Electrotherapy + balancing the checking account

I might have a slight obsession with compression socks. 

2014-05-16 07.20.35

My podiatrist recommended I wear compression socks to help heal the ole paw.

SCB interpretation of the above statement: Go shopping. 

Sorry cowboy, doctor’s orders.


Yesterday I went for another easy ride.  Just 10 miles but I’m hoping to increase that soon, but I am taking it nice and slow.  I’m hoping to keep my cardio fitness and some strength in my right leg to help make my running comeback a little faster. 

2014-05-15 10.23.58

I saw my physical therapist this week and I’m already feeling a big difference.  He worked on loosening up the plantar fascia.  It’s taken a beating hobbling around.  I can’t believe how much better it feels now.  He also did some electrotherapy with ice compression which feels like heaven. 

He also had me roll it out with this torture device.  It’s a punk in the best way possible.

2014-05-15 14.07.42

This is my first time trying electrotherapy so I’m curious if it will help speed the healing process.  I’m no pro when it comes to anything other than drinking coffee, but I think it’s supposed to increases blood flow and reduces swelling.  I’m not sure if it works yet, but my foot stays cold for 3 hours after the treatment in 92 degree heat and that feels SO good. 

At first the thought of electrotherapy kinda freaked me out, but it just feels like a little vibration/contraction.  It doesn’t hurt at all it just feels weird.

And in case you were wondering how I keep myself entertained with all this rest, well putting doggie shoes on Bam and watching him walk around the house like a spaz is pretty darn entertaining. 

Spastic Bam

He was not impressed.

2014-05-15 18.43.49

Totally random, but I’m curious:  My BFF R + I were talking about how we never balance our checking account.  She had to help her father figure out why his was off 80 cents.  We on the other hand don’t balance ours.  We just know a round number. 

Do you balance your checking account to the penny or just wing it?

Have you ever tried electrotherapy?  Tell me about your experience.

Who’s racing this weekend?  I want to hear all about it!


7 Comments on “Electrotherapy + balancing the checking account

  1. As long as I know I have more than a penny in my account, I’m good. No balancing here. I’ve done stim treatment. It’s actually pretty ‘fun’. It’s helped me get past a piriformis and runners knee issue. I kinda like pain, so my doc cranks it up to make my muscles around the area ‘jump’. Cheeeewhooo! And as far as races, next one for me is RnRSD. I’ve been watching all the fires down there. Continued prayers and hopefully the expo/race goes off without a hitch. So excited to see the celebs there. Have a good weekend SC!

  2. I don’t balance mine because I just check it online versus what I spend, but I used to work in a bank and I had to help so many elderly people figure out where their missing 10 cents was so many times! It’s crazy!

  3. I definitely don’t balance my check book, but my mom taught me when I got my first checking account. I just look over my online activity every once in a while to make sure things don’t look funny. … I should probably check it more than I do.

    I’m running the Green Bay Cellcom Half marathon Sunday (my second half). We get to run through Lambeau Field! (Huge Packer fan here). Hope you start feeling better!

  4. I didn’t think anyone still balanced their checking account. With online banking and being about to check all the time, plus people rarely using checks anymore, it just doesn’t seem necessary.

  5. The Bam video is priceless and made my Friday!! Thank you! 🙂

  6. I do not balance mine, just check it regularly. I do however work in cash and keep all my receipts whenever possible to try and stay on a budget.

    You will appreciate this though: my dad balances his Starbucks card account – keeps all the receipts from reloads and purchAses and balances each month or two! He’s a little overboard though, I definitely just buy my coffees and try not to think about it haha

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