to go back or they don’t have something or I want something that only TJs, WF or Costco has so I end up going to a different store every day. I’m a mess!!!! 🙂

  8. Boneless wings for the win! I am craving them now like crazy, thanks.

    Fact: I have been watching the show Catfish like crazy. And kind of love it.

  9. Thank you for the shout out! I still havent had my chicken wings since the family is on a health food kick. But I am a big cheater so I might just have a few….by myself….
    Fact: I hate any kind of shopping that includes groceries. So my husband does it.
    My fave invention? Netflix.

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